Astral Vision Reveals LAPD Wilshire Officer Plans To Kidnap Me Rape Me and Convert Me Into A Christian

It ain’t that wetback!

This a subliminal here….

WHY they got a crakkka on a black womban’s breasts like this fucking slavery….

Lord have mercy to have someone purvey racist limitations on YOUR body while belonging to the very race they hate/seek to impose limitations on….

And they say black folks didn’t go thru shit…..

It dwells in the dna…….

I’ve been getting a weird series of astral visions since last year – 4 from what I recall (the number 4 resonates with trauma and transformation in numerology) – involving an LAPD officer who has some fucked up plans involving obsession, kidnapping, rape and converting me into a christian!

This why I am big on focusing on the spirit realm because it shows you shit people be planning…..

4 times, something going on…..

Another clue: I’ve said the dude has crazy eyes. My astral visions never lie.


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