Exposing The Reptilian Gangstalking and Hivemind of Hellyweird

Look at this ugly black BITCH:

IT’S name is Maya Roseman (Obviously she married to a KHAZARIAN KIKKKE JEW – one of those natural hair obsessed SELF HATERS) who works at – among all others – Sony Pictures! Anyways I’m outing this BITCH cause the HELL-LIE-weird gangstalking is REAL AND IS IN FULL EFFECT (I caught this BITCH connecting ITSELF to my linkedin profile to which I promptly BLOCKED AS I DO WITH ANYBODY-THING ASSOCIATED WITH THAT INdustry). I believe this mk ultra young lady – Thalia Buitron – is the one putting all my shit OUT to these people and you can read more of my experiences with her here:


That said, there is a huge reptilian hivemind out here. People aren’t lying when they say there are reptilians out here, after all they found an entire underground city full of em:


It felt like for a time when I practised Satanism I “tapped” into that consciousness where – when I did something – I would get certain reactions like “They Live” AND I AM REFERRING TO CLANDESTINE USUALLY OCCULTIC ACTIONS THAT I DID IN PRIVATE, LIKE THEY WERE ALL AWARE OF STUFF I DID ON YOUTUBE OR SAID/ DID HERE ON MY BLOG OR EVEN CHIT THAT WAS NOT PUBLICLY COVERED!

I talk more about my experiences here…

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That said, I AM TIRED of keeping shit within! I have been watching this whole #pizzagate thing from the sidelines and I have to throw my two cents in: PIZZAGATE IS REAL AND IT AIN’T NO HUMANS DOING THIS SHIT BUT FUCKING REPTILIANS AND ALIENS OF OTHER SPECIES – ESP. THE TALL WHITES – DOING THIS SHIT, KIDNAPPING AND EATING OUR FUCKING CHILDREN!!! Humans have empathy; THOSE THINGS DON’T! Our world is being traumatized by them, causing divisions, etc. so they can feed off of us and the powerful negative emotions they expel. They and humans influenced by them are causing it, NOT US!!!

Hell, take a look at this reptilian caught RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW AT NIGHT!!!



That said, I was MADDD AFRAID to talk about this and do this article on reptilians cause when you expose em – as I saw back in 2014 – SHIT WILL GET REAL WITH THEM REAL QUICK WHEN YOU EXPOSE EM!!! The last time I did, I got financially ruined and was forced to resort to Satanism and what I termed “mirror magick” to help keep me financially afloat…

That said, I developed a BAD drinking habit for Jack Daniels which keeps you awake as people say meth does – which is the drug choice if the reptilians and EXACTLY what they use to fuck up the minds of humans and keep us from our higher selves and then tragedy after tragedy including and violent robbery and assault at an artist’s loft in which these REPTILIAN ASS LAPD COPS NOT ONLY REFUSED TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT but turned around and threw me in jail for supposedly “retaliating” against my attackers (shit bothers me to this day), losing my car the next day, living in it, staying with what I thought was a “friend” who turned out to be a crackhead who attacked me one night to staying in a shelter to now staying in my new but old car, trying to figure out what to do next… That said, I believe STRONGLY they and those fucking grey aliens – who I have seen too – have caused alot of these greivances cause they get off on it. Already my left driver side door is acting mad crazy as I type this cause they are aware and DON’T LIKE TO BE EXPOSED…

Here are some great channels to watch:

KININIGAN (the word reptilians CAN NOT PRONOUNCE) is my all time favorite (he reveals most ‘reptilians’ are actually carians who look like the ‘skekel’ bird people in Jim Henson’s “The Dark Crystal”, kinda like Ra of ancient Egypt):


And Richard Bruce who does great videos exposing reptilians and esp. those in the LAPD, many of whom have that “bird like appearance” about the face just as Kininigan shows with “The Dark Crystal” skekel videos exposing what he says THEY TRULY LOOK LIKE:


Anyways take care and stay aware!!!

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