Spiritree Gets ‘Woked By A Red Dragon After Trying To Put A Curse On Me Last Night

****UPDATE: LOL she took it down****

I heard her ole black nigga mayate say, “A ha”. I talk more indepth my experience here:

That said, here the screenshots from her channel low key mentioning it:

– Funny how her eyes appear here….

You can SEE ? she look tired and worn out from the psychic attacks after trying to fuck with me.

That said, I know – whether I like it or not – there is STILL a fucking red dragon around me ? from my satanic days.

That said, in typical kitchen witch fashion…. she makes about something else when I can see the worry in her eyes.

Here the vid (maybe she admitted to it, who knows…. but I ain’t watching it):

In the astral realm – her and I am guessing others sent a fucking weak ass armadillo with petitions and charms and hexes and shit to curse me but I whipped that shit’s ass but I will admit – I did get bit before killing it.

You fucking kitchen witches need to stay out the occult/spiritual kitchen.

That said, Malibu, I wish ya’ll the best of luck (not really) when that ‘woke arrives for you ????

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