Stalked By A Child Molestor

UPDATE: THIS CRAKKKA JUST CAME TO FUCK WITH ME RIGHT AFTER WRITING THIS ARTICLE! It’s like this whimpy ass white BOI – with his big redneck flag – tries to reassure his fragile low testosterone by challenging the big mean black woman at 5’4 and 100lbs:

I ran across his ass here:

People Got To STOP Putting Black Women Into The Category Of The Super Strong Black Woman Terminatrix

I SAW IN AN ASTRAL VISION A LONG LOOONG TIME AGO that this mofo – I saw a possible future daughter I’d perhaps sire with someone – white dude! I saw myself losing custody and her going into the hands of a wetback male who did plumbing.

It’s this sick mofo here:






Look at all the fucking messages this weirdo sent:


I tell this mofo leave me alone and he don’t fucking listen.

He was one of THE EARLIEST stalkers.

The sense I get is that, like most of his kind, he is extremely low vibratory, he just sees breasts, nothing more and has in his 1 dimensional mind: “Tits, we are supposed to get married (like dude you old and ugly and look like a fucking wetbuck version of Charles Manson)” and pull me into a narrative of getting married and having kids that I never fucking consented to!

I am beautiful woman. I deserve better. I came from better. I am above him! How dare he – even if controlled by an entity, feels he can co op my path and my life. How fucking dare! How dare he imposes the narrative that he wants for his life OUT ON ME (I am getting pissed just thinking about it)! HOW INCREDIBLY FUCKING SELFISH but you can tell that to a dumb low IQ mofo with a single, one dimensional one track mind.

How dare he!

That said, Imma shut this shit down once and for all! He will NOT be in any shape form or fashion a narrative in my life. I deserve better. How DARE SOMETHING of a lower consciousness pull me down to IT’S LEVEL! IT needs to be shown the LIGHT of what IT is dealing with!

Trying to ply me with alcohol:

I KNOW evil shit got these weird mofos like this nigger here:

These assholes right here:

Reptilian Entities Have Been Attaching To Old Ugly Sexually Predatory Men To Get Sexual Energy Out of Me

Sexual Predator Still Stalks Me Even Though I Whipped His Ass

White Folks: Not Everybody Is Like Ya’ll

It’s like something has done unwittingly entered my world and is telling me they are gonna stomp on my shit and I can’t do anything about it.

Soul Source Tarot said no lies when she implied there is something – really alot more than that – that wants to run my life into shambles and cause me to commit suicide.

Like the film Fallen:

I feel these cretins, fuck I KNOW that they are being used as surrogate hosts for the energy bodies aka spirits of these entities who want to get at me. IT IS THE SAME SET OF SYNCHRONISTIC COINCIDENCES WITH THEM: I can throw rocks at they ass, even beat they ass and they stay obsessed with my energy thru thick and thin NO MATTER WHAT I THROW AT EM (right now I see three fucking flies which I have not seen all week that indicates demonic activity.

You see this shit that I took a pic of in my car last night:

Early this morning after that pic was taken a man told me he saw an entity in the back of my car:


And it ain’t sexual cause I’ve had even crazy bitches who are straight (she got a boy and I see her flirting with men all the time) with reptilian influence around em harass me:



It’s not even a normal obsession thing. It’s paranormal, that’s otherworldly forces using these mofos to do this shit and combined with this attachment inducing the alcohol urges (where they induce you into a nonconscious state to do shit you don’t want too with folks you wouldn’t even TOUCH thus feeding off your embarassment and negative feelings = loosh) it makes it worse cause on a sexual level they send folks who are not in your league, who you are NOT physically attracted to who only want to use you and are possessed by them it just makes shit worse and the issue becomes transparent for those with eyes to see.

When they attach they also put out the energy signatures that invites toxic people and events into your life.

The other night I saw a black mirky portal outside my window so I knew what’s up!

When I go off on these mofos I’m really going off – in self defense mode – against the shit that is attached to them causing them to attack me.

And those alcohol urges….. look I did something this weekend, like overturned some shit I did unwittingly back in high school – basically I went after the entity that kept telling my brother while he was alive to do bad things. Next thing I know I felt back to normal, like returning back in terms of consciousness, how I feel and perceived, back in high school. I NO LONGER HAD THE ALCOHOL URGES! INSTEAD I JUST WANTED TO MEDITATE, WHICH IS WHAT THEY TRY TO DISRUPT! I was in control of my own mind again and they do shit like put entities in your auric field, your soul if possible so that the possession is very subtle and it will be hard to discern between your voice and theirs. It is REALLY fucking hard! This is NOT an easy fucking struggle and most times possession ain’t like what they portray in films.

This is not normal shit that I am dealing with.

Most of ya’ll aren’t strong like me to deal with this. Most of ya’ll would commit suicide if you all had to deal with this. That’s why I have no problems sharing my curse with folks who doubt me.

I know shit WILL get better. It’s been getting better. That’s why I stay in this forest without the “human” organic portal noise pollution so I cam fight this shit better.

Everyone got fucking entity attachments on em as this article explains:

Working thru my inner wounds (so they have nowhere to attach to) been workinhg.

Some have shit attached to em more powerful than others – like me!

It’s what I said here:

Directly Fighting God The Demiurge: The Top Demon

Imma have to figure – I don’t believe in war-shipping shit and I refuse to do that cause that is what the demiurge wants, for you to redirect your energy elsewhere.

I gotta figure out how to call on The Source. I just don’t want some shit that is part of the demiurge avatar pantheon king-DOOM showing up and acting as a godfigure to reroute my energy elsewhere.

I’ve been fighting and fighting but there’s gotta be a way. I won’t let this shit anchor my physical existence along with my soul’s and that of my baby brothers (I always check on him with my astral eye) and those of my family. I will be damned if I am damned. Too powerfull for that shit ??

As a thought – since they are indie (but tricky) I thought of contacting the goblins and gargoyles to fuck these reps and greys up but, I just don’t want shit feeding off my energy when they call themselves “pairing up!” I got one fairy and that’s it and I know you ain’t gotta war-ship em and they are equally powerful!

But, are they part of this holographic unity-verse set up as a trap to entrap Soul Source Souls…..

I gotta handle this!

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