A Case Study In Demonic Possession And Entity Attachments: Latonya Jones and Jamila Chontai Briscoe aka High Priestess Jamila

I can’t get over how all this shit here was actually said by a woman….

It was the Persian part that did it in for me…..

Turns out it wasn’t fruitbat as I said here (however – as confirmed via my third eye, tho I was already having issues with the battery – she was behind the loss I faced Saturday [since I saw HER face via my third eye] by excerbating it – and the only way it started working was by me drinking letting me know strong evil spirits were also at ‘woke):

Fruitbat Sends Emails EXPOSING That She Is Really In The Biz of Torturing and Killing Homeless Women

….She can still kiss my black ass and take mah ‘woke ?? for putting that shit on me and having her merry band of gangstalking thugz in white trucks stalking me, etc.

It was in fact this fat bad, terrible built puddy bitch looking like Toejam and Earl:

Her body shape is JUST LIKE the fat one right here:

She claimed she put a curse on me going back to 2016 when shit was really really bad for me like with the artist loft thing, becoming homeless, etc.:

YET she claimed I put a curse on her and she returned it….

– Based on my cards SHE HERSELF did NOT want to do it but the demons living in her made her….

Now in retrospect I realise she was the NUT who was sending me the harassing emails via various sockpuppet accounts back when I would post up (while living out of my car) in Miracle Mile.

This heaux is a classic case study in demonic possession. Let me tell you all about the black fat Nosferatu:

That being said – I remember this crazy, psychotic bitch: I was sleeping in the parking lot of Assumption College in Worcester, MASS one time after leaving class and, while drifting off to sleep – a fat, wobbly, puddy shaped young black woman appeared to me and astrally, raped me (I was between waking consciousness and sleep) and the person I saw looks ALOT like her.

That being said, this bitch got a HORDE of demons living in her, controlling her. She DEF has multiple personality disorder which is science’s way of saying you got multiple souls living in your vessel. That is why folks with multiple personality disorder won’t know what the other “personality” did because it is different souls taking over the vessel aka the body of that 1 person.

That being said, look at the writing….

TELL ME that you wouldn’t think that is a man talking, talking about “he (she) gonna stick his (her) ‘dick’ in me”, CONVINCINGLY calling herself “Persian”, calling me a black nigger mayate and all this shit. When I used my third eye to SEE who was behind these writings Eye ? SAW a stereotypical Jewish looking man, balding at the top with the orthodox Jewish beard and mustache, laughing (cause he has control over her body). EVEN THE WAY SHE WROTE – THE BROKEN ENGLISH – WAS CONSISTENT WITH HOW FOREIGNERS WRITE!

I was certainly convinced it mighta been this arabic dude who harassed me online wayyyyyy back ‘n da day!

* I am also convinced that actors, to be consummate at what they do, allow themselves to be controlled by spirits such as what Nicholas Cage had done to himself when he was starring in a film one time, dressed as Baron Samedi – the Voodoo Loa of death *

This woman has a sick history of harassing people – usually folks in the limelight, starting with Eligio Bishop otherwise known as Natureboy on Youtube:

– No wonder…..

Anyways, here she is harassing this dude to the point where she had a psychotic breakdown and got kicked out of the hospital where she is working….

Here are vids of the lives she did showing her “mental” aka SPIRITUAL health deteriorating due to all the entities inside of her. You can read some of the comments above and in said vids where people comment on peeping different entities aka voices living inside of her:


– You can look at her face in the thumbnail here and she is crazy.

Like Eligio said in one of his lives…. you give somebody enough rope to hang themselves with, you don’t have to do shit.

Now, this is how I found out she was the one behind those demonic ass emails above….

Alright, EVIDENCE #1

Her email address which is [email protected] has her name on it, Latonya. I HAD NO FUCKING IDEA WHO THAT WAS (it was like the demonic spirits she got working in her WANTED HER TO GET FUCKED UP BY GETTING HER TO EXPOSE HERSELF!

That being said, someone going by the name “Grim Reaper” with that goofy ass grim reaper from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures in their profile pic (lol) told me who that was:

That being said, I started to get inklings that someone else other than fruitbat or a Persian man was behind it when what I know now to be a BLACK SHE told me to leave Exodus Scriptures along – SOMEONE I NEVER FUCKING HEARD OF OR EVEN BOTHERED ??‍♀️

Now she saying her name is “Angeline.”

This bitch is DEFINITELY whacked and got evil shit steering that puddy body!

She also said she’s “white”…..

I read this as “we are legion”….

“Connor” IS one of the demons living inside of her ?‍♂️

SHE DEF. got a legion living in her!

Lordt ??‍♀️

I found ALL sorts of shit on her when I went on lipstickalley, including folks saying she live with her ma now and that she has to be told to take baths while her mother takes care of her grown mentally impaired child (she looks to be younger than me so how tf she got a grown by now child):

Turns out the 128 people living in her puddy body got her scamming folks for a living now according to folks on lipstickalley…..

Here are folks on lipstickalley saying she speaks in “third person” ie she lets those entities take control of her body and do the talking for themselves AND, YO, READ THE FIRST EMAIL – SHE SAYS YOU AIN’T SMARTER THAN US = “multiple personality disorder” aka demons living in her:

Just fucking wow….

She then goes on to post on TWO of my channels calling herself Mitrice Richardson 2.0 and saying some weird shit:

– At one point she pretended to be Spiritree Nyemma (to get me to fight with her) as can be seen above….

I’m at a loss for this shit. I can’t speak on her 1000k personalities, spirits, demons, “Connor”, the jew dude, “Angeline” but I can do a profile on another seemingly, take that back – REALLY – mentally ill spiritualist named Jamila Chontai Briscoe otherwise known as High Priestess Jamila on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TarotQueen

– You can SEE the crazy in that bitch’s eyes. This was back during the era where her crazy ass abandonded her kids to run to a man in Georgia (she from Kansas) named Dinero Red, had her youngest – a 2 year old with autism who was NEVER TESTED FOR IT – living in a fucking van while she had psychotic breakdowns (I heard she tried to prostitute and jump in a truck but a dude beat her up) trying to be with this ex, now current con who is serving a 20 year bid for armed robbery.

This is Dinero Red, Alexyis K Tylor’s son:

Here this bitch, war-shipping his dyck ??

You can look at this video here and see this bitch’s narcissistic tendencies….

I’m sorry but this bitch is drugged out here with them dark ass circles under her eyes….

Here she is, drugged out, while watching her autistic 2 year old son run wild….

Here is a link to that channel so you can see all her fuckery…. and drugged up-ness:


I covered this bitch going back to 2016 here:

The Worst Case of Borderline and Child Neglect I Have Ever Seen: Jamila Chontai Briscoe

Here is a recent vid where you can tell by the dark circles under her eyes that she is drugged up:

– Even in her new profile pic you can see she tried to lighten the photo so she can cover up those drugged up raccoon ? eyes she trying to hide!

Here some of her more recent (crazy) ass videos….

This bish ALWAYS looks drugged up. I. WOULD NOT ?? GET NO READING FROM HER!

LOL she trying to portray childish innocence here (bitch got borderline so she stuck in the mind of a child) like she “carefree” when those dark circles under her eyes – and deathstyle – convey different:


Again, here her channel:


This bitch, alright, she has for much of their lives abandoned her kids, not take them to school, be an unfit parent, not even homeschool any of her kids whom she had for crackhead fathers such as Frankie – the daddy of the lil black girls – and Jacob’s dad who is a white nut who looks like Charles Manson named Todd Daigneault from Canada:

– There he is pictured alongside one of his sperm donor “keeds”…..

Here he is, fumbling (I don’t know WTF is going on ??‍♀️) to the AWE-SOME ?? autotunes made by this gentleman here:

That said…. she is psychotic. BEFORE she was cursed (which manifests in the Dinero Red era), she was extremely ruthless, methodical, narcissistic and (still is) unconcerned about her kids and wanted all the attention for herself – like a big child. She also likes to project and play the victim. A friend of hers, Kat, WHO RAISED HER KIDS WHEN SHE WOULDN’T FEED THEM, SEND THEM TO SCHOOL…. told about how Jamila sucked the balls of a male CAT!
Yes! This a sick bitch. This why I can’t take her seriously! She also had ALL her kids for the sake of collecting welfare and ENCOURAGED her then 18 year old daughter in 2017 to have a baby by a drug dealer so she can collect more welfare from the state (a real pos I know ??):

That said, I am mentioning her cause – OUT THE FUCKING CLEAR BLUE – her and some other people just started fucking with me after I ‘woked fruitbat (I gotta fine tune my ‘wokes) in which she sent me these crazy harassing messages:

I peep that the “Mrs Jones” character might be that Latonya puddy beast…

….Who was UP ALL NIGHT sending me emails saying I got insomnia (I actualpy slept well and had PLEASANT DREAMS including one about acquiring a 1975 beetle for $250 AT A DEALERSHIP – OR SHALL I SAY STEELERSHIP!):

This bitch is psycho, DEFINITELY POSSESSED!

Anyways, I can’t take – honest – these people serious.

Given that folks were coming out the woodwork to harass me for the past coupla days after ‘wokeing fruitbat…..

Including this Korean broad here, corona virus, trying to get me into materialism (bitch if you don’t get tf outta here ?? I ‘woked her ass):

This weird lovelorn mofo named Mark Jackson aka “staygo99” – here his email:
[email protected]

They had some other bitch called “Freeyourmind” referring to me as Aarona in a negative way who I ‘woked her (I know WHO to go after and who not to)!

Looka this bitch, JAMILA! After telling me I ain’t got power – RIGHT BEFORE I PUBLISH THIS – she sends me a message of apology:

– Telling me I ain’t got no power!

I was already fawking this bitch TF UP yesterday where – before she had A FEW people in her chat – she only had this person named “Jackie” who could be that mentally ill heaux Latonya in chat:

Bitch, I don’t forgive.

That said, I’m not gonna ‘woke these people. It is obvious that, cause of how I ‘woked fruitbat – some of her bad energy attached to me and now I am getting all these harassers (and good prophetic dreams aka “astral visions”) out the wazoo.

Imma have to tweak my ‘wokeing. It’s cause of HOW I do it I can’t get money which is why I am in a healing phase….

That said, as I go thru a healing phase I JUST KEEP GETTING THESE INTERRUPTIONS LIKE THESE EVIL ASS SPIRITS DON’T WANT ME TO HEAL and it is nerve wracking. I’m trying but it’s like everytime I take 10 steps up I get slapped down at least 5. When I was REALLY healing on the PCH TWICE someone tried to run me down and kill me.

Then this shit with fruitbat cursing me as I saw thru my third eye and now I’m gonna have to ‘woke her for protection:



Now, here is where these people come into play (and why I don’t wanna ‘woke em):

I STRONGLY feel these assholes were SENT by evil fucking spirits to keep me from healing. I mean I ain’t dealt with some of these assholes in a long time…. Jamila coming out the woodwork, Latonya and her 2000k +++ personalities, trolls I ain’t seen.

This ain’t coincidence; it’s spiritual!

I will say this about Jamila: she is extremely talented, spiritually, but she is STEEPED in addiction LIKE A MUG, REAL BAD, CHAIN SMOKING, ETC. A shaman once told me the spirits around her don’t respect her cause she gives into her addictions but even before she was narcissistic, evil, plotting – all the behaviours consistent with borderline – but she kept her shit together. I REMEMBER when she decided to shit on me for having an abortion that some intranquil spirits clenched onto her (I was on the hippie peace love and light thing at the time) and got her in the obsessive, chasing Dinero Red state – across state lines state – SHE STILL IN NOW! She is ESP. INTELLIGENT AND VERY SPIRITUALLY STRONG but, as Tina by Tarot said, and as I saw myself when I got a reading from her, she is EXTREMELY BIASED and interjects her personal life into it:

Here her etsy page:


During the reading – BECAUSE SHE HAS ISSUES WITH HER PARENTS (cause they RIGHTFULLY wanna take her kids away from her neglectful ass) she started telling me that “my parents put a curse on me” and some other crazy shit like they “sacrificed” me ie SAME SHIT SHE SAYS HER FOLKS DO/DID TO HER! I only got a reading cause 1 time while listening to her live she told me some things offhand that were accurate and I felt like she had some shit to say. Now, when I called, I COULD TELL she really isn’t booked! Another thing about her she on the kitchen witch she, boasting about “protection” and what she materially GOT and, see, for me, see I can’t be bothered with that. I know better. I am on the more shamanic path to real healing. Where you got deep inner wound scars also lies entities and entity attachments. You gotta get rid of that – as I do – using my third eye. I break it down here:

Soul Healing: Reuniting The Higher Chakras With The Lower Chakras and Removing Implants

Throat Chakra Healing Freemason Curses And Why You Should NEVER Go To Nigger Spiritualists

Removing Spider Web Internal Programs And Entities While Healing

That said – when you watch her vids – you can tell even beyond the spirit attachments that she loves herself more than her kids, wanting to soak in the limelight, play young and free, like a child as even Dinero Red said (who she accuses of “walking out on her” in typical autoerotic obsessive jealous tone).

SHE NEEDS TO DO ALOT OF HEALING, REAL HEALING. I am not ashamed to ask for help and a shaman who has been working to help me has healed me – and helped me in so many ways exponentially! Jamila one of those who to save face pretends her life is perfect when it is anything but.

People like that shouldn’t be doing spiritual work! That said, I ain’t gonna ‘woke. I don’t want their energy. I’ll just let them get enough rope to hang themselves by ⛓⚔

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