DNA Activation: What You Worship LITERALLY Becomes A Part of You

I’ve been wanting to talk about this!


I can tell ya from experience my head moves in circles JUST LIKE THAT DIAPHRAGM when opening up the crown chakra!

In my last article I espoused against ancestor worship and “djinn”, deity worship! To some degree (I am excluding ancestor worship from this statement), I may be wrong:

Okay, back when I used to worship deities – I reca my first night (when I needed money) calling Baron Samedi (prob. where I got my former bad drinking habit from), Lord Satan (lol how I used to call him, “Lord”), Ra and a host of others… including Orisha Oshun (who is VERY nice and I feel is still around and offered to freely help on one occasion).

That said, while working under Lord Satan, I felt I had an increasing black aura: Yeah, I made money, wore the same clothes – but I distinctly felt that I REPELLED people away from me. On the other hand, while under Orisha Oshun, I attracted black women – whom she protects! That said – and this is the funniest – under Baron Samedi (He has visited me MULTIPLE TIMES in the dreamstate usually as a handsome black-hispanic man) – I attracted LOOSE WHITE WOMEN (while repelling white men which was bad for business at the time since I was a sex worker) but what all these experiences have in common is that looong after I stopped worshipping them, they became and still are a part of me: I notice on a subliminal level, I can think of them as an archetype, an avatar, not unsimilar to the different “outfits” you see video game characters wearing – and when fit – send a thought to them and make what I want to happen, happen!

Notice they say “costumes”…

THAT SAID, I always felt like we were beings living inside a video game, or even a reality tv show like the Truman Show – even going back to when I was a little girl! I remember being 5 years old and thinking, “What if (and always feeling like “something” was watching me, maybe others) there are people watching us like a real live tv show?” With the advent of our acknowledgement of extraterrestrials (or at least simultanous interdimensionals AND extraterrestrials who come from different planets from different dimensions) I BELIEVE IT!

– As the video game up above shows: it demonstrates how we can vicariously live through the shoes of these beings and I think this is a metaphor for when we absorb the various “gods” thus becoming “one with them” and them becoming “One with God” = US!

Hell, the video game, Mega Man shows to channeling of those occult powers perfectly:

It’s alot like Mega Man in which you gain the powers of a “Robot Master” once you defeat them (except in the case of deities you worship them):

Note how the energy of the dead robo master is coming into him – and also in the form of orbs which is reminiscient of how those deities, said spirits come into me…

I picked “Snake Man” – a character off there – since the snake has been widely used throughout history to symbolize “forbidden knowledge” which can be represented in the death of the Robot Master and subsequent gaining of his abilities just as Eve fell from “innocence” (Death of her innocence) in order for her to gain KNOW-L-EDGE (so she can gain an EDGE on things…)!

Also, I will pick “Gemini Man” to show the duality (I have always felt this game – along with “Double Dragon 2” were STEEPED in occult symbolism):

Gemini = Duality, Baphomet, PAZUZU

Note all the powers he gained by absorbing all the robot masters into him…

Also note how he gained Snake Man’s powers (Serpent/Knowledge) before he acquired Gemini Man’s powers (Duality, Baphomet = really, Pazuzu which I will explain in another article…):

Note how his color changed from green (Serpent) to Blue (Depth)

This might be what folks call possession; I think it just might be DNA Activation!

All of these things I believe are “gifts” rendered perhaps by the Matrix once you achieve a certain level of understanding! In Hinduism they say that the various “gods” are “avatars” of Vishnu, which I think a “Supreme God” is really an allegory of US! WE ARE THE GODS! These are the various archetypes, roles, etc. we can take on to help us in our daily lives! Now, yes, returning back to ancestor worship – our ancestors, see, this where it gets complicated: if you acknowledge reincarnation, you can come back as anything: roman soldier, white, black – I mean – look at this kid here:

That said, WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS!!! We are not strictly confined to this timeline (“Butterfly Effect” the film was showing ways you can change shit cause what you saw him seeing right before he “changed timelines”, I am guessing the fabric of our reality – I am able to see, too) – or our bodies. That said, and as my higher selves (Which look NOTHING like me!) prove – who ARE you ancestors, really? Were they the “family” that you had while in the body you occupied in Roman Times? Who are they? That’s why you gotta be careful with that shit! CHOOSE WISELY!

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