Why I Am Supposed to NOT Get Involved In Relationships

Look at what the spirits tried to do to get my ass… pull me in quicksand cause I reveal shit about the Demiurge which you can see here:

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…And I wouldn’t want to, either. The whole idea of them MADE ME SICK, EVEN AS A LITTLE CHILD! With that said…

Here are some of the reasons I WOULD NOT – AM SUPPOSED TO NOT – get involved in relationships! Relationships are based in the root chakra; the root chakra is the lower part of yourself that keeps you connected to the Earth Realm – The Hellish Realms! That said, many folks “have kids” to keep their genetic line – a physical imprint – of themselves here. Due to the fact that, despite how dense it is, it’s made of energy lines created from our human interactions, physical imprint, spiritual imprint (that is what leylines are all about) a spiritual imprint that keeps us incorporated here can be and will be created, too. That is why there exists Earthbound spirits whom a part of their etheric selves (etheric realm selves) stay behind due to TRAUMAS like rape, murder, etc. cause they can’t move on! That is why it is dangerous to have kids (hence why womban face so much pain in childbirth) here on this prison “planet” 3D realm where souls, spirits can get stuck once they have retransitioned due to not being able to get past the trauma. That is why they call it a prison planet! I call it a prison universe ran by the Demiurge which I talk about here:

and here:


That said, many folks – see, you all get involved in relationships to FIND YOURSELF IN THE OTHER PARTNER – hence why they call it “Your significant other.” I Am Beyond that. I know from talks with psychics, dissecting my own self that I am a highly advanced Spiritual Being. I’ve been here – this dimension, planet and others – and I was sent here with a mission, with my Mother being the Port, the Vessel (hence Mother Ship) to bring me here. I see that my expression number is, for each separate name in my full name, 9’s, each which you can see down below:

Not only that, I keep seeing “888” – as if I must choose it – even seeing it on my debit card on the back as the security number (let the “security” part sink in). 888 means Christ the Redeemer in numerology. Let that sink in.

Knowing who I am – which is why I faced and have faced so much opposition – I HAVE TO BE VEERY CAREFUL who I mingle my energy with, even and esp. – friendwise. Even who I let have access to my channel on youtube. I have to be careful. I know from experience that when psychics would do readings on me, I started to See what they would See. That’s why I MUST BE CAREFUL! That said, I have had organic portals like this person here try to hit on me (notice the use of the word – “hit” AS IN TO ATTACK when used in relation to approaching a person “romantically” which shows how one sided and misogynistic – sense men “traditionally” do the hitting – the whole courting game as practised on the Earth Realm is):

Notice he attacks my strenghts to get close to me; pull me down to a level he feels will make me vulnerable (peep the use of that word) to what he is trying to do. That, folks, is an organic portal – AN AGENT FOR THE DEMIURGE who is using his body, his vessel which is soulless, which is what an organic portal, to communicate his desire to tear me down, throw me off my life mission. The desperate Demiurge KNOWS that if I fall for that – knowing I won’t – it will put me in a state where I will have kids and be safely imbued in the Matrix and thus not a threat! That shit don’t work on me. I’m not even built like that.

I like fucking (well, used to, now I reseve my energy FOR ME and channel it towards my spirituality by opening chakras, etc.) and I get bored of one person! YES, WOMBEN CAN BE THAT WAY! I AM NATURALLY NOT MONOGOMOUS and the whole idea of being with one person for the rest of my life – to quote singer, “Pink,” “That just ain’t me…” I said it when I was 12, I am now saying it at age 34. That’s why though I speak against the patriarchy, I can suck a mean dick! You can see it here:


See, I am not ashamed of that shit! That said, I was born with a certain constitution where I wasn’t built for a NORP ie conventional life. I remember receiving my spiritual upgrades once at age 8 (I recall my perspective changed overnight), another at 9 – it was more physical world oriented, tho. NOT a shift in consciousness and then, again, at age 15 or 16 when I had a kundalini awakening! I wasn’t built to have nor want a normal life. I completely, I mean, I just look down upon it. I always knew I was meant for something greater – and I am beginning to do it. As my Mother would say – and as she showed me AND as common sense shows me as well – you can do great things with physical attachments: I mean, for instance, on a lower level, look at the topless activism I do and look at this police report where it says: “Possible ‘child abuse’ – HOW THE FUCK ARE BREASTS, WHICH YOU USE TO FEED KIDS, A FORM OF FUCKING CHILD ABUSE) JUST THINK IF I WOULDA JAD KIDS, A HUSBAND! I woulda had to take their asses, his shit into account. In other words, I’d be compromised!

That’s EXACTLY why I have all these people coming after me. From this dude who attacked me AFTER I told him back off cause he was an energy vampire (he did meth) to DRAIN ME OF MY ENERGY:


– Funny, I had another hispanic who was, in his case, handsome BUT A METH HEAD who tried to come on to me cause he wanted that light!

To another guy who experienced soul loss and now has a reptilian attachment attached to him to the dude above…

These are psychic attacks MEANT TO THROW ME OFF MY LIFE COURSE! I can take the hits – both literally AND figuratively – cause I was meant to – I was designed that way! I am impenetrable, unatoppable practically cause I am a fighter by nature and now have that level of consciousness that allows me to see things clearly. I know that I am going up alot of things which I was built for, thus I overstand – I accept the challenge but I won’t bring baggage with me in the form of anybody else along for the ride…

Here the vid I did on it:

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