God Pazuzu Amun and Satan ARE ALL The Same God

Let me tell MY personal story of my experience in worshipping Satan as a Satanist. Back in the day when I needed money and feel into one of the Archon spiritual/religious matrix system programs which in this case was Satanism (I am too smart for Christianity which is one of them), I found – which you can figure out by looking at your Bible aka BUY-BULL – that Satan ONLY WANTS YOU TO WORSHIP HIM! BE UNDER HIM! I recall being FORCED TO – AUTOMATICALLY – WAKE UP AT AROUND 12:30AM AT MIDNIGHT TO WORSHIP HIM and hearing a snake like noise emanate from him which sounded like a rattlesnake (funny in the bible it says Satan is a dragon = reptilian). This is how that reptilian appeared to me:

I believe it was cloaking itself. It first appeared to me after using my amethyst crystal. I was able to see a little past that illusion and I saw a snake like entity with evil red eyes. I recall waking up in the middle of the night, seeing a black robed entity with glowing white eyes and no face making this “Om” sound like this:

EXACTLY LIKE IT! That’s probably where that shit most likely come from!

That said, it’s said that Pazuzu was the Sumerian demon god who was known to be a “protector” god as long as YOU ONLY WORSHIPPED HIM! You can read more about him here:


– That said, who else does that remind you of: that’s right


BTW God spelled backwards is DOG as in Anubis, the Egyptian god and one of the darker gods who ruled over the dead (SEE A LINK?) in ancient Egypt which you can look up here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anubis

That said, I want you all to look at some more attributes of Pazuzu, the most implicative one but let’s look at the Demiurge aka GOD: The Demiurge has the head of a lion and the body of a snake which shows UNITY between the two first races who appeared in our dimension: the Lyrans who were cat like in appearance who begot the humans and the Carians, a species who took on a bird appearance (before they came into our dimension they had no 3D form), who begot (created) the reptilians. Yoy can read more about the Lyrans and Reptilians here:


And here:

Here is a picture of the Demiurge:

That’s why “god” is portrayed always as a lion:

HOLY SHIT, in my research, I just found out there was an Egyptian God named Maahes whom you can read about here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maahes WHO WAS A LION – JUST AS GOD IS PORTRAYED – AND WAS THE SON OF CREATOR GOD, PTAH AND CAT GODDESS BASTET WHICH KINDA CORRELATES AND CONFIRMS HOW GOD CORRELATES TO THE ARRIVAL OF THE LYRANS ON EARTH!

Nikon 990 Digital Capture

Here’s an excerpt taken from wikipedia showing how Maahes the LION = LYRAN GOD WAS THE SON OF CREATOR (Emphasis on CREATOR) God Ptah and whose Mother was Goddess Bastet:

Now let’s look at Pazuzu…

Pazuzu is a real CONTROLLING MOFO… I’ve dealt with him before and seen him in the astral many, many times…

He ain’t evil but I kinda find him kix and crazy in his own way. Now, just like ANUBIS, A CANINE (DOG = GOD) DEITY, HE ALSO (AND I HAVE SEEN THIS AS WELL IN THE ASTRAL) HAVE THE HEAD OF A DOG (WHICH IS GOD SPELLED BACKWARDS) OR A LION MUCH LIKE HOW “GOD” IN CHRISTIANITY, HEBREWISM IS PORTRAYED! This also goes back to what I was saying about Maahes being the son of the Creator God and the correlation behind how “GOD” aka the Demiurge is not the original god but was created by a Divine Feminine Force not of our dimension hence the tale of the Lyrans (the lion race) coming into our universe with the Carians (bird people) VIA AN ORIGINAL SOURCE DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY HENCE WHY GOD (DOG SPELLED BACKWARDS) AKA THE DEMIURGE IS PORTRAYED WITH THE HEAD OF A LION (LYRAN) AND BODY OF A SNAKE (REPTILIAN BEGOT OF THE ORIGINAL CARIAN BIRD PEOPLES) HENCE THE DUALITY! You can see the description here:

That said, here is a statue of Pazuzu (I have seen him appear in this form):

NOTE the hand signs that Pazuzu is doing: Right side up (Heaven), Left side down (Hell) which indicates the Baphomet which means duality hence why the Baphomet has the female breasts, female upper body and masculine lower body. I now believe it, the Baphomet having the upper female body indicates the Divine Feminine Power Over Creation while It having the lower masculine body indicates that the MAN IS NATURALLY RULED BY THE WOMBAN OR WOMAN (WO-MAN = EVEN THE LOOK OF THAT INDICATES THE WOMB-AN GIVES BIRTH TO MAN).

Anyways, as we all know, those hand gestures also connote to “As Above (female, Heaven) As Below (Masculine, Hell hence why men create war which is anologous to Mars which is red like Hell is portrayed, the underworld, “the below”).

The “As Above, As Below” theme can be found in sacred geometry such as in the Star Tetrahedron otherwise (falsely I feel based on what I know since the origins I know go deeper) The Star of David:

It is actually the Merkaba Star and it actually has it’s origins in Ancient Egypt aka Kemet (hence why there is a “Ka” which is the Egyptian word for “life force” which is in the word Mer-KA-Ba) which is the Unity of the Body, Mind and Spirit, the merging if you will of all these aspects, THE TRUE TRINITY on which the counterfeit FAKE Christianity base their “trinity” on (Jesus body = the body-part in the Kemetian Trinity). You can read more about it’s symbolism and purpose, here:

You can see this symbolism in many aspects of our world, low key such as in this Los Angeles Sheriffs memorial, here:

Major occultic symbol!

Now, look at Pazuzu’s wings…

Don’t they look like an angels…

A FALLEN ANGEL (NEPHILIM, CHERUBIM) Cherubim by the way had the body of lions or bulls, eagles wings and HUMAN FACES (I know, disturbing). You can read about em here: http://www.mythencyclopedia.com/Ca-Cr/Cherubim.html

The Middle Eastern shit is the REAL SHIT!

Know who else had those SAME FEATURES? THE LAMASSU of Ancient Assyria (SEE HOW HYPOchristianity is a COUNTERFEIT “RELIGION” THAT STEALS AND IS A HODGE PODGE OF OTHER SPIRITUAL SYSTEMS, BELIEFS?) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamassu

Here is a picture of them:

Also of note in Sumerian encarvings “mortals” were portrayed the same way with wings such as King Ashurnasirpal II here:

Here he is depicted at – of all places – the Hollywood and Vine Mall:

That said, the Annunaki ALIEN gods were known to have wings much as what was later adopted as the depiction for angels (as I showed you all with the cherubims, MANY THINGS were stolen by the Romans in creating their fake, counterfeit HYPOchristianity). Also, in Sumeria – where Pazuzu came out of, their underworld was a place where EVERYONE – REGARDLESS OF YOUR DEEDS IN LIFE – went which was a torturous place where people subsisted off the dirt (ate dirt that is) and that was that…

With that said, going back to the worship of Satan, I found like with the voodoo lwas, santeria orishas – ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES YOU TO GIVE IT ENERGY BY WORSHIPPING IT (HENCE THE TERM “MASS” IN CHRISTIANITY LIKE AS IN “CRITICAL MASSES OF PEOPLE”) OR MAKING SACRIFICES TO IT IS NOT OMNIPOTENT MUCH LIKE THE GOD AKA DEMIURGE OF THE BUY-BULL WHICH SUPPOSEDLY REQUIRED THE SACRIFICE OF ITS “SON” = SUN TO STAY ALIVE SO NO ONE ELSE HAD TOO. I personally believe Jesus was a person who taught people to open their chakras and reunite with the Divine Feminine Energy that lies outside this dimension – which I explained WHICH LIES IN ALL OF US – hence why Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God LIES WITHIN US!” Jesus was “SACRIFICED” to the Demiurge for that. That is why the demonic archon worshipping pope (ALL the mugs were evil and did human sacrifices) wears red to symbolize the Demiurge’s devouring of sacrifices LIKE JESUS who went against his ugly ass will as indicated here:

Just look at the top of the search to see what I mean…

That said, I can get into how god correlates to the Ancient Egyptian Deity, Amun WHO HAD RAMS HORNS (as Satan is depicted as having) and how at one point after saying a prayer, it would ORIGINALLY say, instead of “Amen”, it would say “Amun is God!” I can talk about how he was the first monotheistic God worshipped in Egypt – like god – and how the poor prayed and petitioned him – as god is known to be a champion of in christianity – but that would be a loooong story…

Here is a picture of Amun, seated…

Here is more on Amun: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amun

But it’s alot. Now you can see WHY I PREACH opening your chakras cause when you say the shit of whatever COUNTERFEIT spiritual system you partaking it, YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YOU CALLING UP hence why ALOT OF “CHRISTIANS” GOT HELL TO PAY AND HELLISH WAYS!

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