I Hate Vegans and Veganism And What It Does To The Kids


Worst of all…. why do this to THE BABIES….

The lil girl at the top (notice vegan babies got cucumber heads) got dark BAGGY circles under her eyes while the lil blonde boy at the bottom standing by the table got a distended belly.

This kid here you can TELL hate being forced to eat dat shid….


This adult older lady ADMITS that havibg veganism forced on her as a baby has caused her health problems:

Why fuck this kids up with a FUCKED UP LIFESTYLE CHOICE (the fact they STILL gotta take vitamins for shit they are lacking due to not eating animal products is proof positive that vegan shit is harmful for the body) that will afflict them for the rest of their life, healthwise, causing them to be unhealthy due to lack of access to food they need that contains the vitamins requisite for their growth AND them becoming violently ill IF they eat meat to gain the vitamins their fucked up ass diet that their fucked up ass parents imposed on em causes them to lack….

TF wrong with ya’ll:


TF ya’ll problem….

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