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Educating Folks On The Demiurge And Collecting And Smoking Sage

Never judge a book by it’s cover… People ASSume that if you are conventionally houseless that you don’t know shit but these two – a couple with one nevet going to the indoctrination centres known as “schools” BUT YET CAN STILL SPEAK WELL (He is an artist) KNOW SO MUCH and were willing to let me preach to them about god aka the Demiurge and how the Buy-Bull stole from ALOT of real spirutual systems… Here is his art (Very nice and reminds me of mine with the colors, etc.): Speaking of which, when I go into the bathroom stalls

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Did I Christopher Case Someone And Internal Spiritual Struggle

Okay, I’ve known this for a very long time but I think it is high time to expose it… Back when I lived in my old apartment on Wilshire and Hauser, after I attempted to astral project, A SHADOW ENTITY JUMPED INTO MY BODY! After that, THAT is when I had the bad alcohol addiction (that is WHY I warn against astral projection) and I almost KICKED IT OUT OF MY BODY TODAY… That said, A WHOLE LOT OF (ILLEGAL SHIT) REGARDING THAT ARTIST LOFT INCIDENT WENT ON – funny, I nightmared about the place last night! That said, early

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The Story of My Spiritual Journey From Beginning To End

I think that the visit by the forest ranger the other night was a bit of foreshadowing… – I also saw some traditional hippies early in the day as well… Along with the visit by the sheriffs earlier in the day (they were very nice and just wanted to check up on me 😉 That said, down below I talk about my entire spiritual journey from start (when I started to shed my old Self physically and transition to the new which is symbolic of spiritual transition that I am to take): Here is where I talk about the beginning:

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Portal and Spirit Caught On Tape In Malibu

Peep this portal I took a picture of in the forests of Topanga Canyon Blvd in Malibu: THE COLOR WAS NOT ALTERED! Don’t it look like something that would be shot by Nasa: And check out this GHOST I spotted out here as well. LOOK at the brown pole – the spirit is orange yellowish and makes like a double triangular shape: – Notice how the shape stays consistent no matter the direction of the camera meaning it is a spirit! While in the forest – I saw ALOT of strange shit out there, a whole lot! Also had WEIRD

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Astral Projection Experience In Which I Saw Two Life Paths I Coulda Took

Well, I took one: this timeline! Now, that said – this feels like more of an astral projection due to thr vividness of it which I will explain later but…. After taking those animal bones which I sensed were used in a ritual and more than likely have something negative attached to em (I felt intuitively inclined to throw that shit out) I caught an attachment on my right shoulder which manifested in the form of pretty bad and unsual pain. Nothing I did (how I sleep, etc. which were all the same) coulda caused it. I foresaw bad luck

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Vision of Coming Into My Own Power And Being Able to Remote View

I acquired some bones I saw the other day in Malibu which I saw a looong time a while back which I talked about here: http://toplessinla.org/2018/05/22/possible-human-remains-found-in-malibu/ Here is how I set it up in my car: Now my back is hurting 🙂 🙂 The shit was probably used in a ritual – I bet satanic! That said, last night I had a weird juxtaposition of visions after posting the bones and another stone I haven’t used in a while in conjunction with my other stones together. It was very weird but please bare with me – I felt this was

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Exposing A Sexual Predator Illegal Immigrant From The Czech Republic Who Lives Along The PCH In Malibu

I talked about this bitch here: http://toplessinla.org/2018/07/07/just-because-i-go-topless-does-not-mean-i-want-sex/ Here is his picture: Here his license plate: California 5LUC574 THIS THE SAAME demon possesed bitch with the thin purple and black aura who KEPT INSISTING I SLEEP WITH HIM, trying to push sexual advances on me. When I called him out, he said, “AWWW YOU TOO SMART” with a tinge of aggression AND KEPT COMING BACK AND COMING BACK, LIKE HE WAS POSSESSED! MANY TIMES HE KEPT GRABBING AT ME! He also the same crazy mofo who said that he likes stealing from stores and feels no guilt! I had to pull

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Just Because I Go Topless Does Not Mean I Want Sex

IMMA START BITING DICKS OFF, SERIOUSLY!!!  Make a human hot dog: turn the dick into a hotdog, the DELICIOUS BLOOD into the “ketchup” and the balls into the buns… WE ALL KNOW I LOVE TO DRINK MY OWN PERIOD BLOOD:  – this here kinda reminds me of a hanging dick being dipped in blood, mmmmm 😛 * Protip: WE ALL know what’s in here… … – Maybe biting dicks off will be a great way to get blood in between periods since I do have an addiction for it: Do not be like these fucking idiots here… –

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The Idea of Burqas Come From Astral Witches

BTW before I begin let me show you a ghost I saw on Willie D’s facebook live video: EDIT: I just had an astral projection experience on 7-8-2018 and I just saw another astral witch but this time it was wearing a white robe and gold belt! Okay, I remember sometime in I think it was 2015 – when I was DEEP into satanism thing – I saw these three witches: …With one of em looking like the point hat witch in the intro for “American Horror Story: The Coven” season 3 (funny that it had to be the 3rd

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