Now Barbara Reina And Homophobe David Reina Are Trying To Steal Cookie Tookie’s Soul

Now Barbara Reina And Homophobe David Reina Are Trying To Steal Cookie Tookie’s Soul

There is a reason why poor Cookie Tookie aka Samantha James is sitting in damn near hospice care:

There is a reason why she keeps calling herself a “sacrifice”:

That said I learned in the spirit realm that Barbara Reina and David Reina – the same folks who are attacking me to steal my Soul – are the ones who got Cookie Tookie sitting in a hospital bed with a catherer on, damn near waiting to die!

You can watch her vids here:

And here:

That said I told you all these sick fucks were gonna start arbitrarily going after any and everybody, especially that David Reina who I heard in the spirit realm is a big time homophobe and transphobe and decided to go after David Cookie Tookie simply cause she is trans, especially Barbara Reina.

That said they tried going after me in the middle of the night after placing a heavy, heavy entity attachment designed to cause me to astral project in their realm, where I could of died in my sleep.

I could hear Barbara Reina saying in a very evil voice, “Bring her to me.”

I then heard her say, “I don’t want you to be you. I want to be you.

That said I then received a call from this number 408-767-7455 which she always use whenever she is trying to do a psychic attack on me.

That said, this bitch was trying to kill me in the same manner she murdered my parents – in their sleep – and now she is trying to do the same to me. You can hear here the progression in the voice of how this is no longer my mother:

Here is my mom before they got attacked by the Reinas:

This was after their whole Souls had been taken in the astral plane:

This is after what I witnessed last night where I witnessed Barbara’s whole Soul is occupying her body, with a Soul piece of my own created to be an entity attachment by Gooru aka David Reina, drinking:

You can hear a slight German accent, just as Barbara Reina, a German woman has.

That’s her Soul occupying my mom’s body (she has my mom’s consciousness stored in hers, to be used as fuel).

My mother’s whole Soul – along with my father and brothers Bryan and Kerry (they turned him into a roach for helping me in the astral last night) – have been turned into slaves through manipulation of their DNA, and heavy entity attachments they place on them very similar to what they place on me!

This is how they look:

– A close approximation.

These two racists – I’ve seen Barbara Reina run with a nazi cult in the astral – and esp. David Reina have a penchant for pursuing spiritually powerful black people esp. black women to pressure us, force us into working for them, being their “batteries” as they tried to do to me – essentially become their slaves as I discovered they went after another spiritually powerful black lady I know.

I’ll tell ya how to stop them: entity attachments!

As I do my ‘wokes, imagine sending chords filled with entity attachments into their minds. Create entity attachment machines. Imagination, feeling and especially an open third eye and crown chakra are key 🔑 to manifesting this!

Use telekenisis: connect a chord the consciousness in the upper part of your mind (or the third eye) to the pineal gland near the ear on the right side of your face then to the brain stem 👍🏻

You can learn more here:

The Root Cause of What Is Going On: I Was Made A Sacrifice All My Life

That said, I warned ya’ll they are gonna start going after innocent people. Cookie Tookie isn’t even spiritual but simply because she is trans – and they think they are God – they want to come after her strong Soul so they can use it as fuel to become spiritually powerful, such as what they do with all the Soul pieces they stole from others.

These two psychopaths – who sex traffick young kids while having kids of their own – sending kids in the astral plane to pedophile island while in the physical selling babies, young children to wealthy sickos who harm, maim and kill them such as in the case of a young African girl, a 5 year old, who was sold to a wealthy man in Dubai who skinned her alive for 5 days before killing her on the 5th day…..

…..Anyways they gotta be stopped!

Also, be careful as they like to use veils to throw folks off from coming to them.

– Also, when called out they’ll use entity attachments to hide themselves. Go by energy signature.

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