Another Etheric Traveling Experience

Unfortunately, many people confuse the etheric realm with the astral when they are totally unrelated!

That said, I had the most totally interesting, recent etheric projection which took place earlier! I placed some stones on some chakra points. After I did that, I recall seeing partially my etheric legs up in the air while I’m guessing my etheric head was lowered and I was seeing with my etheric eyes (all this was vivid). I then remember seeing – and hearing – in the etheric realm – a group of workers with the caltrans orange hats talk about “what to do with her and her car” (before I went into this state, I saw a “survey man” sign set up post). I recall them saying, “That’s that weirdo”…and something about “She topless”. MIND YOU, THIS WAS NOT IN THE MATERIAL 3D WORLD BUT IN THE ETHERIC and this is NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED!

That said, a shirtless black guy “grabbed” my car then teleported it to another part of L.A. in THE ETHERIC REALM – it felt like South Central L.A. or something, or Crenshaw Blvd. I saw him very vividly; he had short cropped dreadlocks that seemed inorganic, managed and almost reminded me of a friend who before helped me move!

Now, this is not ALL of the entire adventure. I recall looking up and I seeing lil pointer signs that would turn into different symbols and shapes, forming together to form a portal as it telepathically told me (I wonder if these are the blue, yellow and purple lights I see alot?). I saw swirls of blue, green that would enjoin. It was fascinating. That said, referring back to the etheric caltrans experience, I have had episodes like that where something that was NOT occuring in the 3D material was occurring in the etheric. For instance, I recall while in jail – I saw the guard and the Lt. talking while I was “asleep.” The Lt. had his hand on his chin while speaking with the guard. I also recall an entity I saw in my old apartment that looked like this:


– Is there a dimension where these entities come from?

(My cellphone’s heating up as I talk about this, lol!) Came and sat on my bed beside me. I SAW HIM bit when whatever it was came to lay beside me, it was invisible so I can’t say 100 if it was that thing. I don’t believe it happened in the material 3D realm. I had another experience while staying at a shelter where I heard this “whoosh whoosh” entity which I heard before. As it got closer – THOUGH I FELT NOTHING and heard NO FOOTSTEPS, a male employee I recall picked up the bedding or something while I was on it, formed a “triangle” WHICH DON’T MAKE ANY SENSE (Sounds like a symbol) and then did something where he moved my feet. I OPENED MY REAL 3D EYES – the vision disintegrated meaning it did not haplen in our realm, the 3D material realm but in the etheric realm which is closest to our realm! I have had experiences like this for much of my life but never knew what it was nor could put a finger on it! I recall as a child having TWO night terrors 1) Which involved a vampire coming up under my bed to scare me and 2) Being trapped under the bed (thinking logically, I thought my poor brother Kerry did it, smdh, lol BUT IT WASN’T HIM! IT WAS A NIGHT TERROR)!.

That said, there is ALOT to these realms I have yet to explore. It’s truly a blessing to be able to explore them and encounter more of the other side! I recall fondly back in 2014 and 2015 enjoying these types of experiences where I first made contact with the entities, etc. It felt like for the longest I may have had lost that ability due to messing around with Satanism, one of the archonic traps the archons and “god” the Demiurge uses to oppress us and keel us from opening our Divine Spirit which allows us to access our own inner powers and inner god-self! That said, it’s a pleasure – and worth more than diamonds and gold – to experience this. A pleasure indeed!

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