I RealEYES That The Black Snake Right Eyed Entity Attachment Is Designed To Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

Shit might be responsible for the reptilian shapeshifts….

This brilliant article here breaks it down:


Ya’ll gotta read it. It is a must read ???

It breaks down what I been dealing with…..

I Think That I Am Under Vril Attack

There Definitely IS A Parasitic Etheric Snake In My Right Eye


Here I am describing the various emotional changes and major spiritual alterations you feel as you remove bad soul pieces, energy blocks, and really, entity blocks!


That right eyed entity is fucking HARD to remove. That mofo creates synchronicities that create fucked up “coincidences” that will keep you bound and stuck, that keeps your Soul bound and stuck, and that keeps your Soul chained to a timeline.

I now realEYES that it is the very thing that “puts a choke” on my Soul, my consciousness as it got etheric chords tied to at least 4 main chakras that I know of: the sacral chakra, the heart chakra, the pineal gland and neck chakra. It controls that lil circular piece that is around my Soul’s head, thus effectively keeping me from astral projecting via the Crown Chakra as I found out early this morning and thus inhibiting my ability to connect to my Higher Self.

Like the parasite that eats the fish’s tongue then acts as it’s tongue, it disconnects me from my Higher Self and then while attached to the right side of my eye cleverly substitutes itself as a “higher self” from there.

It’s choking attachment to the crown of my Soul gives me headaches, makes my consciousness feel bound and limited. I recall one night seeing a cartoonish 3D white bitch wearing blue jeans and a green shirt (she looked like a 3D cartoon rendering thus meaning she 5D) placing something in my fucking crown.

– Kinda like her…..

The design was much like her, like the texture and just seemed, “surreal.”

It causes me the alcohol, food urges and worse – going back to childhood – this right eyed entity attachment also causes me to have unwanted, intrusive “subliminal” thoughts that start being “thought” as I talk to someone – embarassing thoughts. As that fucking eye attachment protrudes more, it will send the energy of those intrusive thoughts to others…..

I don’t care what this article says, like Rat Fink here:


– It’s gotta go!

I can’t live with this. It’s torture. I want to, I gotta fucking find a way to get this shit off. Last time I tried to fight it, NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT – as that article says…. that shit is the devil aka demiurge sent cause when I tried to fight it a red haired latin (think, the color red = devil and she latin and they typically have coal black hair), it brought me into a fucking dark pocket universe:

Demon Alters Timeline And Navy Shows Me The Matrix In Astral Vision

….Where time loops……

I can get rid of other entity attachments but this is by far THE HARDEST!

I call it the demiurge attachment. That shit – as that article states – has the effect of controlling your reality. It is the Soul contract that we sign when we incarnate here.

When I tried to break it, I felt PowerFULL but, I won’t lie, a lil lost (cause that round crown circular implant was still there). I’ve tried visualization, third eye – the shit won’t buldge. Take into account that it is connected to chakras and you got a recipe for disaster.

THIS IS the false karmic contract many tarot reader subliminally convey in tarot readings when I listen to them. That satanism shit I think is what caused it. I mean like all folks I got shit on me already when I was born into the world but I think this shit came…. to make a long story short, I would hurt very easily (I believe, sense it was bad entities causing folks to do that by attaching to me and fucking with my energy to attract bad energy) and I sorta prayed for this so I won’t hurt anymore.

Now my heart chakra is closed and I can’t open it on my own. My sacral chakra ends up attracting all sorts of junk in the form of human beings and their arbitrary energies and my neck chakra and pineal gland just act as a net for fucking entity attachments.

It’s frustrating and I physically have a hard time breathing cause of it, really! Now that I think of this I could not breathe as a child!

Speaking of which, watch this vid:


Now peep that the same two trucks WITH WETBACKS are showing up at key times to disrupt shit:



And looka diss…..


I never lie. My shit is always right!

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Imma talk about that shit tomorrow….

But lemme leave ya’ll with this weird apparition I caught using this telescope….


When you use a telescope you are seeing into the 4th dimension.

That’s why my spiritual abilities been picking up ever since having it….

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