The Idea of KKK Outfits and Burqas Come From Astral Witches


Told ya ??

Here I talk about the occult origins of the burqa and kkk outfits, hence the terms “Grand Wizard” and “Grand Dragon“:

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Here I explain how what I witnessed what shadow beings doing shows how tai chi comes from them:

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These are the type of outfits some types of em even wear (though they have no face and are fully covered head to toe like the demons in Jacob’s Ladder).

BTW before I begin let me show you a ghost I saw on Willie D’s facebook live video:

EDIT: I just had an astral projection experience on 7-8-2018 and I just saw another astral witch but this time it was wearing a white robe and gold belt!

Okay, I remember sometime in I think it was 2015 – when I was DEEP into satanism thing – I saw these three witches:

…With one of em looking like the point hat witch in the intro for “American Horror Story: The Coven” season 3 (funny that it had to be the 3rd season in which 3 is an SIGNIFICANT number in numerology meaning, really, “anointed One” and divergent):

THAT style has influenced alot of things including outfits in the papacy (meaning pope):


He look like Dan Akroyd from “Nothing But Trouble”:


Here some more: apparently there is a group called Penitents who go around HAUNTING people as part of a celebration called “Good Christ Dead” as in IT IS GOOD THAT JESUS CHRIST IS DEAD (Ever notice how “Good” can become “God” if it would lose on “O”):

– See how steeped in occultism banal christianity REALLY IS???

The KKK which I discussed here (hence why they are called “Grand Wizards):

Here I am, dressed as an astral wizard, taking a pic with a burqa wearing astral witch!!!

– Oops. Shouldn’t of shown that. Here is more:



In the Ottoman Empire these hats called
tantours were given to wives on their wedding days as gifts from their husbands:

That said, alongside that big tall pointy hat entity I saw two burqa wearing entities, one whom I later saw took the appearance of an lapd officer who I met weeks after this experience.

That said, these are what you call astral witches. Based on what I saw they can shapeshift and cause you to hallucinate by manifesting things using astral power energy and thus fucking with ya. Someone mentioned two male spirits around and one female with one male causing me to see shit. I believe this them – the three of pentacles I always see when I do card readings to see what’s around me! If it’s two males and one female then one of the males gotta be wearing the burqa which means that the burqa ain’t gender specific. Also, as stated by a young psychic lady while in jail – you can never see the face of god and I guess these astral witches – which she was referring to with that statement after I mentioned them – probably try to appear as a god to people and get folks to give it energy by worshipping it! She said the pointy hatted one was around, causing all sorts of havoc to happen to me to force me into worshipping it and being loyal to it, which I discuss in the articles below:

She also stated that “muhammed” on the other side is an evil mofo!

That said, there is an occult reason behind why they make women don those burqas. It is to suppress their divine feminine, their powers and bring them in essence under the control of these entities.

See, there was a time in the middle east where ladies, females could wear what they want:

You can read more on that here:


The Ayatollah Khomeini, backed by the illuminati backed CIA, assisted in his overthrow of Iran and thus paving the way for the oppression of the womban and thus suppression of the Divine Feminine in the Middle East.

In essence this was done to basically turn the womben into energy sacrifices for these beings who give them power as the illuminati has a contract with the archons and the Demiurge to keep the population on Earth from Spiritually Rising by accessing our Divine Feminine by keeping us dumbed down, fucking with our water and creating wars (which is another form of ritual sacrifice) to feed the energy harvesters (or more accurately thiefs) otherwise known as the archons and the demiurge who seek to create trauma for energy food and keep us in our bodies so it can feed off the souls trapped in them (that is why “pro lifers” who unwittingly worship the Demiurge are so admant about birthing babies).

Here is another theory: I believe that in the middle east they are closer to the “legendary” land of Qaf (aka Kaf) in which the djinn reside. According to the Quoran, the djinn got kicked off of Earth and were placed in Qaf after disobeying the Demiurge. This reminds me of the Watchers – many of whom are reptilian:

– this was a picture taken of a “demon” a womban said she has around her on reddit (note the slit pupils).

Simon Parkes describes their appearance, here:

Here is more info on the Watchers aka the Grigori:

The Watchers aka the Grigori were the ones who just like satan gave knowledge to humanity and got kicked out of heaven becoming the fallen angels we read about in the Buy-Bull.

That said, the djinn can be nice, they can be assholes, whatever. They are interdimensional beings who are 4D (you would think they would have ascended and thus acquired a boon by becoming 4D) and can go back and forth – of course – between the 4D and the 3D. According to the Quoran, they have free will like us!

I think the reason why there are so many stories about them, this place in the middle east is because the veil between the dimensions – the land of the djinn – are thinnest there. Kinda like how I sense there is a portal in Malibu seeing how people appear ephemeral at night like they are “between dimensions”. Not coincidentally there is a purported alien base off the coast of Malibu:

That said, in summation that is where your burqas come from: astral entities or better yet ASTRAL WITCHES and it is funny how witchcraft is banned all throughout the Middle East:


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