I Encourage Folks To Run Over And Kill The Malibu Bicyclists And I GUARANTEE Malibu Will Have Another Forest Fire

ESP. these mofos right here….

….I want them dead ?⚰ including that faggot in the red and I explain why here:

Wetback Wannabe White Bicyclists In Malibu Tell Black Woman To Go Back To Africa

I put protection on the black ones tho. cause they don’t fuck with me.

Get those crakkkas and wetback spic and cspans (Asians don’t fuck with me either so they coo)!

That said, Malibu WILL guaranteed get another forest fire ??????

Fucking with me and thinking you can get away with shit (I hear the innuendos). I want you ALL to suffer and I’ll piss on the graves of your kids, everybody you hold dear.

I speak it into verse.

Send me a pic when one gets hurt ????

Also Imma be looking for those fools at the top.

Ya’ll need to learn.

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