Addressing Wannabe WOE-man Jamal Wright For Calling Me Crazy

….Says the BITCH who wants to be a NIGGA!

Confused (mentally ill) ass mofo!

BITCH…. or is it nigga?

Here this BITCH’S youtube channel (Imma get more dox on HER so somebody may do a “Boys Don’t Cry” ‘woke on her and remind her of who she truly is!):

BITCH, you are a GIRL…. IT is still sending messages….

Talking about SHE wanna fight…. BITCH, I WILL GET A MAN to beat (and rape) your ass since you wanna be one so bad, WEIRDO!

HOW TF you gonna call someone crazy….

And yet your whole life, your whole way of being IS STILL CATEGORIZED AS A MENTAL DISORDER ??…. YOU MENTALLY ILL MOFO!

That being said, let me say this for the record, like so many others, tend to think that because they got me pegged as a “hippie” that I won’t call em out and clapback ?? when they say dumb shit or fuck with me, as if I won’t get there…..

They found out REAL QUICK the other day that I will go there….

I Encourage Folks To Run Over And Kill The Malibu Bicyclists And I GUARANTEE Malibu Will Have Another Forest Fire

Real quick!

They ain’t gonna say that shit to another black person again.

That being said, this BITCH wannabe “nigga” is STILL sending me messages….

This gotta be that mentally ill Latonya mofo cause she’s nuts:

A Case Study In Demonic Possession And Entity Attachments: Latonya Jones and Jamila Chontai Briscoe aka High Priestess Jamila

This bitch is crazy. Just watch this:

That’s why I just blocked HER ass! She can meet me on Topanga Canyon Blvd in Malibu. I’ll be here allll day ??

Her and her lil merry band of trolls ain’t (and can’t) do shit. That’s why I just block em and let them talk themselves into misery….

That being said, if it ain’t them just in case….


I got 3 of pentacles tho so yeah it’s more than likely them….

I ain’t got nothing against the lgbt community but I will say that if you come at me on some bullshit – see, breasts are fucking natural:

Took this while going to court today lol!

– This a cute picture!

That said, sticking your dick in bootyholes – the trashcan of the human body – or only wanting to fuck women (or men) can EASILY be argued to be unnatural.

Furthermore, running around calling yourself a fucking man when you a fucking female – like that confused thang right there can easily be argued to be a fucking mental illness, which it was once categorized as:

The gays and trannues actually threatened to beat those people up at a 1960s psychiatric association meeting unless they removed their lifestyles (or is it deathstyles) from the dsm!

That said you ain’t in no fucking position to be calling someone crazy when you are living your life unnaturally, witch ??‍♀️ is crazy.

Now how about you get dat “Boys Don’t Cry” schlong ‘woke so I can have some real MEN remind you that you are a fucking female with a pussy between your legs and not a boy, Damon-a! ???

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