The Root Cause of What Is Going On: I Was Made A Sacrifice All My Life

The Root Cause of What Is Going On: I Was Made A Sacrifice All My Life

I just got convicted of a felony cause of this:

And this:

– As you can see, no windshield got broken and no blood was spilled in the other video.

– BTW while in custody I could hear the sheriffs with the Lost Hills sheriffs station (818-878-1808) say that they were gonna make the report sound worse than what it was – they even included prostitution – so that I will be in jail for 3 months.

The funny thing is, while in jail, the spirits told me that there are now 3 white girls who walk around shirtless and they actually engage in prostitution and the cops don’t do anything about it!

I just found out that my van – which they had towed – is and was never placed in their system. As you can hear here even if a van is sold it will still show up in their system and it isn’t:

Here I am talking to the Lost Hills sheriffs:

Here I am talking with the tow company that towed it saying it’s been sold:

While in jail they gave me the number to Roy’s Towing when it was actually Sierra towing who towed it. The sheriffs pressured them into selling the van.

That said it was all under the influence of Gooru aka David Reina of Beverly Hills that this happened. Him and his wife Barbara, a German woman who is involved in child sex trafficking and who was herself a sex trafficked child.

That said this all started because, at the age of 15, I called myself making a deal with Satan – thinking I could use his power to go back in time to change high schools – when it was really with a reptilian-roach attachment named Pallet Sabe.

Pallet Sabe, a “roach” as they call anything brown in the astral plane – dragon hybrid, was the first to come into my life and destroy it by giving away my blessings and spirit money to other people who would antagonize me and make my life hell, folks he influenced to fuck with me, including the chemistry teacher at the time who told me to “drop the English accent” which had a Soul destroying effect on me, which it shouldn’t have had.

Turns out he sold me to Baron Samedi by influencing the chemistry teacher to sacrifice me to him for blessings and money. From what I heard from the astral parasites she ran a cosmetics business where she did extraordinarily well. I on the other hand fell into prostitution and living a Soulless life where I couldn’t feel shit and it is because my Soul was literally in hell, Baron Samedi’s hell, where it was being tortured and trapped.

Gooru aka David Reina then went and got it in 2015. From what I understand Barbara and David Reina came to my higher self, a young girl, and made a Soul contract. Now, from what I understand, for a Soul contract to be consummated it must be offered – and signed – in the physical realm. Again, I thought I was war-shipping Satan during this period.

They then went through some complicated method of taking my astral dna and infusing their bloodline with my bloodline while removing my junk dna which gave me access to my spirit guides and ancestral history, including past life history, so that they could have better control of me and use me as a battery for their spiritual powers in the astral plane, as they have done to so many of their sacrificed victims.

That said for years this is why I had been acting “outside of me” and “out of character” due to my consciousness being fused with a drunken madman (his consciousness is why I had drinking urges for Jack Daniels which from what I understand he likes) who likes to torture people in the astral plane for fun. He was using me via his consciousness he infused in me to “woke” people so that he could have sacrifices in the astral plane for him and Barbara to feed off of. When I first saw this I went and freed all of those people while remote viewing in the astral plane.

This Gooru would place crown chakra entity attachments that looked like this:

On my crown chakra so that I would stay under his full control – and never leave him.

This hindered my ability to astral project, do spiritual things except under his command, etc.

He was the skeletal entity turns out that I had been talking about here:

Skeletal Entity Trying To Stop My Spiritual Growth By Kicking Me Back Into Body

Manipulation and Harassment by Agents of the Archons

Fighting Off Archon Possession

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

He was the one who came to me back in 2014 in a “dream” with a German lady in a nurse’s uniform to stalk and terrorize me.

He is also the one who came to me in the astral plane during astral projection and showed me all these wealthy homes and wanted me to make a deal.

I refused.

He attacked my third eye as he is doing now:

From what I understand, they both hate people with alot of light, which I have.

This is Barbara Reina when she was a little child:

– Notice the instagram screenname says, “Nostalgia.”

This is me mentioning how she is involved in child sex trafficking back in 2014:

Stalked By A Hooker and Pimp For Speaking Out Against Prostitution

I am surmising that her pimp is “Gooru” aka David Reina.

I believe this is her:

She goes by the name, “Lea Nights” at least back in 2014.

She is a white supremacist who wears nazi garb in the astral plane and is flanked by nazi SS troops who in part doesn’t like the idea of a black woman, myself, walking around shirtless in a predominantly white area – Malibu (she has even called me nigger in the astral) and, from what I understand, grew up in a home where she was sex trafficked by a strong willed mother, causing her to hate strong willed women to this day. I will day this: when I saw her ancestors they were total barbarians who I witnessed started raping their female kin.

She has also made up a whole world in the astral plane where she calls blacks roaches and has us deriving from a whole race of them. I recall one entity she made up who she called a roach say, “You hate black people?”

Dead serious.

She also is associated with these robbed, kkk hooded entities – including the Emperor Palpatine looking one – who I had been talking about here:

Archon Attacks ARE Stepping UP As I Break Free of This Matrix And Teach Others To

Fighting Off Archon Possession

Fighting Off Archon Possession

Twin Flames Are Archon Saboteurs Meant To Keep Soulled People Down And How To Break Free of Them

These Archons REALLY Want To Disarm Us By Telling Us Not To Put Black Magick On Them

Archons Attack Soulled People Materially So We Are Forced To Rely Upon Low Vibratory People Who Don’t Help Our Divine Life Mission

The penis from what I been told is a gooru symbol:

God Is Actually An Archon Parasitical Device of Patriarchal Control For The Matrix

The Emperor Palpatine entity that I believe is a Gooru got me to lead him to my baby brother after being entrapped in an alcohol flooded state induced by Gooru who is currently trapped in a roach motel on the other side.

Archon Attacks And Could My Brother Have Been Turned Into A Reptilian

She heads a coven in the astral made up of women who were spiritually strong whom she attacked. Through the Soul contract she forces their Souls to be in her coven once she kills them. She also hates losing control.

From what I was told in the spirit realm her and her husband David Reina who goes by the name “Hank” are involved in child sex trafficking, really rape trafficking.

David Reina has a front business as an entertainment lawyer. He uses this to sign deals in the crime underworld made between drug dealers, child rape traffickers, etc.

They both use a complicated system which involves using astral boxes to collect people’s consciousnesses, personalities, other effects and them switch em around to drive the person crazy. They then use these boxes to go into a person’s head and kill them by placing astral boxes that can control a person’s motor functions to do it:

As explained here the chakra I pointed out is the door to your consciousness:

They will knock on it till your higher self answers than go in to take over.

Numerous times while in jail – they waited while I was there to attack – they tried to vacum my consciousness out but I was able to fight them off. They use entity attachment machines to inundate their victims with entity attachments. They – along with an evil witch doctor in Malibu named Michael O’ Terry or Michael O’ Terrance, have created astral parasitic renditions of themselves with their Soul pieces to go into people’s heads, minds and attack.

I know this sounds crazy but trust me mind hijacking is real and from what I experienced in jail all too real.

They put entity attachments in the person’s mind to cause them to see things before killing them in their sleep using the said mechanism to inundate victims with entity attachments so they will give up fighting them and just sign their Soul contract in the physical. Problem with that is once you sign, they kill you.

It is my Pact with God which states that I can only die at old age of natural causes that is saving me.

They attack the medulla oblongata which is your brain stem to implant false astral memories as well as your consciousness located in the upper part of your brain and your memories. They do this so that you forget who you are once you reach the astral plane and allow them to be able to use you as a slave.

They did this to a woman named Margaret, an evangelical christian, who lived in the Malibu area before they killed her in I think it was 2013.

While in there they scrambled my brain so that the words of others come out jumbled to my mind, would inundate me with entity attachments designed to make me stink so I would not leave jail on the days I go to court.

There goal was to have me live on the streets and get stuck in an institution for the rest of my life.

I am used to entity attachments – I been fighting them off – and thanks to others finding out about them I am able to fight this.

This is why they influenced the prosecutor and judge to turn this – this was classified as an “assault with a deadly weapon” – to turn this into a felony as homeless shelters will not take you if you have a felony on your record, totally condemning me:

As you can hear here, they used an astral box to take my voice and replaced it with Barbara’s:

Look at how horrible I look.

I won’t lie – it’s taking 3 people and trillions of entity attachments to fuck me up.

But I ain’t giving up my Soul.

That said they especially like attacking the pineal gland which houses your consciousness, memories which they steal but you can use imagintion, emotion (I think everyone’s astral dna has telekinesis, to reform it. The stronger your imagintion, the more you can fend them off. They kept sending entity attachments of themselves to steal and eat my pineal gland. But now I got it set up in such a way that they can’t steal it.

The way to implement telekinesis as explained to me is you connect your third eye or your consciousness to your pineal gland then to your brain stem.

It is how Barbara was able to manifest this in the physical. I found this in my pants when I was putting them on yesterday:

You can see the blonde strands of hair. No one has blonde hair where I’m at now.

I want to say that the stronger your Soul, the harder it is to infiltrate. Keep a strong healthy Soul.

Also I learned different frequencies that can be used to combat them. 7944 hz frequency can be used to get of entity attachments. 925hz to change, transmute things! They kept putting entity attachments of my dna in me that they stole to mess with my ability to use frequency but I was able to remove them. 735 hz frequency can be used to help you smell good. I think it is 265 hz frequency that can be used to increase your spiritual powers. I think it is 264 or 246 hz frequency – I think it is 246 hz frequency – that can be used to dispel evil spirits.

The entity attachment machines are made by stringing entity attachments with your Soul pieces together so they have your intent and work even when you are not conscious of them to do what you need them to do.

They, especially Michael O’ Terry, likes to place spirits – even Gods – in spirit jars using symbols to do so. To break free of these jars use 745 hz frequency to break free of them. From what I understand he has loads of my ancestors in jars. I am getting the sense he uses triangles, circles, and rectangles to do this.

He is a really evil shaman who from what I understand lives in the Malibu area who buys children from the Reinas so that he can use them in rituals where he tortures, rapes and beats them so that he can steal their Souls and ingest them.

This is real pizzagate high level shit I am talking about here.

That said their powers can be weakened by burning the books that allows for them to have the Soul pieces they stole from others which is the Source of their power.

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

In their cases say that you want said book that allows for them to have Soul pieces to be burned using such and such a frequency.

I also used reiki to literally grab their Soul pieces in some cases their whole Souls to remove their Soul pieces attachments from them, greatly reducing their power.

Unless you are a master at cleansing do not take your Soul pieces back as they will be inundated with entity attachments. They will at times use these to connect to the brain stem or your crown chakra so that they can send astral parasites to attack you.

A coupla weeks before I went to jail I saw a crown chakra entity attachment containing a Soul piece of Barbara used to connect to my brain. They’ll often have wires made of what is called endless string. The way to get over this is that, because we are in physical bodies, said endless string can be passed through us so all you have to do is use reiki which requires having static energy in your hands to “feel” for the entity attachment and from there you can remove it. In my case they flooded my crown chakra with entity attachments they call “wokenadors” in mockery of the ‘wokeing that guru had me doing to other people so that he could get sacrifices.

Also, in your astral dna you can activate angelic protection as well as your 23rd dna which is ancestral protection for when folks send things to invade your mind and body.

They also use papers, including sticky paper, to make you see what they want you to see through your third eye.

They also put astral boxes usually in your heart chakra so they can – their astral parasites – correspond with each other in your own head.

All three of these people are really evil and controlling. They all from what I understand derive from homes filled with child abuse – in the case of Barbara and Michael child rape – and are driven to do this cause they have no inner control. From what I understand all three are on meds due to the way they ‘woke people and they do these things to have a sense of power in their lives which they really don’t have.

It’s why they are bullies such as how they like ‘wokeing my family but yet no one can attack theirs and from what I understand Michael O’ Terrence or O’ Terry hates his kids. He has 4 kids.

I also understand that they hate pity or sympathy for their childhood situation and will attack or even kill anyone sending love energy their way such as two young ladies they claim died at their hands as a result of trying to heal their past trauma.

I think a demon in them is hindering that.

From what I understand Gooru aka David Reina’s mama was a high level dark witch who was domineering and made him walk in her shoes, destiny wise, regarding witchcraft.

That said I think that the Soul contract I had with Pallet Sabe which was totally unintentional is what invited this team of energy parasites and evil mofos is what lead me down this dark road which I had been traveling on until I was illuminated with knowledge of what is going on. I even saw him tossing my spirit money and blessings to others after I got it back after learning of all this.

To anull Soul contracts have your third eye open and say you wanna write a book stating that any Soul contracts between you and said entity(ies) are null and void and list them as a generational curse or curse since listing something as a generational curse stops an entity from being able to get your Soul, thereby making it futile for them to want to attack you.

When I did that to Pallet Sabe early this morning I could hear the spirits saying they won’t attack me as much this morning. They are messing with me for exposing them though.

It seems that that inadvertent Soul contract lead to a string of negative entities being able to come in and fuck me up.

If you all are facing entity attacks this is why many of you may be under attack: Soul contracts.

Never give up your pact with God. Make sure you make it so that you die of old age thereby making it hard to get killed.

It is why I have been stabbed, shot at, raped and am still here:

Also, they did something to block me from using my third eye thus allowing them to control my third eye, making it fuzzy, dark etc. I think from what I heard they use frequencies.

If anyone has advice on how to get rid of the astral parasites in my mind or how to get back control of my consciousness please contact me at [email protected] or at 310-359-5199.

They will try to block you from helping me so get your spiritual protection up. They use a wall they put in your mind to do it!

Oh yeah, those sacrificial heads I been talking about are entity attachments which can be used for bad or good. I say good because I saw supporters turning into them to eat the opposition in the astral:

The Sacrificial Head Entity: How They Work and Why They Are THE HARDEST INTERNAL Entity Attachment To Get Rid Of

Just Removed A Giant Sacrificial Head That Was Controlling Me

If You Are Facing Intranquil Spirits It’s A Sacrificial Head Curse

👆🏻 Makes sense.

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