The Worst Case of Borderline and Child Neglect I Have Ever Seen: Jamila Chontai Briscoe

The Worst Case of Borderline and Child Neglect I Have Ever Seen: Jamila Chontai Briscoe




Jacob Wild Hair Unkempt Ustream Bottle of Wine Around Jacob



Here are more screenshots…

Jacob Wild Hair Unkempt Ustream Jamila Got Hers Did Jacob Wild Hair Unkempt Ustream Jamila Got Hers Did 2]





NOTE HOW UNKEMPT THAT CHILD’S HAIR IS while for her to have gotten her hair “did” must have ran into the $400’s considering mini braids like that take a loooonng time and THEY DO NOT COME CHEAP (this is knowledge from experience)…

THE WHOLE TIME AS YOU CAN SEE BELOW: She was literally BEGGING for people to watch her while her 2 year old possibly (based on evidence and all) autistic son was BEGGING FOR HER ATTENTION!


Her name is Jamila C. Briscoe aka Jamila Chontai Briscoe otherwise known as “Chonnie” by her friends…

Here is her Facebook:

Here is her twitter:

Her personal website:

Here are her previous youtube channel names: Terrycloth97 aka “the Divine Mommy” (removed), bigotryfreetv (RE-MOOOVED) and the unpatriarchalview (removed).

Here is her current youtube (she has had plenty as you can see from the list of examples above): We and I mean a bunch of other mostly black youtubers have been tracking her for a long time. Here is why:

Reportedly as gleamed from her and a couple of other threads which you can read and skim down below:

She has slept with her dead fetus:

This woman expounds upon it:

She allegedly requested to use sperm from her own son, Tyrese, to impregnate herself with, calling it “divine sperm.” from what one web board stated along with numerous others…

She has shown numerous times from her now defunct channel – Terrycloth97 (which you can google to see and read about her exploits) – child abandonment of her kids whom she claims to “love”, calling herself “mama bear” which you can see right here:

SC20160119-023509WHILE, such as in the latest case, abandoning her kids to be with an accused felon who has made it known many times he does not want her, which you can watch here down below:

Here is an audio version of it in case she erases ie CENSORS the evidence of her fucked up parenting as she has done to others…

Buy mp3 here [purchase_link id=”29210″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]

Here she is, walking away from her screaming 2 year old child – Jacob – with no one insight, to basically “cry” and profess” her love for said man, Alexyss K. Tylor’s son, Dinero Red, the same man who as you can hear in the audio above cussed her out. To make matters worse, this was during her homeless period after she drove from Kansas City, MO. to Atlanta, GA to “be with” ie STALK this man:

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Here is MORE videographic evidence of her stalking tendencies. This woman IS GLENN CLOSE’S character in “Fatal Attraction” incarnate:

Here she is pleading for this man’s attention by undressing in front of her 2 year old child who is obviously begging her for attention:

SC20160116-032937 SC20160116-032942 SC20160116-032947 SC20160116-033009 SC20160116-033023

She has to be the WORST parent and worst case of child neglect and abandonment I have ever seen. CPS has been called on her numerous times by past neighbors, landlords, etc. She has been constantly evicted from every home she has resided in, rendering her homeless and even during these periods she would still want to have more kids, culminating with her requesting and acquiring sperm from donor, Todd Daigneault, of Canada. Here is a screenshot of his Facebook profile (tell him here that his kid is not in great hands…):

Todd Daigneault Sperm Donor

Here is why I think she has borderline…

She sees her babies as mere “trophies,” pawns as someone else a while back so eloquently put it. She has these kids as pawns to keep the man, which is not uncommon for some females to do. However, she has raped men including forcing from what I allegedly heard from a blogtalk radio episode forcing her legs around a man named Aaron, one of her past boyfriends, so that he has no choice to cum in her while having sex. It was also stated by one of her (ex?) best friends, Tiffany, that she chased her around while in a drunken state in an effort to basically rape her, pawing her constantly and trying to reportedly force herself on her. That said, this has to be one of the most atrocious cases of borderline I have ever seen which I suspect it is cause in addition she is also very violent to top thing off. She has reportedly stalked all the men who wanted nothing to do with her whom she paid for – just as she tried to do with Dinero Red – sex with. She stalked Aaron and his family as she is doing with Alexyss K. Tylor and Dinero Red. It culminated with her I believe getting her ass whooped by his family. She is also reportedly psychotic. One of her friends whose name I believe is Cat stated in a blog talk that took out the air in the tires in an effort that could not only harm, but kill Cat and her kids, whom she drives around to school in that very car. As the great Reginal P. Jones whose channel you can see here (which shows how fucked up she is) so eloquently put it,when a bad relationship “ends,” she loses interest in the kids cause she only saw them as trinkets of her relationships or – more accurately – conquests after they have ended. That is why she likes to keep having babies and she keeps fantasizing about having a number #5 with the man she is currently stalking. You can see the screenshots of that here (warning, the cognitive dissonance with this one and in her messages is strong):


Here is MORE evidence of her stalking that young man which you can see below here:

Dinero Red Divine Mommy Calls Him Husband Delusional
She calls the man her actual HUSBAND here or in most cases, “Daddy!”

Jamila Brisoce Intending to Stalk Dinero Red July 14 2015 Jamila Brisoce Stalking Further Evidence Jamila Obsessed Black Love DineroDinero Red Divine Mommy Calls Him Husband Delusional 2













Dinero Red Called Daddy
Jamila stalking Dinero Red admitting to being obsessed.
Daddy is code for Dinero Red
Daddy is code for Dinero Red

THIS here by far has to be the scariest aside from the video up above demonstrating her psychosis with relation to her stalking this young man:

Jamila Saying Dinero Only Belongs to Her Crazy Psycho Stalker

We also suspect she is on meth as can be seen by the ring around her eyes and evidence of her staying up for long periods of time…

Jamila Briscoe Crystal Meth Eyes

Here is evidence of her staying up for long periods of time (one of em):


Here is evidence of her discussing drug use:

Jamila Briscoe 420Jamila Boasting of Doing WeedJamila Briscoe Admitting To Doing Weed

Jamila's own cry for help!
Jamila’s own cry for help!

She has a tendency to project her fucked up personality traits and accuse everyone who monitors her fucked up behavior and check her for it of being stalkers. As Reginal P. Jones first noted, she sees sex as love and visa versa. She accuses any and all men of “stalking her” and wanting to fuck her, including RPJ whose preference is white females and would never want her (his gf is very cute by the way).

She, Jamila Chontai Briscoe, has even gone as far to say that all men, ESP. BLACK MEN, need to be killed, which one viewer of her material state she saw her make which you can see here:

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She falsely accused the father of her first two kids of “trying to kill her kids” and went so far to accuse another man – a married man who she was dating at the time who she knew was married – of “placing some abortion cream on his dick to make her miscarriage (good if he did!)” which one person claim they saw her make which you can see here:


and here:

Here are statements from folks stating how she abandon her older kids and treats the baby, Jacob, as a trinket, with the two older girls possibly having to eat Jacob’s baby food because as evidenced by an earlier statement she neglects them:


Here is a statement from a viewer stating that reportedly one of her daughters went to a neighbors house asking for food and that very same neighbor called CPS on Jamila along with other evidence of her horrible “parenting”:



SC20160130-121519 SC20160130-121522 SC20160130-121802 SC20160130-122319 SC20160130-123242 SC20160130-123251 SC20160130-123300 SC20160130-123306 SC20160130-123431 SC20160130-123454 SC20160130-123540 SC20160130-123814 SC20160130-123857 SC20160130-123948 SC20160130-124046 SC20160130-124055 SC20160130-124611 SC20160130-124640 SC20160130-124733 SC20160130-124826 SC20160130-130846 SC20160130-130947 SC20160130-145035 SC20160130-145729 SC20160130-121428





























Here is a very subtle clue that she is starting to envy her younger daughters and see them as competition as manifested in this comment here:


*Notice she didn’t comment on the beauty of the darker skinned girl’s looks…

Here she is offering section 8 housing for “rent.” To me the LANDLORD is supposed to be offering it for renting, NOT THE SOON TO BE EX-CURRENT RENTER! That said, NOW, if she is subletting federal housing, I believe that is ILLEGAL according to public housing laws which you can read here:




In keeping “true” to borderline, she constantly changes her identities:

She claimed to be a lesbian after having 4 KID FOR 4 DIFFERENT MEN which you can see down below and now she is back to stalking, I mean, “being in to men”:


Here she is saying he HATE GAYS NOW:

Jamila Briscoe Hates Gays Now

Here she is saying SHE AIN’T GAY:

Jamila Says She Aint Gay

She used to be a witch, Then a Satanist THEN a “god fearing xtian” and now a high priestess who does exorcisms for an exorbitant rate.

She has a ton load of enablers – many of whom I can tell are mentally ill and have issues as well. Most notable is Diane Schafer who I believe resides in Indiana: (here is her Facebook)

Notice here how Jamila maliciously and falsely accuses a man of wanting to kill her but this black broad along with Diane Schafer refuse to call her out on her shyte:

Black Bytch Cosigns Jamila Fuckery Denies Child Abuse

She herself from what I read has had at least 1 divorce. Diane Schafer of Indiana has stalked me and from what I heard other black females online (I put a stop to that). In typical Jamila stalker fashion, she still continued to fuck with me after I ran her ass up the street long after I left youtube while supporting Jamila’s child abuse and neglect of her black children which you can read here:

Im Still Curious Bullying Me

Here is her picture down below: SC20160109-232841

Just look at her “new” husband, look at the eyes most of all:

Diane Schafer Husband 2
NOTE the lack of emotion in his eyes…

Can you say: sociopath!

Here is ANOTHER pic of him looking somewhat from what I can tell DISGUSTED with her:

Diane Schafer Husband

There is another woman named “Im Curious” or “Im Curious Blue” whose youtube channel you can see here:

HERE IS ANOTHER AND MORE NOTORIOUS ONE: Ash De La Reina aka Ashley Jenkins Daniels aka Ashley Diane Daniels of YouTube:

Skank Ashley Daniels Bastard 3Skank Ashley Daniels






Look at her two BEAUTIFUL daughters in the care of this unfit mother. You will see what I mean later on...
Look at her two BEAUTIFUL daughters in the care of this unfit mother. You will see what I mean later on…


Note that in the comment section above while enabling child abuser/ neglector “Divine Mommy” she admits she hates men:

Ash De La Reina Enabler YELLOW
Note she wishes I was dead in a comment above that. I wonder if she killed her husband given she is bipolar and given she is subject to extremes…

WATCH this video as she mentions how she self medicates (more than likely BIPOLAR cause she came for me out the blue once  as you can see in the screenshot above) and how her husband is “dead” – more than likely murdered given she is more than likely bipolar and thus given to the extremes of that mental disease – and how she has to pawn the children off on her mother – just like Jamila, her role model!

Here’s another lady who I don’t want to put out on front street but it must be understood how her enablers think:

Bena Beloved Cosigns Abuse Divine Mommy Yellow 2 Name Blacked Out

From what I understand, she got raped and molested – supposedly as she is known to be a liar – by an uncle at a very young age. She also trolls the internet, enables Jamila’s behavior even when detrimental to her kids. She speaks in a very high pitched, child like voice which is indicative of mental illness. She is as totally mentally lost as Jamila.

There are also her friends and relatives who shrug off the way she is as that’s “just Jamila being Jamila!”

Her kids as evidenced down below are picking up on her bad traits:



Here is Jamila doing the same...
Here is Jamila doing the same…


It gets even worse…note the man hating traits they are picking up from their supposed “mom”:

SC20160107-175218 SC20160107-175225









Here she is wishing to have manly arms:


All this was taken from her Youtube Google plus channel here:

Here is her daughter’s Facebook featuring pictures showing a less than happy mindset (probably with her mother and the way she carries on): (Here’s her FB):

SC20160107-172349 SC20160107-172353









This woman needs help. It makes me sick to my stomach no one is doing anything about her: cps, child protective services, police, nothing. Me and other concerned youtubers have reached out to the correct authorities. She still truly in her heart as you can see in these screenshots here that she will be with Dinero Red. Her current profile features her with this man, calling him her “twin flame.” From what I understand, she is being goaded and encouraged into this behavior by an alleged “witch” in Alabama named “Spiritee Nyemma” aka “Spiritree Nemma” who is also an accused scam artist, flim flam woman.


If she is in fact encouraging this mentally ill and deranged woman to do what she is doing, she is in fact aiding and abetting in a CRIME!

That said, this woman has borderline personality disorder (bpd). She’s dangerous to her kids. She hates being exposed just as many abusive people do and has tried to suppress many others who have exposed her publicly made clear psychosis to the public. She should not be around kids or anyone else. This woman I suggest needs to be locked away in a mental institution and have her kids taken by cps. That said, please contact Atlanta APD (to lock her in a mental ward for 5150 the cops need to be called) at: and call the cps for Jacob at: 855-422-4453

Now, below is a response she made to my blog. Notice the BPD characteristic in this in which she goes from saying she works with God to then saying she works with Lord Satan to THEN SAYING SHE IS LITERALLY OVER AND RUNS THE U.S. GOVERNMENT ALONG WITH MAKING VIOLENT THREATS ALONG WITH ADMITTING AND STATING AS IF SHE IS OKAY WITH A “12 YEAR OLD COUSIN NAMED KEITH” RAPING HER DAUGHTERS! HOW DELUSIONAL CAN YOU GET??

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