Undercover LA Sheriffs or Park Ranger Watches As I Take Spiritual Bath

I noticed him watching for a good 30 minutes.

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Now, note that HE LEAVES after I walk across the street (show over!). That’s weird!

I’ve had visions of shit going down. Myself and a friend going back to 2014 had a vision of ne getting raped by the cops. Recently, while in jail I had a vision of them raping me, three of them to be exact (which seems symbolic). I also had children for each of them, which really seems symbolic. I had another where I was driving a fancy, grey EXPENSIVE car. I was parked on the side of the road. THREE sheriffs – again, note the three – including one I’ve seen, raped me! It seemed like his penis was getting bigger. A young lady I know even said that she saw THREE cops anally raping me (SHE IS DEAD ACCURATE). Let me tell you this (you can’t tell me ANY different after I divulge this to you)… I once saw a sheriffs cars driving past opposite to me and following RIGHT BEHIND IT WAS THAT SILVER GREY EXPENSIVE CAR I SAW IN MY VISION!!!! COINCIDENCE? I think not… I wonder if they did anythinb to those people in that car (I wish I woulda followed). To note, 188 popped up – and stayed – as the word count.

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