The Illuminati Are Pushing Anti-Semitism to Bring About The Apocalypse


Everytime I go on youtube esp. on the “conspiracy sites” that contain alot of deep knowledge esp. on the occult I find this:


Look at this fucking channel here, lol:

…lol, these motherfuckerz are silly…

Anyways, I am saying this to say that anyone who gives into the ANTI-JEW – NOT ANTI-ZIONIST – agenda are pushing for Armageddon to happen. I’ll explain why:

Okay, back when I was in catholic school I was taught that one of the signs that would herald “The End of Days” was MAJOR PERSECUTION AND ELIMINATION OF THE JEWS and that was supposed to be one of the MAJOR signs that would herald in the Apocalypse:

I recall at a Hooker’s “rights” conference I attended years ago one of the “speakers” said to me that – while under the reign of George Dubya Bush – that the elite were trying to bring about The Apocalypse which was the reason behind 9-11, the CIA invention of ISIS and any other future HAARP induced castastrophes such as the 4-tornado HITTER that landed in New Orleans (I grew up in New Orleans East and we NEVER had issues with hurricanes [except the HAARP created “Hurricane Katrina”] let alone no 4 fucking tornadoes hitting that area):

That said, with the decimation of the Jews that is supposed to herald in the Return of Christ who will save the Jews and the whole wide world and thus bring about a new era of “peace and understanding…”

I fear THE ELITES (and white people which I will explain later…) are using that to ARTIFICIALLY (to forment hatred towards the jews in the comments sections and numerous youtube videos) bring about hatred of the Jews which will bring about The Antichrist (or the Jesus Christ savior who they will appoint to herald in “the golden age” after they have caused so much death and destruction) just as they tried to do with Adolf Hitler:

Which of course led to the destruction of Palestine and subsequent creation of Israel causing many folks – black amd white, hippy and wealthy – to hate the jews to this day!

To be fair the main ones leading this hatred ob a more grassroots scale against the jews are the CRAKKKAS – the same ones who like to blame blacks for slavery (after all they couldn’t “help” but buy us from our fellow tribesman but those same CAUCKS ARE QUICK TO BLAME BLACKS FOR USING THE CRACK COCAINE THEY PUSHED IN OUR COMMUNITIES by saying “We didn’t have to take it) – are now looking to deflect all the destruction they caused on the planet on “the jooz!”

I recognize that the people who run this world are trying to forment hatred towards the jews – just as they are engineering “apocalyptic” weather through HAARP in an effort to bring about “The End of Days” faster so they can sit in their little bunkers underground while you suffer the ravages that they caused this planet to end up – aboveground so do you want to be part of their little game that’s going to destroy the jews and YOU in the process? Think about it!

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