Jim Carey Is STILL Part of The Illuminati Don’t Believe THE HYPE

While researching something else (I SWEAR the spirit STAYS revealing shit to me) I caught this…

Here is the video (May wanna download it before youtube takes it down):

That said, I notice the new trend now is for HELL-LUMINATI “STARS” – NOTICE THEY HAVE ALWAYS CALLED SELLebs “Stars” because it connotes to the 5 pointed star – the pentagram

which and rightfully so means “Perfect Woman” and worship of the WOMBan (the moon) which the 5th element exposed, here:


– The 6 pointed star by the way, the popular so called “Star of Solomon, David” whatever is really the Merkaba star which represents Man (with the 6th point representing the penis), with Man being the “below” part of “As Above, So Below” with the WOMBan representing the Spirit Realm and the man representing the MATERIAL, 3D REALM, the realm of logic (hence why women are associated with intuition = Divine Powers). The Merkaba Star shows the Union between the Spirit Realm (WOMBan, Creation), the body (the lower, masculine realms, the 3D earthly physical plane) and the mental plane which is an aspect of our souls!

– Whew, that’s alot of knowledge…

That said, the New Trend in Helly-weird is to have SELLebs like Bee Bop, B.O.B. or whatever in the fuck his name is push that Flat Earth (who cares what the fuck the world looks like when reptilian illuminati bankers are running shit!) and this other ARAB fool, Colin Kaepernick taking “knees” IN HIS ASS FOR MILLIONS BY HIS ILLUMINATI HANDLERS, the implications of which I am warning you here:


Proof KaeperDICK’S an Arab here:


The shit’s as bad as this whole “Everybody in Hollywood a tranny” thing which I discuss here:


Those this vid I took of a FTM tranny along the PCH makes me wonder (Men ain’t got curved backs like THAT – THAT’S A WOMBAN TRAIT!)…

Buy vid here

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That said, ALL THIS SHIT – concerns about “who a tranny” or “whether the Earth is FLAT (shit’s been settled) IS IRRELEVANT IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS! I mean, please ask yourself: WHY are these Hellyweird SELLebs, mofos who’ve witnessed and participated in nasty, filthy occult rituals and even themselves were DEHUMANIZED in filthy occult rituals – some even having heard about or maybe participated in pizzagate occult reptilian rituals where they sacrificed a kid to get ahead – why are they all of a sudden acting “righteous” now and are throwing out, exposing Harvey Weinstein – who is only the tip of the iceberg, and doing all this other crap (taking knees at football ganes), ACTOR-VISTS, why are they all of a sudden got you all “woke” and focusing on things that don’t focus on the reptilian bankers who are the cause of 100% of the fucked up things happening on the globe such as what “Report from Iron Mountain” (which was a true report also branded as “fake news”) back in the 1980s revealed which you can see here:


It’s been reported that he killed his girlfriend IN A SACRIFICE:

– This woman did not attempt to commit “suicide” BEFORE meeting him so WHY NOW?

All I gotta say is – as per my two cents – that many people are “waking up” and they are trying to divert attention elsewhere, in other words, “Fake News.”

All I wanna say is – to leave you with this – “All the World Is A Stage” – it was once said. Remember this when you see these SELLebs who have already done SOLD OUT, hawking some fake conscious shit in an effort to divert your attention elsewhere instead of the real shit that matters just like the ACTOR-VISTS THEY ARE!

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