Why Knowing The Energy of An Area Is Greatly Important

Whenever I park on the otherside of Wilshire I ALWAYS have car problems:

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Alot of it has to do with what Chinese Feng Shui speaks of which is… energy and location! That said, I discovered back in my old apartment that the direction in which I lay my head is the direction in which controls and determines how energy affects you. I recall when my head – at night – faced the western direction, I didn’t see as much ghostly activity (THAT place was HAUNTED and that neighborhood had alot of demons running around – hence why there were so many car accidents on 6th and Hauser and still are – including fatalities which took the life of a good and sweet former neighbor of mine!)! I even notice that when I sleep on the other side of Wilshire – like I am going towards Baldwin Hills down La Brea – my finger nails will be reeeal dirty, I would have nightmares (That STOPPED when I started appeasing the Spirits in that area) and alot of issues would happen with my car breaking down, cellphone not acting right (indication of djinn activity), and now I know how the locals feel (those dumbasses are NOWHERE NEAR conscious of it like I am) in which there is something there that “holds them back”, “something” that keeps em “in a rut” which is why they can’t move on and why they resent me: which is because of My Energy which is the reason why ALOT of people resent me (it’s cause my energy vibrates at a higher level then theirs). You can watch more about it, here:


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