Offering Sexual Services

For the first time I am offering sexual services such as escorting, massage aka body rubs, car dates...... Call me at 310-359-5199 or at [email protected] to set up an appointment!

The ‘Wokemaster Tees


Buy my shid or else get 'woked πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‰πŸ‘Ή

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The Gooru aka Joel and Barbara Jo Hipps and Michael O’ Terrence Issue


Here I chronicle my experiences in the astral realm - and my fight for my life and Soul with the Reinas. Astralworld

Let Malibu Burn

Introducing my new portal: Let Malibu Burn

In light of the human trafficking of the homeless, the Mitrice Richardson case and the incessant gangstalking I face being black out here – I decided to introduce this new category cause, when this bitch burns, don’t shed a tear. Take it away, Kid and play:

– Wait, Usher…..

Offering Art Commercial Services

I am a very talented artist. I have been drawing AND painting since the age of three.

Thus I am now offering my artwork for commercial services, which includes commissioned drawings and paintings, self portraits, designs for graphic design, designs for murals as well as executing them, amongst other things.....

My portfolio is down below in the art portal, which has the image of Nick Carter which I drew using mixed media.
You can also see many of my works here which encompasses a wide range of what I've done.

If you want these services please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you and good day!


Offering Spiritual Services

I am now launching services on Etsy for tarot readings, entity attachment elimination removal and other services here:

I have a Youtube tarot channel named Raven's Third Eye Readings which you can watch here:

If you want to know my indepth knowledge of the spirit world, dealing with entities, entity attachment removal and so forth you can see here:

Thank you and good day!

The Man Problem


I will be calling men "dick demons" from now on.....

I believe it is time to have a serious conversation on men and what we must do with them. Men are a threat to the planet and womynkind and the Divine Feminine and must be eliminated.

Thereby I will be looking to the methods utilised by the late great serial killer, Aileen Wuornos and famed dick cutter Lorena Bobbitt on how to deal with these dick demons....

The Portals For Blacks

In these two following portals I break down THE TWO BIGGEST GROUPS of enemies facing us....

The Demon Seeds of Quetzalcoatl

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They Really Want To Destroy Me To Get My Soul

They Really Want To Destroy Me To Get My Soul

Not too long ago I saw I saw my brother Kristen in the astral plane, bending atop rubble, saying, “I am glad to see you here.” I was told by my Highest Self that David Reina had taken him out of his body and placed him in a hell realm where people get raped, murdered and beaten, a hell realm of chaos. As they did with my brother Bryan, they even wrote a book in the astral plane to keep my brother Kristen stuck outside his body. They did the same to my my family my dad my mom and

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I Need Help

I Need Help

I feel very very stuck with this curse. Last night these roach attachment entities the Reinas – Barbara Reina and David Reina – put IN me came to me demanding a Soul contract, constantly picking at me, at my crown chakra, energy harvesting off of me, keeping me up all night. That said, the Reinas, who put this curse on me, are very evil people. They have killed people spiritually for having a happy life, in my case, they want my spiritual powers. I could hear them in the astral plane saying they demand a Soul contract from me, they

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Assaulted At The Vons On 17380 Sunset Blvd Pacific Palisades CA 90272

Assaulted At The Vons On 17380 Sunset Blvd Pacific Palisades CA 90272

This is the basturd who did it: My friend whipped his ass after pushing him, an old man, down! It happened on May 23 2023. This the one who started it it all. Her name is Janiece. She refused to serve me in the past and I learned that she doesn’t serve homeless people. Aunt Jemima Vons Black Employee Refuses To Serve Me Cause of What I Am Wearing Vons Kicks Me Out Cause Fake Khazar Jew Wetback And White Supremacist Has Problem With My Red Mesh Shirt Imma sue because that is not right!

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Baron Samedi Condemned Me To The Roach Realm

Baron Samedi Condemned Me To The Roach Realm

He DOES in fact harm kids as he put a curse on me since I was a little baby to stay stuck in the roach realm and stay condemned to a life of trauma, homelessness and hardship all because his evil azz wants my spiritual abilities and is trying to curse me to commit suicide so he could get him. One time while in jail while I was haunted by his entities and nearly died, I awoke in his realm to bloody walls and attached to a wall where he tortures his victims, some of whom were kids. I learned

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