Fruitbat Sends Emails EXPOSING That She Is Really In The Biz of Torturing and Killing Homeless Women

Just like I saw via my third eye….

And just as the Cuban shaman saw awhile back….

This is her and perhaps a dude she working with (if this her emails she a sick twisted son of a gun with multiple personalities – I recall one time while talking to her she projected the personality of a wounded child which is consistent of those who were victims of mk ultra).

That said, I know it’s her ass cause the first message sent was directly after – at about 11pm when I saw her move her truck – something she usually do EARLY in the evening:

She gave herself away by admitting she Persian (note the ALL CAPS – meaning the ‘woke I put on her ass is ‘wokeing ?):

This bitch was up all night sending me shit (lol cause I got her to where she can’t sleep #reptiliansquad ??????) WRITING IN ALL CAPS!

She admitted to putting a curse on me 4 years ago – back in 2017:

AND look at the racist, anti black, anti semitic shit this 9-11 World Trade Centre bombing burqa demon heaux sent (and some of her clients are jewish given that this is Malibu):

I’m pissed. Here are more of her sick ass emails:

It also seems like she likes targeting black women given her email address is:
[email protected]

meaning she spiritually fucked with a black woman before.

I knew that there was a reason for a very long time that I didn’t like this bitch.

Now it all makes sense.

That being said, she put a curse on my car which caused my car to break down. Turns out fortunately it was the battery witch ??‍♀️ was nothing to replace (I had been having issues with it stemming from a coupla months back).


– I saw PROMINENTLY thru my third eye her face when I asked what was behind it. That dude at the auto shop was a straight asshole for how he treated me.

The crazy thing is ONLY when I drunk alcohol did that shid start working again.

That being said I did a vid on her yesterday (before she dropped all this intel feverishly on me in a mad dash effort to get me to not ‘woke her lol) on why!


I just saw that heaux posted across from me early this morning – I saw her and a white truck and a coupla of other vehicles that let me know she got these Malibu locals gangstalking me (I’ve seen her pull that shit before when I was minding my own business and she wanted me OUT)!

Which brings me to how you can see here her interacting with the cops. I peep while I mind my own fucking business, sitting in my car – this bitch calls the sheriffs, rangers on me just as the public ‘wokes people do. All cause I’m topless (that’s why in part Imma fuck that bitch up, spiritually with her 2 faced, pretend nice ass).


I suspect they protect her side biz of torturing and selling homeless women which I saw her do thru my third eye as I saw her having a homeless woman on all fours walking like a dog while beating her with a bullwhip!

Reminds me of Mitrice Richardson who was let out the sheriffs station at around 12 midnight with no car, no ride and in a fucked up mental state:

What Happened to Mitrice Richardson

Lost Hills Malibu Sheriffs Tried To Set Up Itinerant Homeless Man for Mitrice Richardson’s MURDER

I also saw recent that the same people who tortured Mitrice were also holding a white lady hostage and in the same tortured, fucked up conditions – and after revealing it the evil denizens of Malibu started to swim around me like sharks waiting to pounce, giving me agitated stares, the works after dropping this meaning they are up to some nefarious shit (and I am here to stop it)!

Third Eye Shows Me Red Haired Dude Involved In Mitrice Richardson’s Death Holding Woman Hostage In Basement In An Old Mansion In Malibu

Malibu WILL get ‘woked soon. Mark my words (fucking demons)….

Malibu Is Gonna Get Another Fire ‘Woke AND I Feel I Am Revenge For What Ya’ll Did To Mitrice Richardson

That being said her being cozy and in with law enforcement ONLY CONFIRMS FURTHER that this bitch got some ominous shit going where she got a “side business” as evidenced by those gruesome pictures of decapitated ladies that she ingratiates herself with then ultimately holds hostage, tortures and sells in a ranch house in the valley homeless women she gets close to just like she tried to pull with me (but I am the wrong one or, in this case, the right one to expose her).

She tried that bullshit on me – AND EVEN BACK THEN I FELT HER ENERGY WAS ODD – giving me lil fruits practically INSISTENTLY like she would just stand there like a statue until I accepted it THEN she graduated to giving me money INSISTENTLY which I later saw came with strings attached in the form of her wanting me to do errands.

NOW I REALISE THAT SHIT WAS GROOMING cause this bitch WOULD STILL STAND THERE – LIKE A STATUE – AFTER I WOULDA TOLD HER 14, 15 TIMES, EVEN CUSSING HER OUT – TO GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME AND I DIDN’T WANT HER SHIT! THAT’S FUCKING GROOMING! She was setting me up cause why else do that THEN want something in return after INSISTENTLY imposing a “favour” on someone!

I had long sensed something was wrong but the manipulation, the standing there like a statue like her heaux ass is possessed or something – it all came to a head. I knew something wasn’t right with her, something wasn’t right with her soul.

THIS JUST CONFIRMS IT! I did this video after receiving emails in the middle of the night of the murdered, tortured women (those are stock photos with one of em being of the Black Dalia but you get it)!


That being said – I got spiritual protection (you experiencing that rite now) and Imma keep an eye on you ? I wasn’t sent to Malibu for nothing. Ya’ll do some crooked shit and I got enough spiritual protection to ensure nothing bad happens to me while I expose Malibu’s evils.

That being said, let me address this other person (with multiple personality disorder) named Jamila Chontai Briscoe, Jamila High Priestess (here is her youtube channel: who just came on my site fucking with me out the blue:

– You can see the crazy in this bish eyes….

I did a blog on her awhile back documenting her refusal to raise the kids she birthed, including engaging in sexually suspicious acts with her then 2 year old Jacob, all of which I chronicled here:

The Worst Case of Borderline and Child Neglect I Have Ever Seen: Jamila Chontai Briscoe

– Plenty of folks were on her ass back then.

She is a sex obsessed, narcissistic, codependent (she abandoned her kids to cross state lines from Kansas to Georgia to STALK a convicted felon who is now in jail), drug addicted “spiritualist” who inadvertently feeds a platoon of intranquil spirits that other folks have put on her, who has abandoned her kids, kept them out of school without homeschooling them during their formative years, who onced raped a cat by sucking it’s balls (a good friend of hers mentioned that) and is just an all around – I will just say that she is talented yet she will project her personal life into readings she is supposed to do for you like she did to me:

Here is her Etsy page (if you wanna contact her for a reading):

That being said she started attacking me early this morning out the blue which leads me to think she is under the control of some evil ass spirits that got her doing this (which is one main reason WHY I WOULD NEVER AGAIN go to her for spiritual readings – I went to her initially cause without doing a full blown reading, in one of her lives, she said some mad accurate shit – and for anyone else, I would NEVER get spiritual work done by her cause she is too unstable). As I said, she is not stable and as I have been doing on myself lately she needs to do alot of childhood inner wound healing cause, as I am seeing (I don’t need a crystal ball to see ?) those spirits that are attaching to said wounds are gonna get her fucked up!

I recall a male Cuban shaman I knew back when I had my old apartment looking at her vids and saying “that the spirits around her don’t respect her.”

Listen to her coughing up her lungs, hacking, chain smoking (and doing illegal drugs off camera) and you’ll see what I mean.

They are trying to kill her so they can get her soul.

That being said, I’m out!

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