Wetbacks Are Like John Carpenter’s The Thing

Raven Williams Presents:

“The Wetback”


Da doo doo do do doooo…. lol

Alright…. I fucked up! This is good! ??

It was because of Renegade Witches commentary here…..

That made me comment…. but what she saying is true (not the latin X but other stuff)!

Now this MY take on the issue of LatinX and how in their community there is alot of machismo and rampant undeterred misogyny and I love the idea of latinx cause it addresses it…..

But renegade witches is right on how they are trying to – actually been – running blacks out of housing and our own neighborhoods.

This whole homeless crisis/job crisis started cause when they started coming into this country illegally they were living 15 to a room – like wetback Raymond or Rain Man here:

Stalked By A Child Molestor

This got developers to think they can increase the rental/home prices out the roof – latins got together and ran us out of our own communities by taking over housing developments and then tossing black tenants, uncognizant of their rights, on the streets!

They also fucked up the labor market by undercutting/underbidding Americans which also contributed to our current housing crisis.

Alot of this started with NAFTA to be fair. Look it up!

I want you all to look at this:

He REALLY think the jews are gonna wanna associate with em ??

Same mofo that low key threatened me for calling wetbucks out in a series of vids….


I know in my long winded video I couldn’t articulate the words but them mugs got some low I.Q.’s and function on instinct, like an insect, hence the tendency to sexually harass as if on que as if on instinct with a big nothingness of stupid behind the eyes…..

I think they are under a reptilian curse and if they would fight the addictions, propensities to OVERINDULGE OBSESSIVELY in vices etc they can spiritually do great shit! It would be analogous to finding a golden nugget in rock!

The Mexicans South Americans and Central Americans Are Under A Reptilian Curse

I know I am under a demiurge-archon curse, same as them, and been fighting it ???

And once I’m done Imma show other people how to do it!

Ya’ll gotta read the comments here – shit’s gold ?

Alot of some of that shid is true tho….

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