Sexually Assaulted By Racist Arab Fruit Seller And The Cruelness of These People In Malibu

Sexually Assaulted By Racist Arab Fruit Seller And The Cruelness of These People In Malibu

Here is how he look:

He drives a gold prius CA license plate number 6SWA307….

Yesterday after giving in to another drunk urge I recall wandering over there and he calls out to me and says, “Can I touch your breast” and offered money and me in my drunk state was like yeah okay and I think I said he didn’t have to give money and then he reached his hand down to touch me and then he said, “If I give you money it’s prostitution” when I don’t know if I asked and I recall jumping into the truck to hug him (when I am drunk my nice side comes out which all too often folks take advantage of and I am trying to recall if he touched me down there – he might have but I don’t wanna say affirmatively unless I am 100% – and then I jumped off the truck. I don’t know if he did anything while I was behind.

Here he is on another day in his gold Prius spying on me…..

That said, all day I have been hearing demons – these are not people around here, calling me a hoe, dehumanising me such as this pos who works at public works:

This guy here casually rolled up and parked right behind me and whipped out his penis to piss……

– Pig faced ass looks like a fucking pedophile.

His license plate number is CA license plate number is 7WBU983.

That said these mofos in Malibu are fucking demons.

As witnessed here by this demon who deliberately jumped in the lane I was walking in to run me over so I could get a gangstalker with a Tesla’s license plate so the robbery crews that been going around can gangstalk her (Imma start doing that to these gangstalkers)…..

Here her CA license plate number 8XPS113.

And after I said what I said to her an old blue car rolls up cause I guess they didn’t want their rich shit taken but I’m quite certain someone can use this too…..

CA license plate number 7TVB726.

I noticed after announcing my plans for why I am posting their shit – like in the case of the black Tesla driver – this one here STAPHED! Don’t play with me.

CA licensw plate number 8YNB799.

They got a Lexus and I sense they live in Topanga village so they got money πŸ”«πŸ₯·πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

– Ya’ll wanna play we will play!

Ya’ll ain’t getting away with this shit!

Since they are gonna start running off now that they know why I am getting their plates, I’m just gonna sit in the cut and get it from afar then post it up here πŸ”«πŸ₯·πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’΅

Show these motherfuckers I ain’t playing.

I have never come across folks with a penchant for evil.

These fuckers are inhumanly evil and based on my experiences delight in torturing and being cruel to other folks esp. those with light.

They call themselves at Topanga Village a small town and like to think of themselves as a small quaint town (which is about to get busted up πŸ”«πŸ₯·πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°) but I have come across real small towns with real small town hospitality and these mofos…..

There is no humanity in them:

When Will These Idiots Learn That ALL They Will Get Out of Me Is ‘Woke And Not My Energy

Pedophile Dad Possibly Jerking In Front of His Own Child Comes To Gangstalk

Attempted Rapist’s Bear Mace Has FUCKED UP My Period And Wetback Ass Department of Water And Power Employee Says I Deserve To Get Raped

Mofo In Blue SUV Tries To Run Me Over

Malibu Asshole Resident In Luxury Car Attempts To Run Me Over

I Encourage Folks To Run Over And Kill The Malibu Bicyclists And I GUARANTEE Malibu Will Have Another Forest Fire

Malibu Asshole Resident In Luxury Car Attempts To Run Me Over

Racist Arab Seller Makes Good On Threat And Sends The Cutty Black Sow and Casper The Methhead Hoe In Sprinter Van They Stole My Way

– Ole boy up there been sending folks to fuck with me so if something happens he deserves it…..

Putting A Virgin Raping Sand Nigger Fruit Seller Who Called Me A Slut In His Place

Sexually Assaulted By Racist Arab Fruit Seller And The Cruelness of These People In Malibu

Nasty Ass Sexual Predator Parks Right Behind Me To Masturbate And I Run His Ass OFF

– That pos calling me trash and saying I ain’t shit!

The amount of degradation and disrespect I face out here from these demons is beyond inhuman.

Imma tell you what I pick up off of the collective energy of these demons out here: self loathing, self hating, miserable, hyper materialistic, slaves to the ego, hyper focus on superficial shallow shit like status etc.

Anyone deviating from that is considered a “problem” to them.

That’s why the theme constantly echoed by fruit bat here is materialistic shallow shit like you don’t have the new Iphone and dumb shit like that:

Arab Fruit Selling Bitch Who Hates The Homeless Calls Me A Nigger And Follows Through Plot Threat To Run Me Out

They are miserable mofos who hate themselves and want others to be empty voids like them who are just as miserable as them….

That’s why they pick on me cause I have alot of light. I am free. I just merely be myself and these self loathing demons (they worse than psychopaths) can’t stand it!

They miserable mofos which is why I plan to make them be even more miserable by doing this…..

These Evil Motherfuckers In Topanga Canyon Village and Sunset Mesa Deserve Everything That’s Done Happened To Them And Is Coming To Them

Let those robbery crews that’s been going around robbing rich areas have at their asses by using their license plates to trace for their home addresses since obviously they are rich enough to have all this time to fuck with poor people who ain’t fucking with them!

πŸ‘†πŸ» This is what I want to have happen to them.

I prey that happens to them!

Give their miserable asses something to fucking do!

With cruel conscience-less demons like that you gotta play dirty cause that’s the only way they are gonna learn their fucking lesson to leave people the fuck alone!

As a matter of fact – ya’ll know how I say 6000 hz frequency makes the wetbacks flee – well I find that playing that frequency repels these crakkkas and niggers out here too!

CONFIRMED Playing 6000 Hz Frequency Runs Wetbacks Away Like Holy Water On A Demon

That’s because they are fucking demons as I had long been expressing and that frequency only hurts evil mofos like them!

I mean, you know, yesterday I helped a guy – very nice man and beautiful Soul – with a jump! I told him never let folks take your light.

I am saying this to say that, to impress the sickness and evilness of these motherfuckers out here, if somebody is stranded they’ll just laugh at them. If it is a female they’ll cat call at her. No humanity or compassion are in these evil wretches!

That said, their whole world is about to get turned upside down. These demons will deserve every. single. horror that will be coming to them from now on.

Do not feel sorry for them as they deserve it!

Like I said, they will learn the hard way:

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