Hallelujah I Done ‘Woked A Coleman’s Portable Stove And Now I Can ‘Woke Food In My Car

I can’t tell ya how AWE-SOME it is to be able to eat cooked food again (fuck vegans ??)

Looka this weird shit at how a triangle formed while cleaning the pot out:

– I told ya’ll I STAY seeing triangles….

The beauty-full ?? thing is I don’t have to eat out at Pizza hut anymore…..


– No moe’ doing dumb shyte (?? sike)


Here I am, first time (deciding to stay fulltime) in the woods….


No moe’ Sizzlers….


I saw world renowned physicist Michio Kaku in there one time….


Before leaving to get my food, looka this beauty-full view:

Love the Black Lives Matter billboard I saw on the way (we get shit DONE ??)….


Now they just need to staph fake appeasing us and give us our reparations….

Also, before I talk on the food – this guy is a protector. I had an astral vision where I decided to jump into the pacific ocean and nearly drowned and he came to save the day ??‍♂️

It appears to be an Easter Island head like entity or gargoyle with wings….

No more eating out ?? …. just playing. That said, nothing like a home cooked meal or, in my case, car cooked ?=?


Early that morning I caught a dude jammin’ in the porta potty ????


How this shit stays up is beyond me in the era of BLM….


An old white man kissing a young Asian woman at the IHOP in my old neighborhood….


And me running naked in my old neighborhood near my old apartment building, 637 Hauser., in my fav lil vestibule – all where I started that topless shit ⭐


Gotta keep myself entertained….

I was cooking chorizo in my car one day ???


Eggs, steaks (well, will do diss week)….

I’ve made fried chicken wit diss shit ?? (cause I’m black)….


Shit was so good that even an entity was peering in wanting some ??

Speakin of witch ??‍♀️ peep how this baby wipe came to form a kkk hat:

Here I noticed that that and my pinky, when breaking off, formed claws which is def. a spiritual sign.

SPEAKING OF WITCH ??‍♀️ this shows my spiritual development, the progress from Queen of Cups = appeasing others, over empathy to Queen of Pentacles = ruling thru use of magic to Justice = balance between all aspects of me!

I tell ya I see triangles ALOT….

There’s a “G” street in Wilmington lol….

Also, fawk babies…..

GG Allin says so lol….

– Diss was the only thing made wide folks style ??

Shid was still finger licking nagger GOODT!

Anyways, dat said nothing like a home cooked (or in my case car cooked) meal!

Back when I was eating soups outta cans (my fav cause it had meat in it) or ravioli I was developing food urges cause I needed REAL MEAT not dipped in sodium (soups) to fullfil what my body needed. I was essentially starving witch ??‍♀️ is why I talk shit on vegans here:

I Hate Vegans and Veganism And What It Does To The Kids

That’s why a well balanced meal WITH ALL NUTRIENTS is vital. There was even a time in my life where all I could eat was meat (Imma make steak on Wednesday ?).

That said, nothing like a car cooked meal.

Diss real homeless cooking here this time around ??

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