Before Pizzagate: The Coverup of The Report From Iron Mountain

Before pizzagate, there was “The Report from Iron Mountain”, which you can read about HERE:

In which was reported to be a “satirical” look at what the governments should do in case “world peace breaks out” and it spoke of “blood price” aka BLOOD SACRIFICE and subtle slavery via “mass technology” which we are seeing now with the lamestream media in an attempt to subdue the masses on a last noticeable scale. Note this excerpt:

Also, TO FURTHER SHOW IT IS REAL the guy who claimed he wrote it, Leonard Lewin, claimed he did it in 1972 YET DIAL PRESS PUBLISHED IT WITHOUT AN AUTHOR IN 1967 which you can see in the screenshot down below:

Here is a video which I did on it!

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Just like with #pizzagate and “Conspiracy of Silence” they SUCCESSFULLY (unlike the others) debunked this but I REMEMBER and I WILL NOT LET IT DIE DOWN!

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