Lost Hills Sheriff Deputy Begging To Be Butt Buddies With Eligio Natureboy

– That howdy doody 1950s crew cut should GIVE IT AWAY (What white boys or shall I say in this case – bois – wearing that) UNLESS IT’S PART OF THEIR COP UNIFORM and that deputy out there GOT THE SAME HAIRSTYLE! This nugga wanna be with this FAGGAMUFFIN! LOL! – I can see he laughing, too cause even HE DON’T BELIEVE THE BS HE SAY, saying bs “keywords” bs “cooncious (deliberate misspelling) people” use, calling Eligio a “Master Exorcist” WHILE LAUGHING (LOL), including calling Eligio a “demon” and laughing at it! I SWEAR I seen this nugga on patrol

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