God Is The Baphomet

God Is The Baphomet

I believe another name for him is Cernunnos:

– All these Gods have horns.

Here is why I say this:

That is Amun, the first monotheistic God war-shipped in ancient Khemet (Egypt).


Everything comes from ancient Egypt, including Arianism which is the belief that Jesus aka HEY-Zeus is the Son of God, which you can read about here:


That said, notice that Amun is depicted as having horns, as is the Baphomet:

– Makes sense cause as a God would be expected to God would be duality, both male and female!

Now, everytime you say Amen, you are calling on Amun!

The “Son of God” is Ra, hence Amun Ra, a named later given to Amun, with Ra being the Sun God, which is where the SUN of God concept derived, which originated as Arianism in ancient Egypt!






That is why the illuminati – and christians – war-ship the Baphomet!

Notice Beyonce wears the headdress of The Sun, Ra The Sun God!

Even the cross is taken from the ancient Khemetian symbol, the Ankh!

Notice that the Celts who had Cernunnos also had a cross just like the Egyptian Ankh, which is a worldwide symbol, indicating they all war-shipped the same thing:

Who else got horns, Satan:

That said a guy whose third eye was open one time told me this: he saw a thousamd Baphomets chasing him. I believe, based on what folks high on DMT have said…..

Based on the curse I have been experiencing and the 3D renditions I have seen 4th dimensional beings be represented as:


I believe that we live in a computer simulation and the Baphomet is some type of gatekeeper of it. This is arcane knowledge, the arcane knowledge they don’t want you to know:

That is his Soul piece within us. I have seen it myself.

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