Spiritual Readings From My Third Eye ???

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As you can read from all these here…..

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I pretty much know what I am talking about, spiritually!

That being said I am inclined to bring my vast know-ledge, much of what I learned on my own if you just follow me here…..


By doing spiritual readings NOT using tarot cards but my third eye ???

That being said, I am finding more and more how dead accurate my third eye is. I use it to discern events that may not be advantageous to me and use it to turn the situation around in my favour.

I have used it to avert devastating events, twist fate in my favour and try to materialize my wants into reality aka the true meaning of manifestation.

The latter ?? is not so easy as I have had tough opposition from very malignant archon forces (they are well over demons and are in alignment with the demiurge whom I discuss here and here).

That said, I have been winning tho (and they hate it)……

Reptilians and Archons Changing Your Timelines For Worse and How To Change It BACK

Healing yourself tho., so your Soul can become whole – is a top prime part of keeping them off your energy body and from latching on as an unhealed person will have holes in their aura and Soul which allows entities to latch on thus causing possession, which happened to me and I was able to fight off.

That being said, I am doing readings starting at $25 30 mins and $50 for 1 hr.

If you want me to use my third eye to avert a disaster or help you manifest your desires, dreams, wealth (for some reason I am better at doing for others and helping them out here then I can myself – maybe it is cause the archons aren’t after ya’ll), it will be $100 which will be absorbed into the reading so you don’t have to pay extra.

Look, if you read the spirituality portion of my blog you will know alot of shit goes into fighting these things. You could be unhealed and so thus allowing for shit to attack you. You could have an overarching entity I can’t see allowing (these things I know from experience can get elusive) a platoon of negative beings to attack and attach to you – so much goes on into it and for long time readers of my blog you know I am not fibbing.

You can contact me via my number at 310-359-5199 or at [email protected]

Thanks and good luck!