Witnessing Alien Etheric Manipulation

That said, I am now realizing that what I called “astral travel” IS IN FACT – ETHERIC TRAVELING which many see as being lower but still can in many ways be seen as superior to astral traveling as well and visa versa.

OH YES!!! Before I get into my experience, let me say that I KNOW REALIZE THAT THE PEOPLE WHO HAD BEEN HARASSING ME HERE: https://toplessinla.org/2018/01/22/white-reptilian-bitch-threatens-me-after-revealing-child-sacrifice-ritual-in-the-astral/ AND HERE: https://toplessinla.org/2018/01/23/cult-of-white-reptilians-fucking-with-my-ass-for-not-being-able-to-use-me/ WERE MORE THAN LIKELY THE DEAD INSIDE SCUM AT THAT ARTIST LOFT WHICH I TALK ABOUT HERE: https://toplessinla.org/2017/06/12/lapd-are-really-out-to-get-me/ AND HERE (WITH UPDATED NEW INFO – I KNOW YOU ALL ARE LOOKING πŸ™‚ https://toplessinla.org/2017/08/28/scott-property-management-of-los-angeles-rents-to-drug-dealers-addicts-prostitutes-and-violent-people/ IN WHICH THEY ARE PISSED CAUSE HERE: https://toplessinla.org/2018/01/21/stopping-child-sacrifice-in-the-astral/ I STATE THEIR SPELLS AIN’T WORKING LIKE THEY WANTED THEM TO! LOL! TOUGH TITTY, LOL!


Now, with that said, the difference between tje astral and etheric is that in the ethetic you are closer to the 3D, material world plane whereas in the astral you are more in the “dreamland” scenarios where you go every night but you are unconscious. In the case of the astral, YOU ARE CONSCIOUS OF THE INNER AND OUTER LANDSCAPE IN WHICH IMAGINATION LITERALLY TAKES FORM FROM YOU AND OTHERS which can in effect lead to conscensus realities…

Now, in my case – I recall this VERY lucidly – I was in a bedroom much like my parent’s old bedroom where there was an old Colonel Sanders (he had on an all white, colonial times suit) Meets Dr Wiley haired (from Mega Man) old white man who looks similar to but not really like an old white dude I saw back when I was a sex worker (he was bald). Now, I was wearing the clothes in which I had slept in the night before. I was going to have sex with him. I recall his penis being VERY BIG AND PRETTY FUCKING LONG – like a snake (this plays a big factor in what I am going to talk about later on). So when I try to put it in, I NOTICE I CAN’T – ALMOST AS IF MY VAGINAL HOLE IS GONE!!! I thinl this is due to energy work I did help heal from something that attached to my root chakra which was a PRETTY POWERFUL HEALING! So seeing no matter what that I couldn’t fit his old white willy in my black punani, he said, “You know what? You don’t have to worry! You can suck my penis/dick in the hallway!” I was like, “Nah! Let’s try out here.” After giving up, we sat on the bed (we were on the floor) and I looked in his eyes and he had SLITS FOR PUPILS LIKE HERE:

Then, at one point – his right eye looked like that but then took the form of – if this makes sense – a “pin” with a red outline around it!

So, afterwards, I flew in the etheric where I was in a North African marketplace. I saw – and this stands out REALLY WELL – a tall black man with thin shorn hair who was wearing an outfit similar to what the Candyman wore (I sensed nothing bad from him but strangely in the etheric I CAN’T SENSE SHIT!):

Actually – I honestly HATE to say it, LOOKED MORE LIKE THIS!!!

– Like kinda what the Columbine killers wore. I kinda wonder if he was an ancestor or what cause of how dignified and REALLY STOIC he was! I asked him questions – a flurry of em – like “How do I navigate the astral?” “How do I travel?” and other things. Now, here is the most noteworthy aspect to this: he looked at me and when I first approached, HIS EYES WERE PURE BLACK, LIKE AN ALIEN’S:


There is alot of talk about “black eyed people” which has been going on since 1999 starting from the great Art Bell’s “Coast to Coast am” radio show: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black-eyed_children

THEN THEY CHANGED TO FUCKING NORMAL – INSTANTLY! A dark brown colour! He just looked at me with a stumped look of stupefication and went on. To say the least, the place looked like one of those North African moslem baazars. I saw a procession of people come out. My clothes had changed, too. I went from initially wearing the coat and jacket to now wearing like a long, multi colored thin night gown-y like dress, a shawl OR MORE LIKE A DAISHIKI, something along those lines… I also had the cum stains on the left side of my neck stemming from the OTHER encounter letting me know this is all real…

I recall – and veey vividly – being in an apartment building and looking out a huge, open, glassless rectangular shaped window and I was in a kitchen with four other women – all Ethiopian looking – sitting on a wooden table. It was all very simple and VERY FUCKING REAL! I started asking them the same questions I asked the other entity like how do I navigate this realm – consciously – where am I and other queries, etc. They looked at me perplexed. At one point, I recall being in a kitchen that was MY OWN, IN MY APARTMENT and though someone somehow helped me to start cooking food (I saw Vietnamese styled noodles, chicken, etc.) I couldn’t find the knobs then they finally “appeared” outside the place where I felt they should be!

Then I “woke up!”

What do I take away from this? Well, I think I saw some alien manipulation go down! FIRST, the fact that the dude who had slit pupils who trued to fuck me but couldn’t (I presume to steal my energy) is a testament to how GOOD my energy work abilities are aka my pussyhole aka root chakra being CLOSED to where he can’t access it! Second, the one with the guy wearing the Baron Samedi outfit with the black eye covering not unlike what the alien greys wear makes you wonder about WHAT is actually appearing to you AND WHY THE GIFT OF SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT IS SOOO IMPORTANT! That’s why I don’t take what “higher beings” say for face value (my sacral chakra I feel is vibrating now along with a couple of others.. ). That said, I cherish operating with this world, dealing with it and I hope for my experiences to expand as I make this journey!

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