LASD Gangstalking And How Comfort and Security IS SLAVERY

I talk about it HERE:

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The crakkkabeast slave master WHO HAD THE NERVE TO OWN SLAVES – EVEN RAPING ONE – had the NERVE to say this rather wise statement, aka Thomas Jefferson:

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Yet this BITCH was “rumoured” to murder slaves IN THE MOST GRUESOME OF WAYS as saceifices in blood illuminati rituals, basically stealing our ancient knowledge from Kemet to do it (Hopefully their “ancestors” were with em since they do – I am starting to feel – provide some degree of spiritual protection in the afterlife and good thing blacks keep in contact with that!!!):

Oops – that was Benjamin Franklin (they mighta been doing rituals concurrently) but you get the point!

Anyways, he was totally right! There is reason why they say you are “selling out” in the music industry or as a “literal” metaphor – selling out when you make deals for material items with the Devil. You SELL your SOUL IE FREEDOM!!!

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