What Barbara Reina And David Reina Are Doing To Me Is Just Like In That Film “Get Out”

What Barbara Reina And David Reina Are Doing To Me Is Just Like In That Film “Get Out”

While making the video that white bitch Barbara did something to my spiritual larnyx to make it more “white” and thus acceptable to her. She also put an entity attachment on my crown chakra designed to steal my black consciousness.

When I just took it off, I realize in part that not only is it designed to change my consciousness, but take a piece of it – a significant piece – when I remove it.

This white bitch Barbara Reina is extremely jealous of my blackness and my identity – and wants it!

She and that wetback David Reina (I warn you all that they war-ship whites and can’t be trusted) went through great lenghts back in 2014 to incorporate their astral DNA into my DNA, effectively making me “whiter”, like Barbara.

That’s why for years I was acting a fool, doing stupid, demented shit, excessively drinking.

That wetback David Reina wanted to turn me into a clown cause that’s how his kind sees blacks: as clowns!

Unlike Baron Samedi who he and that white supremacist bitch he acts as a lapdog for – Barbara – says took my Soul as a sacrifice (even now as they do bad shit to me they try to blame it on Baron Samedi, whom they call a “roach entity attachment” cause that’s how wetback David Reina sees blacks), he took my money in the astral plane and gave it to reptilians so that I would be forced into and reliant upon him through prostitution to get my money, which he would give me pennies from.

He also suppressed the shit out of my spiritual abilities, which Baron Samedi never did.

They are trying to force me to take on a white identity so it will be easier for Barbara Reina to take over my consciousness and thus my Soul.

Already they done traded places with my whole Soul and hers numerous times but I’ll teleport or regenerate and numerous times they would put entity attachments designed to suppress that ability! She even had changed my astral self into a little small white child, showing her insecurties – and disdain – for strong black women and strong black people in general. She even wanted me – a grown 39 year old black woman – to call her “mama” in the astral.

She wants my consciousness fractured as they had it before!

They are destroying my beautiful black family in an effort to get my Soul – already sending my mom and dad’s Soul to hell, to one of the numerous “roach motels” that exist over there (I hear my dad getting tortured now). They killed my brother Kerry and did a Soul swap (fortunately I think with an ancestor). I and my ancestors have gone and placed em back in their bodies. She and David rapes my lil autistic brother Bryan in the astral and tried to do the same to my brother Kerry, who was a strong black man in the physical. Gooru aka David Reina even had an astral contract stating that my baby brother Bryan was to be his slave in the astral, as was I.

She – and David Reina – are constantly trying to turn my family, ancestors abd myself into slaves in the astral realm as can be heard the other night my dad saying “yes ma’am” and that he’ll hurt me to Barbara Reina after she gave him orders to hurt me and make my higher self walk like a dog after she changed my dad’s astral DNA.

She has tried to draw animosity between me and family. She has even changed my whole ancestry white, placing all whites – her ancestors – into my Ancestral DNA so she could take me over.

From what I understand she doesn’t want me having a strong black consciousness cause it protects me from being mind hijacked and thus taken over by her.

She has a pulmonary heart issue. From what I understand, she is doing this so that her Soul will be in my body and she’ll have mines so that, when she dies, she’ll have my pact with God and be in a better place – actually I think to live longer as my pact with God guarantees I’ll die at 86 – and I will be in hell.

Basically she wants me to take on her karmic debt.

Imma tell you what her achilles heel is: she hates to be dominated especially by strong (black) women. Her and David Reina grew up with strong, supposedly abusive domineering mothers they hated.

Dominate them!

You can get their astral DNA just as she do mines (she constantly stealing my shit so as to weaken my identity so as to attack me) and modify her higher self, ancestors so she will feel – and be – dominated again!

She enjoys right. at bedtime. placing egregious crown chakra entity attachments that, when you take em off (usually they are designed to steal your Soul or Soul piece), they’ll threaten to put something worse if you take it off and you “comply” just to get some sleep.

By changing my spiritual larnyx, I got back my true identity before they changed it in 2014 and now they are pissed.

They’re torturous, conscienceless sadistic mofos in the astral and in the physical (I heard that Barbara Reina along with David Reina runs a child trafficking service where in one instance she sold a crying African 5 year old girl to a wealthy man in Dubai who skinned the girl alive for 5 days till he killed her on the 5th) who get pleasure out of dominating others in the most sadistic of ways. They have actually sacrificed kids while having 2 kids of their own.

They are evil, racist, sick mofos who have tortured and killed alot of people just to get power and broken up homes just so they can feel powerful and become powerful in the astral as well as in the physical by stealing folks blessings, as they have done to I.

Before I end it, I had a nightmare where I was trapped in my own mind – my consciousness – being chased by monsters while Barbara controlled it.

That is what she intends: take over my body while placing my own consciousness in my mind – which will be controlled by her.

Just like “Get Out.”

They gotta end.

– Also, watch it! They will put a veil – or build a wall as Trump says – to keep you from seeing where I’m at!

Asè ✊🏾🇲🇼

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