The Los Angeles Lost Hills Sheriffs’ Are Into Baphomet Worship with PROOF

The Los Angeles Lost Hills Sheriffs’ Are Into Baphomet Worship with PROOF

I talk about it here:

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Look at this symbol here:

Let me show each from the sides…

It is not just the “Star of David”. Look further…

As I talked about here:

WOMBman represents the 5 pointed star – the pentagram, a symbol which is used alot in pagan-feminist themed modern day spiritual systems as well as what was once used as a symbol of protection against evil in the early TRUE CHRISTian church – that is why I always say the Eucharist was representative of the woman’s blood, our natural menstrual cycle which drunken, as I explain here: can be used to heighten your psychic abilities – a natural capacity we have and (white) men don’t which is why he murdered his white WOMB-an in the Salem Witch trials!

That said, the 6 pointed star represents man fore it represents the phallic symbol and when brought together represents the perfected HU-MAN (like the “ying and yang” symbolism) which also correlates to “As Above, So Below” which the Baphomet represents through it’s hand gestures…


Along with Pazuzu, the earliest Babylonian God from which I believe the Baphomet sprung:

NOTE THEY BOTH MAKE THE SAME HAND GESTURES. Also, tho. I said The Baphomet may have sprung from Pazuzu, those whose third eyes wide open reported seeing the Baphomet trying to communicate teachings to them. I personally have been visited – twice – by Pazuzu in the dreamscape: once in statue form and the other in which he introduced himself as a black dog faced being (Kinda reminding me of Anubis: ) who looked alot like the “D.A.R.E.” dog – McGruff, the crime dog:


And was wearing an oil slicker coat with a hood that reminded me of what Detective Sherlock Holmes wore!

That said, it is also reported that the “Boy Lover” symbol (meaning pedophiliac sexual interactions between boys and MEN) as reported by the FBI can be seen etched in their badges…

Here is the “boy lover” symbol…

Here is the L.A. County Sheriff’s badge:

Alot of weird OCCULT shit I am guessing goes down with THIS department along with the LAPD and their energies (Esp. those of LAPD) MANIFEST IT!!

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