Does Anyone Know A Good Shaman Or Witch I Am Being Extremely Tormented

Does Anyone Know A Good Shaman Or Witch I Am Being Extremely Tormented

These two I mentioned here yesterday:

Warning About Mind Hijackers Barbara Reina and David Reina and Malibu Dark Witch Shaman Michael O’ Terrance Who Sends Astral Parasites Into Your Mind To Force You Into A Soul Contract

placed an extremely complexed and complicated entity attachment in my crown chakra which is designed to make me truly schizophrenic and have confused thoughts, hearing scrambled words when people speak, and bad energy so no one will help me!

They also have an extremely complicated entity attchment on the upper right side between my cheek and eye that was designed to let entity attachments in!

For years they had an entity attachment that looked similar to this:

Which is their way of marking a person whose Soul they want! They have put entity attachment upon entity attachment on me while in jail to force me into a Soul contract. They use an astral entity attachment machine to do this.

They have attacked my family and fucked with my astral dna and placed their ancestral dna in mine so that they can control me. They placed one guy who tried to help in a spirit jar – I heard em say it was Baron Samedi. I also via remote viewing saw through my third eye – which they have immensely fucked up so I can’t fight em – that David Reina aka Gooru placed my money with the reptilians so I couldn’t access it to force me into prostitution to energetically feed them! The people are Barbara Reina and David Reina who live in Beverly Hills who go after spiritually powerful people to collect their Souls.

Right now their astral parasites they sent to attack my consciousness are telling me that if I remove this entity attachment, I will never get my possessions back. They are claiming I will get it in 6 days which I highly doubt! As a matter of fact they use threats like this to force folks to keep the entity attachments they place on them in. When I freed myself from the first entity attachment that is when they decided to declare me a sacrifice in the astral plane!

While in jail they influenced the folks at the tow yard to put my van up for auction and now I have no van aka my home and I don’t even have my possessions.

I really need help!

BTW I think I may have a Soul contract made in the astral with them awhile back (they have to come to you in the physical realm to complete it). How can I break it?

Also, from what they have said, they are pretending to be me to attack those who help me – which they have been doing – so watch out!

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