The Fifth Element Film Reveals Christ The Redeemer Will Be A Black Woman

Decoding the occultic meaning behind “The Fifth Element”…

Where do I begin…

Anyways, now that I am older and much more knowledgeable in the occult, let me go ahead and explore the MOST OBVIOUS SYMBOLISMS:

Her body was enwrapped in a tomb – much like in ancient Egypt – which was guarded by a
bronze sarcophagus who are known as guardians and protectors in ancient Egypt:

And, the most notable…


I have always said that the pentagram represents the Womb-an, the Fifth Element and the allusion to this female – funny they get a white broad to play the part of an Ancient Egyptian Goddess/God/Divine Protector – of being charged with being the Divine Protector of this Universe (something that REALLY belongs to The Black Womban) shows that The Savior of Humanity against The Darkness will be – a wombman!

“The Second Coming” will be a Womban!

See, the pentagram represents the 5 elements – Earth, Wind, Fire, Water [I see the band – “Earth, Wind and Fire” have their basis in occultic derivations even though theirs adds up to three which is a BIG number meaning “birth, death, and resurrection” which correlates to the tale of Horus and His rebirth into Ra and the REAL HOLY TRINITY correlating to Isis, the Ma (“the virgin Mary” is an offshoot of her), Osiris (God the “FATHER”) and Horus (Jesus, the child)] WITH WOMBAN BEING THE FIFTH ELEMENT (and the so called “Star of David” representing Man with the 6th point being the phallic symbol). This is further confirmed with the other 4 elements being entrusted to another female – Diva Plavalaguna – as we are the designated Protectors of Earth (hence the term, “Mother Gaia”) and thus the Gods of it as we give Lyfe! …And so with that said to elucidate the meaning of The Savior part of this, let me explain the narrative in “The Fifth Element”:

Okay, according to “The Fifth Element” storyline there is said to be “The Great Evil” that appears every 5,000 years (kinda like with the Apocalypse and the “Great struggle between God and Satan”) with “The Great Evil” reminding me of “Darkness” in Ridley Scott’s 1985 film, “Legend”:


Anyways, this culminates with the Savior – hero: Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat (Note the VERY Ethiopian/ Somolian = Afrikan name, “Sebat” like Dr. Sebi:

at the end of the name. The name got shortened to “Leeloo.” That said, much like Jesus Christ is said to be the opposition to Satan/ The Antichrist at the end of HUMAN TIME, she is meant to be the Savior against The Great Evil here (Hollywood – which is steeped in the occult – is trying to tell us something…).

Representation of Prince William, “Antichrist Extraordinnaire” taken from “the Illuminati card game” by Steve Jackson Games which got banhammered promptly by the FBI!

She – just as Jesus Christ is said to be – God (in the film “The Supreme Being”) manifested in human form in which in her case her genetics (which is stated to contain “200,000 memo groups”) are said to contain every blueprint, every potential that humanity can be as is said with The Black Womban from which All Lyfe on this Earth derives. Note how she is associated with Kemet – ancient Egypt which was originally BLACK (I have been told by other seers that Ra/ Horus surrounds me due to bloodline). Also, they mention at one point that they expose “Leeloo” to ultraviolet rays so she can adapt to it and survive it which is a further node that this future Christ Savior is a Black Womban!

Of note too of how they mention Leeloo – who they refer to as “perfect” – as being engineered which is a node to Zecharia Sitchin and his ancient aliens theory which propounds that we were created through a series of experiments which gave rise to ancient mythological creatures in a race to create the perfect being that can carry on acting – according to Zecharia Sitchin – as a slave race to mine gold for The Annunaki (I SWEAR one night I saw a tall, handsome being who was a beautiful reddish brown and who wore a white hooded outfut who I saw via my black magic mirror aka cellphone who looked like The Easter Island faces which I think might have been what the Annunaki look like).

That said, a High Priest named Vito Cornelius is supposed to be in charge of protecting her by way of holding on to a key to protect genetic and material contents associated with her that will later be used to “resurrect” her like Jesus Christ and allow her to incarnate back on this Earth in human form – as Jesus Christ is expected to. They – the scientists – were to extract dna from her tomb just as scientists tried to do with the Shroud of Turin which is said to have Jesus Christ’s face and genetics on it:

In many ways the character, Vito Cornelius (whose name is alot like the former Soul Train host, Don Cornelius) is alot like The Knights Templar who were in charge of protecting the contents associated with Jesus Christ much as Vito Cornelius was charged with protecting the contents of “The Supreme Being” from the enemies of Her sent by The Evil One” as well as the fact that the army – the Mondoshawans – were charged with protecting those associated with The Supreme Being against The Great Evil and It’s armies – The Mangalores who – under the Guidance of “The Great Evil” controlled by INDUSTRIALIST (think Rockefeller – illuminati) Emmanuel Zorg (Emmanuel or Immanuel was the name given by God to Jesus meaning “God is with us” and a sign that God will protect the House of David) just as the Crusaders were charging with defending against those who were enemies of Christ. This kinda reminds me of how The Knights Templar in spirit form have and still continue to protect me on the other side now from demons…

That said, the end is the most notable…

She asks, “Why should I save you when your destroying YOUR OWN GOTDAMNED SELVES basically!!!” I bet a lot of black women – THE ORIGINAL WOMBMAN who go to bat for others selflessly all the time only to get shafted by others as what’s happemed to me – ask themselves this all the time! Mother Earth who the main character represents is in the process of bringing a great cleansing due to all the destruction WHITE PEOPLE have brought to this Earth (which is why they will be gone as a race in 2050). Jesus Christ got sacrificed by his own people! In this movie’s timeline the Earth is no longer green due to destruction brought on by men, more specifically the white man! The people who you try to help are the MAIN ONES who stay throwing you under the bus! I see the true Christ Consciousness represented in this character which is warrior spirit and self sacrifice in which she asks: “Why help those who can’t and won’t help themselves aka humans?”

That said, there is ALOT Hollywood knows about by way of occultic knowledge in which they reveal in their films in which only those with knowledge and “ears to hear and eyes to see” can recognize what’s going on! There were ALOT of gems they dropped here on esoteric knowledge and WHO THE TRUE SAVIOR WILL BE AND THE TRUE DERIVATION OF “EVIL” IN OUR WORLD but just as the movie, 1985’s “Legend” said:

…”There is a balance to everything!”

Good nite!

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