Manipulation and Harassment by Agents of the Archons

I’m gonna put this on notice. THIS:

Is what’s been fucking with me (at least one or more of the problems) followed by this thing here:

Pic taken back in my old apartment!

I believe they got my baby brother, Bryan, TRAPPED ON THE OTHERSIDE! I was told by a seer that he was in a 3 year old form (he died at 24) and THEY GOT HIM TRAPPED which I have myself seen in dreams and I heard his whimpering – a 3 year old’s voice – being held captive by those fucking black robed, executioner hat whispering mofos (I’ve heard their voice) over there, too.

and this other thing which first came around me while I was in NYC (I remember there was some type of dimensional-atmospheric change where you could hear a pin drop and there was NO NOISE – not even white noise – ala the Stephen King film, “The Langoliers”) which blew into my ear – then did it again and even followed me to my apartment (it’s invisible) and coughed REAL LOUD – enough for me to hear. It sounded feigned, faked, not real – very pantomined like this was not a ghost but some type of advanced entity, interdimensional traveler somehow. I am feel queasy and weak while writing this. Something’s been fucking with me!

That said, while in jail, I put two and two together: a young woman, a Seer told me that you can NOT see the “face of god”. That INSTANTLY in my mind’s eye reminded me of the first things up above – the burqa and, as I call em, executioner/dunce cap wearing entities. She also said that executioner hat wearing all black entity was around me, “testing me” IE CAUSING ME PROBLEMS to prove my loyalty to it. Now, I know the cause and, funny, as I type this, my cellphone is fucking up cause they don’t want me talking about them. FUCK THEM! This is not the first time these REPTILIAN ARCHON THINGS FUCKED WITH MY SHIT WHEN I EXPOSED THEM. They fucked with my shit back then (and my money, too):

I was told by a demon, an incubus (something else I feel is fucking with me who looks like an ugly skeletal teradactly with a turtle body, yellow, with slime dripping off iy) in which it took the guise of a white dude with thick black 60s glasses who kinda looked like the guy from “Weezer” who was in bed with me that there were “3 powerful spirits around me” then I saw Beelzebub (this was back in my satan worshipping days) come RUSHING OUT of another room to attack him, with his signature multiple flies and the sounds they make (back then I never saw him and it was later – once outta my old apartment, that he would appeared in the form of a middle aged white man).

These things been fucking with my life, setting obstacles in my path so that I will be forced to join “them” aka that executioner hat wearing entity as you saw in the first pic. They send “angel numbers” – WATCH OUT FOR THAT SHIT – where they will after putting me in a horrible situation, telling me to “forgive” and when I won’t move on – cause I want my revenge (who wouldn’t cause it is therapy) I am told to go through them via these “angel numbers” to get it! I want to cry just writing about this now, ALL OF IT!

THEY MAKE ME SICK AND I HATE THEM! As I come into my own power, THEY ARE FUCKING WITH MY CHAKRAS. I remember when my third eye was REALLY OPEN – as was done to Christopher Case – they put “shit” in my head, causing me to see giant astral bugs, awful things, awful shit, etc. Shit I never saw before. Shit to keep me from opening my third eye AND crown chakra. I only had seen that shit and come across that after being locked into the reptilian/archon programming/spiritual system known as satanism (christianity is the same but on a larger scale). They ALL serve the purpose of offering up human energy to the Demiurge!

That said, I know my chakras are open but not all the way. I KNOW how to open my chakras ALL THE WAY but it seems they put blockages on them to keep me from opening them up ALL THE WAY! For instance, I recall while in court, my crown chakra suddenly “opening up” ALL THE WAY as if those bastards will only ALLOW IT (just writing THAT pisses me off) WHEN IT SERVES THEIR AGENDA! I’ve been trying to astral project – again – BUT THOSE BASTARDS ARE HINDERING ME FROM DOING IT, KEEPING ME FROM COMING INTO MY OWN DIVINITY CAUSE THEY ARE THREATENED BY THAT, WHEN YOU ARE DIVERGENT! Farmer Gootu, another brilliant soul, talked about this:

Just now I saw some weird gangstalking shit with the delivery man making a u turn where I am parked and I rarely see him and why make the u turn (I know this seems crazy) where I am at?

I believe they were the ones (I first started fucking with satanism at age 15 so I can leave the school I was at via magic) who got that teacher to say, while my kundalini was open, to “Drop the English accent” cause of all the etheric, astral ties/chords I had to it so as to break me so they can influence. To this day, I mean it’s always been like that but now even worse, they influence people to fuck with me so I can get traumatized, have holes in my aura (which fails cause I am strong) to manipulate me, get me to join them. This shit’s real! I saw it at Danny’s Palm Bar and Grill. I had been going there for years and it was right around the time when I moved to that haunted ass apartment on 637 Hauser that I gave off a “weird vibe” – I know it – that wasn’t coming from me and caused people to turn against me! I saw it in the artist loft – one time at midnight I saw the silhouette of “the hat man” – who is associated with ufos – appear via an otherwordly “floodlight” that no normal light source could make! Next thing, disaster struck – at both places! It’s fucked up what I’ve been going though but I know the otherworldly cause. Many people have seen the hat man AND they are associated with ufos which is talked about, here:

I have had people tell me that they saw “Ra”, some black woman and I saw “Amun” – THREE SPIRITS – around me! I will tell you the significance of this. Note the 3 entities I drew here:

One of em I saw take off the burqa robe and reveal itself what I later saw to be an LAPD cop. In other words, THAT THING IS A SHAPESHIFTER! I LOOONG QUESTIONED that if I got such “powerful deities” around me then why do I have terrible alcohol urges where I will literally feel like someone is strangulating me – and my head is about to turn 360 degrees – if I don’t “feed it”? Why do I have so much bad shit happening to me? Why can’t I get my “shaman” biz off the ground? CAUSE MY “PROTECTORS” ARE THE CAUSE OF IT!

See, this is why spiritual DISCERNMENT, WISDOM IS KEY! I had a Korean client while working as a sex worker that he saw THREE entities around me (this was before the satanism). He said two were male, one was female and one guy was fucking with me ie had me seeing shit! Now Koreans don’t come from a background of religious deities like westerners, afrikans do which is why I put more weight in what he said. That said, entities will appear in a way you trust (or fear) depending on their objective which could be – as Spiritree once said – as an angel or a demon and what’s to stop an demon from appearing as an angel and visa versa. That said, I spoke with seers who WERE/ARE tainted by religious, spiritual traditions and two told me they saw Egyptian god “ra” around me who himself represents the darkness aka EVIL which you can read about here:

…some black lady in white and Egyptian ram’s head (like satan) “god”, Amun:

Remind you of this, huh (lotta occultic themes hiding truth in plain site in movies).

Read about my correlation how ra is satan is amun is pazuzu, the EVIL ancient Sumerian god, here:

When he appeared to me in the dreamscape, I got NOTHING but evil vibes from it, NOTHING but evil vibes. I saw it IN THE FORM OF A HOLOGRAM LIKE IMAGE via a two way police mirror when I was falsely arrested by reptilian controlled deputy Thieme here:

I believe these are either thougthforms or, definitely for sure, archons like reptilians using holographic images to – behind the scenes – cause me problems then act like they are the solution and pretend to be the solution in an effort to keep me from breaking free of thr matrix system – spiritually – and teaching others to do the same cause I am too divergent. I recall on my old block on Hauser in miracle mile in L.A. I saw an astral meeting of reptilians, shadow people, soms humans I recall – all robed – in various colors between yellow, brown, and black and I think red as well – convening in front of apartment buildings, “conversing” about who will be the next big “this or that.” Not surprisingly, this was not too far from media row – where TMZ is at! I even had girl who is controlled by hellish entities herself tell me that these robed evil reptilians “were my protectors” -lol! She the same one who has the same Baron Samedi I saw in the astral with REPTILIAN GREY PITCH BLACK EYES around her as well, saying he, thus thing she ADMITTED raped her, “protecting her” which I will discuss later on (watch who you go to spiritually). I think they affected my green flourite which I now feel those same manipulative energies coming from (it even drains the other crystals), STRONG DESTRUCTIVE URGES and, I’ve been told, again, it “protects me” – even though it “grounds” me TO THE POINT WHERE I CAN’T ACTIVATE MY CHAKRAS and even runs the other crystals off so that the better crystals can empower. That is why to those who are less spiritually discerning they portray themselves as my protectors – hence why I don’t run to other tarot readers, spiritualists UNLESS I KNOW THEY ARE TRULY INDEPENDENT OF THEM – thinking that will fool me into keeping them around and letting then wreak havoc in my life but I know better. Funny thing is, this “ra” NEVER EVEN APPEARED TO ME – PERSONALLY! I never saw this bitch!

I remember last year I had a nightmare of the sheriffs raping me, etc. Around this time I started breaking ranks with “oshun”, baron samedi (whose eyes I saw turned from an alien grey in the dreamscape which I talk about here: ) and all these other energy vampire culling archon prostitute thieves/ “gods” who work for the Demiurge which I expose here:

Since I peeped they held me back spiritually. Now, in that nightmare, I saw me getting raped by the sheriffs standing next to this car here:

It looked somewhat but not EXACTLY like this!

Tell me, why, when I started breaking ranks with oshun, yemaya did I see THAT CAR followed by a sheriffs patrol car? To make me think I need them for protection. It was an energy extortion attempt to remain tied to my chakras, my energy centres. That was an attempt to keep me in line and I’ve seen it done many times before. That is how EVIL they are and how they get down!


That is why you have so many demons in church and so many people in voodoo, santeria with addictions. They induce that in you to keep you from coming into contact with your Higher Self, your Powerful Self, the true GODDESSS which lies in ALL OF US due to that Divine Spark we still have with the TRUE
CREAT-HER, something that the dark archons such as the reptilians, “oshun” – who like the others is an archon creation etc. – WILL NEVER HAVE! Something they envy us for having! I remember when I feel under the satanic programming, satanism, I LOST my desire to want to learn to harness and work on my own chakras – my spiritual gifts, almost getting discouraged because of what I saw while under it (why you think SELL-ebs can’t sleep at night). They send shit like that your way so you WON’T evolve spiritually. That is why organized religions teach you FEAR (peep the word, “Fear”) OF OPENING UP YOUR CHAKRAS. I also was forced into it – the satanism – cause I needed money since the reptilians, the archons was fucking it up WHILE I WAS EVOLVING MY SPIRITUAL GIFTS! They want you to remain focused on the carnal (Eartly things) rather than spiritual. That is EXACTLY the purpose behind religious dogma which obscures TRUE spiritually and keep you focused on Earthly repetitive rituals (pray = prey) not unlike the rituals practised in santeria and voodoo. As Bobby Hemmit said: “The Demiurge LOVES your body, BUT HATES YOUR SOUL = SOUL EVOLUTION” – Remember that!


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