There Definitely IS A Parasitic Etheric Snake In My Right Eye

It looked JUST LIKE THAT as it wriggled past my third eye…. just like it ??

I touched on it before:

I Think That I Am Under Vril Attack

I believe I got this shit during my recent satanic phase back in 2014……


One day while trying to get rid of this shit…..


That shit is responsible for fucking with my ‘wokes – esp. when I try to move forward and bring prosperity to myself…..

I came across I sense some serial killers – one a young white blondish red haired husky guy and the other an older Messycan – in a new brown shiny truck as described here…..


Which caused a misunderstanding between me and the brother (WHY the cops show when a BROTHER gets in my face….)


It was soooo fucking weird, the energy I got – and it was RIGHT AFTER I made a major healing dent by connecting myself back with a part of my most innermost sensitive spirit!

THERE IS a ring around my forehead that, I am not sure where it connects to (usually these etheric implants will connect to one or more of your chakras or some aspect of your spirit/soul body like a memory or emotion to keep it “anchored”, hence the tales of possession) but it seems to be anchored in place to keep me from connecting to my higher, greater 10th dimensional self and keep me anchored to this physical reality. I suspect it is the case with many soulled individuals as well. It IS connected to a snake which I saw writhing one night in my right eye while asleep. That snake seems to be the very thing that causes obsessive behaviours in me, crazy, uncontrollable urges for like alcohol and to keep me adhered like an adhesive would do to whatever plot the demiurge has planned for me! That’s why I say this shit I wrestle with ain’t some shit you can just waltz into AA meetings about.

I got rid of it, the etheric band around my forehead, that day but – like wine baby tarot say – like some major cosmic synchronistic attack – an old client set up a time for me to meet him and, needing the money, I obliged. I been trying to use my abilities to get money my way but, like some major cosmic gag reel, as Al Pacino so eloquently pointed out as the devil in The Devil’s Advocate:

That mofo pulls you back, like a yo yo.

I hate “god”. I hate god the demiurge with a fierce passion. This mofo will make a soulled person’s life a living hell by oppressing your spiritual ability to material comfort all so it can keep our Souls in it’s reincarnation matrix trap:

I’m really fucking pissed and it’s embarassing. I can ‘woke mofos, send mofos to hell (so it can use “karma” to justify holding me in the hellish realms of it’s astral trap which I will explain later), but I can’t manifest wealth on my terms and it’s frustrating…. unholy fucking frustrating!

It’s not that I am cursed (I am blessed with an individualised soul which these organic portals who occupy the majority of our world don’t), I am being suppressed. This happens to EVERY soulled person who has the ability via their Soul = Sol = Sun ? to break free of this prison matrix trap the demiurge aka “god” has set for us.

It first starts as brainwashing institutions like the church and other mass mind control re-ligions telling you that awakening to your spiritual powers, opening your chakras “is a sin.” That don’t work = your next challenge will be folks calling you crazy, saying you insane and you losing your job aka access to material creatures of comfort as what happened to me. That don’t work next step is, and this is the phase I am sorta currently in but am stepping out of – are addictions induced by implants placed into you by the demiurge in both your corporeal and spirit/soul bodies. I know of a gentleman who is enduring the same shit with alcohol urges as I and told me of Amun looking alien creatures attacking him and the young lady he with. That shit goes deep…..

That’s why if you have a soul it is important to not care or get connected too much to material “accomplishments” aka trinkets cause they will be the first things taken from you by the demiurge and the archons when you start to awaken. They use it to hold it over your head to force you back into the system of the archon-demiurge system.

This why I wanna choke this mayate for this message (but intuitively and conscience wise I know I shouldn’t ‘woke him cause he under demiurge control):

When you do your spiritual journey, I URGE you to PLEASE learn your spirit body and remove all the etheric attachments placed in it so you can heal and come into your Divine Soul Power. That shit is paramount cause that is how you stay trapped here.

Like I blocked ole boy up there, do not tolerate mofos who wanna throw wrenches in your path. The deflectors. Don’t argue! ?? You know what time it is, cut em ?

Another thing, and this the most fucked up part – when you awaken to your Soul’s Divinity, the fucking demiurge are gonna fuck with your relatives on the other side. My brother ain’t do shit and he constantly got him in hell with me constantly trying to pull him out (I am trying to figure where outside this matrix trap I can send him?). That’s some North Korean shit right there and I spoke on how that whole place is designed to be a hell in the astral:

The North Korea Regime Is Designed To Send Souls To The Hell Kim Jong-il Got Set Up

….Since I’m a defector my family gonna get punished. That’s fucked up and pisses me off……

The only thing I can say is fast and meditate. Like ole dude told me, there are stories of “Jesus” aka Yashuah Ben Pendira in the gnostic text of the bible casting out evil spirits from within him and opening his chakras…..

I believe that until we truly break free of them implants, etc… Look Imma keep it real: Back in 2019 when I had those astral visions of Patti LaBelle trying to take my blessings, ALL of those astral visions of me having wealth and fame required me to shut my mouth and be as mum as a church mouse. What does that remind you of…..

There you go!

“god” an e-vile, controlling ruthless mofo, but I am determined to spiritually fuck his shit up! When I think of it, that is what folks call being the “devil” – going against that demon. ALL THAT SHIT – hell, the astral devil, is created by the BIGGEST DEMON; god THE DEMIURGE:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

God Pazuzu Amun and Satan ARE ALL The Same God

“god” is dog spelled backwards connoting to Egyptian underworld (aka hell) dog (jackal) faced “god”, Anubis:

Many ancient cultures did not believe in a heaven and we all just went to the same miserable place: the underworld aka “hell” which was the name of a Viking Goddess:

Hel the Viking Goddess:

…..Even they only believed in an underworld where regardless of morals that’s where most folks went when they died. Only warriors and heroes went to “heaven” aka Valhalla where they could fight forever!

The fuck up with that second picture? Is that a bunch of tutty fruity ass men?

That said, this proof we can make our own afterlives, heavens in the astral but first we gotta break free of this reincarnation matrix trap as laid by god the demiurge:

That demon IS god the demiurge!

This reddit true story on quantum immortality was written by a guy who was forced to reincarnate in the wheel after dying in another parallel universe:

This lady Peggy Kane even said we are under a holographuc trap that keeps us entrapped in the astral so god the demiurge and his reptilian archons can feed off of us:

god the demiurge ain’t nothing but an energy vampire pimp. Fuck him ??

Imma find a way out of diss darkness and break free and show other Soulled humans how to do the same (Soul = Sol = Sun ?).



Gotdamned wetbacks!


….Fucking leaf hand moving…..

Before I depart – diss why I like being in the forest – that entity who I profiled here:

Is This A Fucking Goblin or Something Else

And here:

King of Wands Confirmed As Yellow Eyed Entity and Experiences With Goblins And Other Forest Elementals

It seemed like after I got my telescope and started using it, I looked up and saw some lights in the sky. I think whatever they are took an interest. Anyways it appeared in the dream world as an owl. I was young, maybe 22 (a significant number in numerology) and it seemed I was cradling an invisible “baby” in my arms – I think I was pregnant at that age – and unlike in this reality I decided to keep it. I then was around my car and spotted an owl in the day time who gave off an evil vibe who seemed to wanted to eat not only the baby but a hawk that was near. My baby brother was around and before all this the owl told me that it protected me from the reptilians! I, being in a positive weird state of mind, kept encouraging the owl to see the “baby” and to touch the hawk. When I awoke I kept hearing LOUD tapping by a GIANT CLAW, usually two taps then clawing like as done on a chalkboard. 2 taps is supposed to mean protective spirit. 3 taps is a demon. I also SWEAR it emulated the voice of the rapist and a possible victim or relative saying, “Isn’t this where the topless lady stay” to get me out my car cause, when I left my car, I saw no one! I only saw the black Trinidadian guy’s van and the black dude’s suv who is alawys there and that’s it!

I hope it don’t connote to me letting my guard down.

Fuck god the demiurge!

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