Karma A Bitch: Thoughts On The Fentanyl Epidemic

Karma A Bitch: Thoughts On The Fentanyl Epidemic

Remember the Boxer Rebellion:

– When whyte folks flooded China with that “China Whyte” aka opium?


On top of that, let’s not forget the crack epidemic, when blacks were being treated like shit during our epidemic after crakkkas flooded our communities with that Nicaraguan whyte:

This one is titled, “CIA brings Crack To South Central”:


Chickens came back home to roost…..

I have no sympathy for crakkkas dying of the current “crack epidemic” known as fentanyl….

Just like they locked our black asses up during the 80s for owning a dimebag of crack, I say lock them same crakkkas up for owning a dimebag of their “China white”, named after the same shit they flooded poor China with during the Boxer Rebellion cause selfish Europeans couldn’t take the gull of these “China men” to refuse to trade with their so called “superior” cave ape asses!

White people got nerve!

I won’t say it’s a motherfucker’s fault that they stick themselves with needles cause, after dealing with alkie-hole addiction brought on by a curse, it’s no joke but at the end of the day WE were blamed for taking those crack hits but now we are supposed to show sympathy for China Whyte coloured Timmy cause he wide for him killing himself. FOH.



Just like they want us to take responsibility for selling ourselves during slavery (while not taking responsibility for their part just as they blame white supremacy on the so called Jewish global conspiracy – whites NEVER take responsibility) then take responsibility for putting that deadly shit in your arm, loser!

Where was our narcan during the crack epidemic at……

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