Eat The Rich

Eat The Rich

Whoever this is got alot of money cause I see them EVERYDAY 👉🏻💰💰💰💰

Anyone in need of a white truck…..

A very nice man I know just recently had his stolen last week so folks looking for a work truck could use this perhaps?

In celebration of this……

Lemme offer some mofos up as tribute:

These are nice ones 👌🏻

– He set me up to get robbed so fuck him 🖕🏻

Malibu Watch Out For Wetbacks Driving Sky Blue Sienna Minivan License Plate 8KCY169 As They Canvas Vehicles To Steal Parts

Apparently judging by the vehicles they are rich 💰💰💰💰 so have fun…..

I will be adding more vehicles to this so stay tuned 🔫🥷💰💰💰💰🚙

…..Anyone need a new work truck? You can also contact them at 818-806-0711.

Anybody wanna blue beemer suv?

Anyone want a nice candy red beemer owned (formerly) by beaners…..

CA license plate number 4685444.

– They tried to run over me the other day I now recall so have at em 🔫🥷💰💰💰💰

Tell Paul Edwards the person paying ya’ll to gangstalk me to back the fuck off or else…..

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