Lost Hills Sheriff Deputy Begging To Be Butt Buddies With Eligio Natureboy

– That howdy doody 1950s crew cut should GIVE IT AWAY (What white boys or shall I say in this case – bois – wearing that) UNLESS IT’S PART OF THEIR COP UNIFORM and that deputy out there GOT THE SAME HAIRSTYLE!

This nugga wanna be with this FAGGAMUFFIN! LOL!

– I can see he laughing, too cause even HE DON’T BELIEVE THE BS HE SAY, saying bs “keywords” bs “cooncious (deliberate misspelling) people” use, calling Eligio a “Master Exorcist” WHILE LAUGHING (LOL), including calling Eligio a “demon” and laughing at it!

I SWEAR I seen this nugga on patrol in Lost Hills. THIS HAS GOT TO BE A PARODY VIDEO:

– Here screenshots in case that fool takes it down!


– Mofos crack on ME for having the same thing!

– I guess seeing Eligio Natureboy in this gay porno, with that OLD ASS WHITE MAN STRUMMING HIS DICK, was a turn on for him I guess (link to said vid here):


– Being that I released this article, bet ya them ole nasty ass deputies, cops gonna talk about my porn and shit that’s like a 1,000 years old (back when I had blonde hair weave and blue contacts so you KNOW that’s old) and LOOONG BEEN TALKED ABOUT!!! Smdh!

This nigga walking around, topless (they’d fuck with me or any other female if we did it) – walking around, calling his pale, pasty ass “The Sun of the Light (more like the Sun of SAM)” on some dumb shit, making gay, homosexual pleas to Eligio Natureboy – a well known pedophile who talked about fucking women while they breastfeeding and letting his “sun” touch his dang-a-lang, all which you can read here:


That said, he saying some “kum-ba-ya” we of the land, salt of the Earth shit that sound like some setup to infiltrate natureboy and his “tribe”, coven, cult whatever.

I can tell that’s fucking Malibu, with the palm trees, cityscape in the background – all the tell tale signs of dusty ass California (I say “duaty” cause it’s the desert).


A while back I made a video and article talking about how Natureboy should move his “tribe” to Malibu, which you can see here:


If this cornball doing this video, is it an attempt to sway Natureboy to move his tribe of “nigglets and one spick” out there?

All I gotta say is he looks AND sounds like a cop from out there! If that’s the case this PROVES them mofos follow every inch of my life – including mofos I find interesting – cause they norp asses ain’t got lives of their own!

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