White Folks: Not Everybody Is Like Ya’ll

UPDATE: The spirit world shows me shit…. this nigga POSSESSED BY A SHADOW PERSON (no wonder I despised his ass):

When I tried to fix it STAYED like that like spirit wanted me to see his true form. This is when the thumbnail first fucked up….

I see a hat (like the hat man) on his ass and everything….


– And peep the 55 meaning movement (like I’m really gonna be seeing shit from now on, spiritually) in numerology….

However you can see that the vid thumb is normal here:

I’ve been having issues with shadow people and other malevolent spirits coming for me and it just so happens his ass was in human form….

Shadow Man Hat Man And Yellow Eyed Entity Spotted IN My Car Plus Gangstalking By Other Homeless People

Explains why I didn’t like him!

Ya’ll need to stop doing this fucking projection shit….

I caught this nasty ass crakkka here:

PARKING across the street in hopes of seeing “the topless come out” so his nasty ass can stop and leer.

Caught his azz with his pants down…. I knew wtf was up!


That being said, I can feel energy off of motherfuckers. Can’t get shit past me! It’s how I can discern the difference between a gangstalking mofo looking to antagonize me into a fight or to fuck em up so they can call the police (I ignore em and sometimes laugh at em cause I know what’s up) vs someone who is a nasty fucking fool…. like THAT FOOL and that’s the mofo I call out (and even then I can “tell” ?). That being said…. let me break something down to you….

There’s truths to every stereotype. Imma say this right now: white people are some dumb mofos and some very tunnel visioned mofos! Ya’ll mofos – I’ll admit – got book smarts but you all ain’t got people smarts: you all filter people through your reality, seeing people from your lenses and, I think, are just too fucking dense headed to understand where a person is coming from by putting yourselves in their shoes, from their perspective!

All folks of colour in general got intuition. You mofos in general lack that! Ya’ll come off as having a “world revolves around me” mentality and that includes judging others from the paradigm of how your culture is, how you are….

Case in point: the energy (now that I spiritually see WHAT he is I gotta rethink) I sensed from him, like I picked up on from many crakkkas when I first came out here was one of, “She a freebird hippie so that mean she free love real estate.”

Nah bitch you gotta pay me! I was a heaux for many years….

I rem. them MacArthur Park days. I made $300 PER HOUR!

That said I moved to Miracle Mile (the beginning of my spiritual journey) and in 2 months I went from $300 to inexplicably $200 for 2 hours (STILL LOOKING THAT WAY) cause of the spirits in my fucking haunted ass apartment:

I was meant to drop that shit and go on a spiritual journey and here I am now…..

LOL! Playing around with that sign….

That being said, you got me fucked up looking at me from that paradigm. Though you all have more empathy than the wetback, you all have a rather fucked up tendency of seeing other folks’ realities – and projecting on em – by judging them from your reality which is not – I sense – made out of malice but an ingrained, and shall I say genetic disposition. I believe it is there to prevent white genetic annhilation as Dr Francis Cress Welsing explain:

So I understand where you all are coming from, rather I overstand!

It is a survival defense mechanism.

Ya’ll are losing Europe cause of this propensity:

I won’t go into detail but I’ll Scandanavians – WHO AIN’T NEVER CONQUERED ANYBODY – DON’T DESERVE THE SHIT THAT’S HAPPENING THERE like the rapes by ignorant nasty pent up mofos (who follow an equally fucked up cult-ure and attitude towards women based on astral demons – who they dress like):

The Idea of KKK Outfits and Burqas Come From Astral Witches

The Occult Orgins of the KKK Burqa Outfits and the Om Chant

The other places…. look, if they asses (England for instance) WOULDA NEVER LEFT THE BRITISH COLONIES…. no one woulda heard of em and decided to reconquer just as what was done to them, kinda like the reconquesta movement over here (tho the REAL INDIGENIOUS ARE BLACK!)!


That being said, ya’ll come off ass arrogant to other people! There are other ways to protect yourselves genetically without colonising and being assholes. Ya’ll could – honest – to some degree (cause we ARE different) coexist without the subjugation. Ya’ll shoulda did dat earlier – now folks resent ya!

Back to me – don’t project that shit! As I say here I been thru alot!

Crakkka Males Can Get This ‘Woke Too

You gotta pay me for the pussy: I ain’t no free bitch! One thing I respect about messycans is that, unlike ya’ll and the brothers – who bitches pay for dick while working for em (as their heauxs) so I can understand where THEY come from – they know they gotta pay for pussy! They not stupid! They see me as human too when they stare, not thru me like this mug here.

Even white bois who offer mo-nay ? do it disrespectfully – like this fool here (who musta been that possessed cause who the fuck is that blunt):


That nigga was funny! In ya’ll cult-ure – maybe cause of wide privilege – ya’ll got your wimminz deeming it an “offense” to get money for sex while still getting call (imo worse) a slut for giving it up for free. In the black community in general we really don’t look down on sex work!

It wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t look down on abortion (till white people came with their avert the annhilation of the wide race philosophy, looking to at least use us to live thru in the form of wanting us to carry on they ideology just as they convince self hating hispanics they “wide”.). I remember in the late 90s a fucking nun (who I couldn’t stand) at my nigger mayate ass school, Xavier Prep now St. Katherine Drexel, basically said when I asked about abortion: “You gotta do what you gotta do.” When at the predominantly all black middle school, St. James Major (positive memories just fluttered in me just now), Ms. Rizzo, a blonde haired, blue eyed white teacher was ADAMANT about getting her predominantly black class to buy into the “abortion is bad” thing! Looka this doc here of an abortion clinic in Alabama and one in Mississippi (sadly the only one in BOTH places which is whybI wouldn’t move my ass to the deep south and would suggest more intelligent mofos NOT do the same): mainly blacks helping:

I could NEVER believe they shit: YOU ARE YOUR SOUL, NOT YOUR FUCKING BODY SO YOU NEVER DIE! Also when you take into account soul contracts etc. you’ll GET how deep this shit goes….. They don’t have the phrase in existence, “All the world is a stage” for nothing…. Our souls sign soul contracts before incarnating here and we all come here with different purposes in mind. Once we are done we either stay trapped in this matrix (of which our bodies are the prisons) or return to The Source:

That being said, returning to you wide folks, stop judging people from the paradigm of your reality. OPEN YOUR SHIT and be more open and maybe you will find the world will be nicer when you drop the superiority act to compensate for your genetic inferiority.

Peace ??

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