The Eye of Ra aka The All Seeing Eye Is A Separate Entity That Lives In Your Right Eye And Controls You

The Eye of Ra aka The All Seeing Eye Is A Separate Entity That Lives In Your Right Eye And Controls You

Funny. I saw an eye staring up at me right. before. doing this article….

Peep the 77 appearing. RIGHT. AFTER I saw the eye which resonates with the spirit realm in numerology……

I’ve been saying that alll along….

NOTE HERE in the last sentence it states that the eye gave birth to mankind……

I was on to something…..

There Definitely IS A Parasitic Etheric Snake In My Right Eye

I RealEYES That The Black Snake Right Eyed Entity Attachment Is Designed To Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

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The All Seeing Eye aka Eye of Providence and How It Is Used To Control Us

Read this wikipedia article…..

Funny how my Eye of Horus tattoo actually look like – from this angle – the satanic upside down inverted pentagram but it’s not…..

That said, everything that that article states about how that eye is uncontrollable and chaotic – and mean – to how it can be used to absorb the energies of matrix gods and goddesses as I stumbled upon here years ago…..

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

How To Use Your Energy To Control People’s Behaviors

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I could NOT control that shit for the life of me. It was the derivation of my intrusive, crazy, insane, fucked up thoughts that have casted a dark cloud on me for much of my life. I also peeped that I could absorb other gods and goddesses’ energies of the matrix – like an avatar – and others energies thru it as well.

It seems cool – if you can control it. And that is the problem.

As this wikipedia excerpt says….. I screenshot that shit cause ole CIA ass wikipedia is ALWAYS removing truths….. it is a separate entity that is uncontrollable…..

Funny how it says that etheric Eye of Ra implant is feminine…..

That being said it says that it was connected to the uraeus which was the cobra snake located on the pharoah’s headdress at the top by the widow’s peak.

– That looks like a brain, the pineal gland. That’s supposed to be the cobra uraeus at the top there!

– I’m related to him. Here is his wife with me Nefertiti in shadow ?? ancestor!

What have I been saying about a chakra being there?

Now, from my experience, there is an extension extending RIGHT from where the uraeus is, which is at the top middle of your forehead which is the widow’s peak…. to your mouth which it encompassing the eye on the right – it is ALWAYS on the fucking right.

That mofo is a MONSTER to maintain. Ot is what celebrities are trying to do when they cover that eye – acquire it’s power someone told me.

It is the pinnacle of freemasonry to conquer that chaotic eye due to all the powers it can bestow….

However, from what I have experienced….. it disconnects you from The Source if you have a Soul! It does something to divert your intuition, psychic powers, all that away from you and towards it, basically in effect – as I have been saying all along – using your energy to feed it!

It’s why gangstalking happens….


Fucking pos in that raggedy ass por car!


Peep ?? how that shit, how shit magically happens like wetbucks opening up a path for you while hanging around that satanic bitch…..


I recognize when folks around here honk they horns they are congratulating someone going up against me and I saw he was gonna unleash bad shit on me thru my third eye and tarot cards…..



Nasty heauxz ??…..

You don’t need it. It is a parasitic abatross as I have been saying all along….. it causes chaos and frustrates you and uses your innate powers to thrust you into pandemonium as the wikipedia article states.

Speaking of which – celebrities have been coming to me in the astral.

Jay Z featured prominent in a recent ome in which it seemed to be in a different timeline where my family was rich and Jay Z was a family friend and I was asking him to hook me up with some gigs in the entertainment industry.

It was so vivid.

Funny cause going back to 1991, when I was 8, I used to have repeated astral visions – they were mad vivid too – of waiting for Jay Z kinda backstage – it was me and about 10 other kids in a parking lot – and Jay Z’ bodyguards were there to monitor us cause we were being sex trafficked for him and his crew.

This was, again, in 1991, wayyy before he blew up in 1997.

That said, I also had an astral vision of being a PA (production assistant) for
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in a timeline where she is a theatre celebrity.

It seemed that since I been in the process of getting rid of that all seeing eye etheric entity attachment implant things been coming to me, opening up for me…..

Another thing, to get rid of it – ask your third eye if you can “take on it’s power” since it is thru ego and you can trick it then call on The Source to eradicate it.

Now it makes sense why I been “dreamin'” of $ellebrities.

The goal of freemasonry is to overcome the all seeing eye – which controls us all – so that they can escape the demiurge reincarnation matrix trap and truly be free on the other side by removing the reptilian archon monitoring etheric device known as the all seeing eye which is lodged in all Soulled people’s right eyes…..

Maybe they looking to me on how to do the shit organically as they got the high level tech to remove it but it seems like that shit hurts hence why they been watching my moves…..

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