Blacks Don’t Fold

Blacks Don’t Fold

He still stood up to him with the sword.

As I have said numerous times on my blog, crakkkas have a tendency to project their genetic recessive defective ways on others…..

That said, this crakkka here:

That young girl is not her but a close approximate……

Barbara Reina, thinks that by fucking with me by producing entity attachment machines that produce countless entity attachments of her along and other entities she done created using her subconscious mind along with using said entity machines that I am somehow gonna bend to her weak ass will.

Just as black don’t crack, we don’t bend!

That said this bitch – who thinks and wants to be a slaveowner – has thrown everything and I mean everything at me and still she can’t bend my will.

I am stronger than a weak willed white bitch who is not even brave enough to confront – and take out her angst – on her child trafficking ass ma who caused her her angst.

That said she is proof that white folks have a colonizing mentality when it comes to black folks: they don’t want us to be us but yet they wanna be us as she told me this morning.

That said, to fight this hoe – since she plans on going after more blacks esp. blacks with a strong black consciousness as a challenge as she did her:

Now Barbara Reina And Homophobe David Reina Are Trying To Steal Cookie Tookie’s Soul

Use telekinesis. Here is how she and David Reina look:

That said to use telekenisis: connect a chord the consciousness in the upper part of your mind (or the third eye) to the pineal gland near the ear on the right side of your face then to the brain stem ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Also, fuck them crakkka kids.

Her and her racist ass astral parasites she incorporated into my mind have no problems energy harvesting off my family – attacking them and causing them problems but this controlling megalomaniac white bitch has a problem with me coming after hers.

There was a story of a slave woman who was murdered for murdering her rapist slavemaster’s kids.

Black babies were used as alligator bait.

To this day blacks are seen as white people’s – and everybody else’s property – to be treated however they wish.

And we are not supposed to “offend” by fighting back or lest we face the wrath of crakkka christ:

Who Really Was Jesus Christ

This who you war-ship when you war-ship HEY-zeus Christ!

That said, white folks still see us as property: not as humans deserving of respect.

Even now I can still hear the astral parasites the Reinas sent to me saying, “Black babies don’t matter” while wanting to feed off of me and, in the future, other black folks as well.

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