Gangstalking or SLI Phenomenon: Lights In Malibu Turn Off Cause I’m In Malibu

I wanna take the time to say that the person who wrote the book is named Hilary. This Hilary everyone:


Times are ah changing… Anywayz…

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To note I saw some strange people doing some strange ritual (?) ass shit out there one night, like after midnight which you can see here:

Kinda reminds me of this…

Yep, that’s a ritually sacrificed chicken with it’s head cut off found at Malibu Beach.

– I see alot of weird shit late at night here.

I have one theory that operates in the realm of the supernatural which I will get to in a little bit. That said…

I NOTICE and have noticed about 3 TIMES ALREADY – A VERY SIGNIFICANT NUMBER IN NUMEROLOGY – street lights going off inexplicably, MAINLY WHERE I PARK (though it affects a few other lighys as well). My theory is could it be in an effort to run me out the city of Malibu is deliberately tinkering with the lights where I park in an effort to run me out?

I have seen – usually during the day – city vehicles parked alongside here.

Now, here is the less mundane explanation: could it be due to what is called the SLI phenomenon effect in which people like myself with telekinesis (I’m guessing based on a few tests I undertook) have energetic, electric fields SO BIG it can interfere with street lights?

I will say one thing: HOURS before the December 2016l7 forest fires in Cali, I did a ritual, an offering out this way. NEXT THING I KNOW, AT 4AM THAT MORNING (A VERY SIGNIFICANT NUMBER IN NUMEROLOGY), THE FOREST FIRES INEXPLICABLY BROKE (I also noted unlike any other time the winds were howling – a sign of Oya: around?

That said, going back to when I was a little kid, I noticed street lamps would flicker OR GO OFF COMPLETELY when I would pass them by. They still do and even more so now that I’ve become spiritual and have indulged in crystals and stones. But in this case street lamps that I DIDN’T PASS will turn off, too (Now that I think of it – since I am very spiritual – THERE IS ALOT of spiritual energy, entities, in this area which I’ve caught on tape which may activate mainly when I or another person with strong energy is around). I’ve been told my soul is MUCH larger than my body (sign of a nephilim). It makes you wonder….

Well, here is more on the SLI phenomenon:

What you think?

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I also peeped the word count in this article ended at 420 words, lol:

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