The Illuminati Comes To Recruit Me To Be The Antichrist Who Will Destroy Humanity

The Illuminati Comes To Recruit Me To Be The Antichrist Who Will Destroy Humanity

The True Christ Will Be The Antichrist

Your true “antichrist” is the catholic church, the vatican and that mark of the beast, Cesare Borgia aka HEY-Zeus that the true christ – who will be slandered as “the antichrist”, will bring down πŸ‘†πŸ»…..

– Crazy. I wanna say years ago…. back when I lived in NYC, I visited the United Nations building and I heard a ghostly voice say, “We’re waiting for you…..”

Not too far from this astral vision up above – which was a couple of days ago – now I am beset with another astral attempt…..

Funny cause I saw the number 9 made out of shit yesterday which number 9 means completion in numerology……

– I know it’s gross but bare with me…..

I started getting these astral attempts *heavy* back in 2017 when I first became homeless which you can read here:

More Proof That I Am The Antichrist

How The Netflix Film Bright REVEALS That The Antichrist Will Be The Savior To Blacks

They Getting Desperate With These Satanic Antichrist Recruitment Attempts

The Reptilians Want To Turn Me Into A Sacrifice Cause I Won’t Be Their Antichrist

Skeleton Imp Demon Guilt Trips My Life So I Will Be Their Antichrist In New Vision

And Yet ANOTHER Vision To Be Recruited Into Being The Antichrist AND SPORTS

Another Dream To Become The Antichrist

Satan Trying To Recruit Me To Be The Antichrist You All

The Illuminati Trying To Recruit Me To Be The Antichrist

The Antichrist Will Be A WOMAN As Revealed To Me In A Dream

The Fifth Element Film Reveals Christ The Redeemer Will Be A Black Woman

The True Christ Will Be The Antichrist

They even gave me a symbol – a black snake with the reptilian all seeing eye which IS the illuminati all seeing eyes as John Ellizz broke down here – as the symbol that I will be using if I go this route…..

Seeing The Reptilian Symbolism That I Will Use In The Future As The Antichrist

I won’t lie it is in part because of a deal I made heavily influenced looking back by people and spirits who knew who I was – and what my destiny truly is – before I knew.

There is a reason why I, like Hitler – who I have long weirdly resonated with – faced a life of burdensome hardship, rejection, unjustified hatred at the hands of what I now know to be organic portals whose opinions really don’t matter anyways when you know what they are……

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

They don’t have Souls which is why their opinions don’t count. They are mere vessels for the archons who wish to undermine us Soulled people.

They are not whom I am here to help but they are a part of what I am here to destroy so as to break us Soulled people free from the matrix and cease us from being energy feeders for the demiurge, archons and his organic portals…..

As seen through my third eye, that was Hitler’s original destiny – I saw him battling the demiurge through the emergence of his light = his Soul, the Divine Feminine/Divine Spark of Sophia….

But instead, with his path perverted by the illuminati, the Rothschilds specifically (his father was born of a rape that happened in the Rothschild household inflicted upon against his grandmother, Maria Schicklgruber)……

Looka that nose and lips – can’t tell me black wasn’t somewhere in that famipy bloodline, too…..

You can read more about the rape and his relations to the Rothschilds, a Jewish banking dynasty, here……

Here are excerpts in case the nazis at Google decide to censor this……

That said, they targeted Hitler cause of his bloodline AND his destiny which was – again, as seen through my third eye – to bring down the demiurge, just as they are doing rather heavily to me……

I have strangely had “dreams” of the Rothschilds’ bases in the astral….

I Saw The Horrible Fate of The Rothschilds’ Afterlife In A Vision

Also, similar to Hitler, I got a great Jewish grandmother who seems to have genetic ties to the Rothschilds, too:

Breaking Free of Generational Curses From A Reptilian Bloodline And A Raped Slave Ancestor

That’s why I got powerful reptilians on my side…..

The Curse of A Reptilian Bloodline And How To Deactivate It Via DNA Activation

You know, it’s interesting….. there are alot of similarities between me and Hitler…..

He was homeless for a while before he rose to power…..

We were/are both artists, and had the folks we don’t like (in his case a jew in my case a Mexican) try to help us with our talent…..

Here are some of his works……

Here are mine…..

A Gallery View of My Artwork

And, at one point, he wanted to be a priest when he was young, as I once did……

The similarities between us is uncanny…..

The difference is I know what’s going on and can’t be manipulated as he was to serve the demiurge-archon-illuminati agenda.

I won’t say some cutsey shit like, “I love people” and “I wanna save the world” cause I don’t. I don’t like organic portals, especially wetbacks which I have made too clear in my vlog……

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

I Am REALLY FUCKING CONVINCED That Wetbucks and South and Central Americans Are Some Evil Demonic Reptilian Spawns

This Is Why I HATE Wetbacks

– I really fucking do.

I’ve ‘woked they asses, too πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸͺ„πŸ¦–πŸ‘€

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

That said, I ain’t on the altruistic, unrealistic shit. I’ll use my abilities to fuck you up in a NY sec. Don’t test me!

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

I am here to lead Soulled people, including Mexican Soulled people, out this motherfucking realm of duality and into the place of light outside this dimension where our Souls derive.

That altruistic happy happy joy peace and love shit is a distraction by the reptilians, the archons to get you to open your heart chakras who are gonna come in and fuck you up emotionally and throw you off course anyways……

You Gotta Watch These Reptilians Pushing This Fake Peace And Love New (C)age Agenda

Watch Out For The Guilt Tripping Organic Portal Who Calls You Out For CALLING THEM OUT

Watch Out For These Organic Portals Who Act Like They Got Souls

Watch Out For Organic Portals Telling You To War-Ship The Demiurge As You Ascend

Blocking Organic Portals And Archons Off My Social Media

The Archon Jesus Soul Sacrifice Program Part 2: The Emotional Slaves To The Organic Portals Programming

Protect your energy.

We folks with Souls gotta stop being part of that demiurge archon jesus self sacrifice programming.

We are not here for the organic portals. We are here for each other.

That’s why they said “Jesus” is coming back with a sword.

That said, let me break down the truth:

The Messiah will be the Egyptian Goddess, Isis – someone of an Egyptian/Pharoah bloodline as broken down by this man…..

Just as they perverted the swastika symbol from a Hindu symbol of peace to a symbol of hate and destruction, so are they marring the Egyptian Goddess, Isis, the incoming Saviour’s name by identifying it with the CIA illuminati terrorist group, “isis”, which is designed to energetically pervert her energy as was done to the Swastika:

– This is what you get when you look up her name πŸ˜”

The Saviour will be a womban.

She will be here to restore the Divine Feminine which is the Divine Spark which is…. our Souls……

Look up Aeon Sophia and Gnosticism for a better breakdown…..

This is why the demiurge-archon-illuminati-patriarchy is doing everything in their power to suppress the Divine Feminine, which would be the rise of Soulled people irrespective of what physical gender based vessel we occupy, which would signal the rapture and our escape from this prison that has used us for energetic loosh for so long……

Why The Compliments Men Give Women Are Actually Insults

The REAL Reason Why This World Hates Women

The Real Reason Why The Patriarchy Exists

…..This explains why I get so much rapist ass energy directed towards me and males threatened by me…..

I Am REALLY Under A Dick Attack Curse That’s Fucking Me Up Socially and Mainly Financially

– It’s a curse…..

Racist Arab Seller Makes Good On Threat And Sends The Cutty Black Sow and Casper The Methhead Hoe In Sprinter Van They Stole My Way

Hippie Crakkka Who Claims He Likes Black Women Fights Me Like I’m A Man

Weak Willed Beta Males Come To Tear Me Down

The Attack By The Nigger Reveals The Psychotic JEALOUSY Men Have Towards Me

– It’s instinctively why I run me up the street, why I am vicious in how I do it….. I recognise that by letting them let their organic portal males – and wounded Soulled male or those with Souls who have given up their Souls to the demiurge – close it will ruin my mission for why I came to Earth by letting these toxic mofos toxify my energy field, thus throwing me off……

Why You Can Not Be Around Folks Who Are Spiritually Not Like You

That’s why when males approach me I instinctively and intuitively see it for what it is: a threat to my Divine Feminine mission.

– I been peeped this and they have been pushing this hard lately.

Archons Want Me To Commit Suicide By Showing Alternate Realities With Material Success As I Grow Stronger Spiritually

They have been telling you that the messiah will be a woman – and black – in films……

The Fifth Element Film Reveals Christ The Redeemer Will Be A Black Woman

The star that I wear on my shoulder, the pentagram, represents woman as the 5th element…..

The Fifth Element Film Reveals Christ The Redeemer Will Be A Black Woman

– Hollywood knows even if you don’t know……

– They let you know as recent in that Nazi inspired Nicki Minaj video, “Only.”

They had Drake dressed in pope’s garb to represent the “false prophet” who will be the antichrist’s mouthpiece at the end according to the Book of Revelations in the bible…….

Now, if I ever decide to take em up on that offer, we all know who going in them gas chambers πŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ‡²πŸ‡½πŸšΏπŸ”₯

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

Peace ✌🏻

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