Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

That’s why pray = prey

Here is the chart of the Demiurge – AND IT’S MOTHER!

Based on experience, I believe so.

I talk about it here:

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and here:

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HERE are the effects of what happens when you get out from up under it and ESP. EXPOSE IT (I was having the roughest time uploading subjects pertaining to it and all sorts of electrical malfunctions, feeling drained of energy – all actions indicative of what happens from my experience when you expose djinns/bad spirits/ARCHONS):

Note they send their “agent smiths” aka the two reptilian (there are alot of em out here: ) LAPD officers after me (Esp. on the police departments and I have seen more than my fair share of shapeshifting while in jail) WHICH HARDLY IF EVER HAPPENS with the Wilshire Division and only seemed to happen as I was about to get up from out under the demiurge and it’s archons! It’s funny because as I started to shed my old, fake “self” and come into contact with my more spiritual being, essence, the cops called me “crazy” as if shedding those old matrix hardwired ideas of beauty, values etc. was a REJECTION of the very matrix system they are sworn to uphold, hence why they have so much symbolism in their departments:

– Note their use of esoteric stars… the 6 pointed star symbol which means the baphomet aka “As above, so Below” dichotomy which I discussed about the L.A. sheriff’s badge here:

Here is the pedophile boy lover logo as identified by the FBI etched in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s badge:

Here the FBI info on it…

Here’s the vid of matrix enforcers of the LAPD coming after me…

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Here is an idiot, faggot, FAGGAROACH (lol, my made up word) archonic dwelled nut who was also sent, twice (notice how in the second vid HE IS INSISTENT ON HARASSING ME):

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This me talking about double binding “visions” I got from supposed Lwa (Loa) of voodoo, Baron Samedi, in which I was sent visions in which “he” was supposedly “protecting” me and then visions of THREATS of what HE WILL DO IF I WALK AWAY (VERY MUCH LIKE SATAN BUT THEY ARE ALL THE SAME – YEMAYA, BARON SAMEDI, WHICH I WILL EXPLAIN LATER…). I later compared notes with an alcoholic, homeless girl who is constantly in problems which I tried to convey to her were more than likely created by the ENTITIES that she claims were “protecting” her, causing her to get raped, etc. I later found out we had the same URGE (hence, Demiurge: ) for WHISKEY (Baron Samedi is known for liking rum) which made me realize that our “protector”, Baron Samedi, was the root of our self destructive desire for alcohol, thereby effectively throwing us off our spiritual path and keeping us from coming into our own power – in which in her case they already convinced her her goddess given talents (from the Divine Feminine Creator who exists outside the realm of the Demiurge who, unlike the Demiurge, created all this, whom we ALL – unlike the archons and their avatar made “gods” and “goddesses” – have a little bit of in us – hence why Jesus said “the Kingdom of God IS IN US) is dependant upon them. These archons basically want to keep us from coming into contact with the Divine Feminine = Spiritual = Higher Self. Now that I think about it, the demonically archon influenced/ possessed girl even tried to strike out against the Divine Feminine TRUE Creator Goddess who I talked about before! This lil girl also had (well, she has borderline, so…) unquestioning belief in these beings and the “visions” they show her, not realizing that spirits could be manipulating her. To go to show you WHY spiritual discernment is key and why you should ONLY work with your own power. Now, when I called myself doing rituals to Baron Samedi (this is after satan had got threw using me which is analogous to how djinn will make deals with ya using only three wishes then be done with ya afterwards), I noticed when IT visited me in the dreamscape – IT took on the appearance of a handsome black hispanic man (in keeping up with the stereotype) and had the same demonic voice/tone and appearance as this entity that attacked me in the dreamscape once in which it took the form of a beautiful blonde waitress who looked alot like Rene Zwellwegger (I was told a blonde lady out of envy sicked this thing on me and then how it manipulated her) and when I came to it sexually assaulted me and the experience took place in real time. To describe in detail what happened, I fell “asleep” and that is when I had a very vivid vision of lying next to an altar made for him with a client who started begging me for more alcohol since the bottles were empty on said altar. Then it deteriorated into my being back in my bed and him asking to bring him more liquor and though it tried to emulate the “personality” of baron’s voice – just like in a monster film – the voice started to “degrade” and increasingly sound demonic. He also visited me in the dream world and though it appeared as a handsome hispanic black man it had a similar counteance AND voice to what I saw in the other “dream” with the sane thing taking on the “Rene Zellwegger” form in which it harassed me. That’s when I started seriously questioning what is around me and other people, too. The homeless, alcoholic girl I stated earlier who felt she was absolutely right stated that baron samedi – which she said was arod her – was really around me, too. When I told of my experiences – she stated that she questioned it in a way, sort of by mentioning shapeshifters. To test it one night after doing a ritual to baron samedi – I sent a strong thought while having that connection that she should be alone, etc (since she has bordeline and is very needy and has no strong sense of identity). Next thing you know, SHE CALLED at that moment proving my theory that we should not TRUST these archonic “deities” true (it probably wanted her to cut me off for fear she will finally listen to my knowledge on this and stop letting stuff manipulate her)! I also recall while in a shelter a psychic telling me that an entity that changed from “jesus to Ra” told her to tell ME to be happy! That’s why I question this! She also stated – along with saying how she is “absolutely right” on everything – how Jesus Christ NEVER EXISTED! These spirits she claims protect her got her a hot mess! After all, where is Baron to protect her from the entities she claims been fucking with her since childhood (another archonic manipulation tactic) as well as to protect her from the whiskey urges HE induces into her? She also told me of how him and papa legba would RAPE HER (she said they would do this to me as well) after they induced her to get black out drunk! THAT is a demonic energy harvester (no different than what incubi/succubi do) if I ever heard of one and HOW SHE DIDN’T MIND (while she did mind a rape that recently happened to her in the physical/3D world by a possessed as she said individual) yet she called these two demonic energy harvesters – Papa Legba and Baron Samedi who were feeding off her energy, “protectors”.

– I believe those who are meant to break free and break through the matrix and teach others the same are the ones who get the hardest hit with psychic attacks, physical world attacks, etc.

This all got me thinking, which is why spiritual discernment is SO important and using logic and rationale to wade through things is so key to spiritual insight and development (so you won’t get dissuaded by the deceptions of these so called “gods” and by their appearances as well)….

What if all these “gods” and “goddesses” like yemaya, oshun, satan were created as energy TRAP harvesters created by the archons and the demiurge designed to keep us entrapped from coming into our own power and becoming our own TRUE GODS AND GODDESSES? I got to thinking about this after all the traps, psychic visions and “double binds” they set upon me when I started coming into contact with my own power – realizing the key all along was ME and me alone and as I will explain – the more powerful I would SELF BECOME, the more I felt these energy vampires attach themselves to me to drain me of my energy and also on a psychic level keep me from coming into contact with my True, Higher, Powerful Self? I recall on my old youtube chanel, I used to expose the reptilians. Because I didn’t have protection in the form of crystals/ rocks at the time, I noticed my checking account became inexplicably drained. This also occurred around the time I started experiencing greater numbers of out of body experiences, etc. In order to stunt my spiritual development, the archons fucked with my money. In so doing this forced me into a spiritual program in which I was forced to chose an archonic avatar (in this case, satan) so I can get the magical talismans otherwise known as “money” which Jonathan Kleck explaims indepth what they are on his channel):

After this, I noticed my spiritual developmemt stunted: I couldn’t astral project, other spiritual powers I had before got stunted/ manipulated. I was so reliant upon the satanic energy I didn’t have the energy to continue on my practice of spiritual self development by developing my chakras since through rituals I was giving it away to him every night. I also noted that through rituals – and whoever I worshipped, be it oshun, etc. – they would attach through the right side ie the creative side of me, sucking my energy while at the same time entering my energhy sphere in which their aura would permeate mines. I knew it was all bs when I heard a snake like hissing entity say one night (I believe this is this which was taken one night outside a neighbor’s window) say, “Sssheeee worssssships ssssssssatan” (I knew it was a wrap):

Here a better look…

That’s why in christianity and many other mainstream, MASS (as in mass cultivation of your energy” like herded sheep hence why the buy-bull ie bible calls followers of tje demiurge sheep) religions, they teach you that it’s a sin to open your chakras. Hell, the smaller spiritual systems – santeria, voodoo, palo mayombe, the illuminati shit are no better!

I believe that all these entities like yemaya, etc are merely avatars of the Demiurge, the “god” of this world (which is what satan is called in the bible). Think about it? In hinduism, santeria, there is an “ultmate god” followed by aspects of it: In hinduism they got shiva, the ultimate supreme, followed up it’s various aspects meant to carry out specific tasks such as kali being in charge of killing demons, one being in charge of wisdom, etc. Same in santeria: Oludumare is the ultimate “divine creator” followed up by oshun, etc. who are his aspects. That said, it’s said these entities (including yaldaboath of the bible aka Buy-Bull AND ALLAH) require ritual sacrifices from adherents aka followers (another way they keep you down by taking all your energy from you) when in fact with REAL omnipotent beings you don’t need to do any sacrifices cause they got their OWN energy – like Archangels (which is why I prefer them around and banished the other things that was around me, sucking from me). That said, I feel the reptilians, the “hat man”, robed entities which are associated with many ufo sightings are basically agent smiths designed to keep us from coming into contact with our own power and keep us subservient TO THE MATRIX! Hell, from my experience, when I talked about Baron Samedi, evil people possessed by this avatar fake natrix created being would attack me like I did something to them. Where is your power when you are being controlled by a weak ass being who is draining you of your lifeforce through rituals and requires you to do rituals so as to give their powerless asses, life in the astral (if it wasn’t for all their followers, they would cease to exist!). Ya’ll gotta stop taking a kindergarten approach to the spirit realm. After all, you got chakras: you got the POWER! What you need those energy vampires for who got you looking crazy, doing rituals for?

You got the power! Jesus Christ was KILLED for this info I am telling you.

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