Patrick Stevens of Park La Brea Throws Water on Me After I LITERALLY RUN HIM UP THE STREET

This nigga is a fucking punk (here are his pics and if anyone knows who he is let me know so I can get his ass on street level):

Snapshot-2-7-30-2016-9-32-AM Snapshot-1-7-30-2016-9-30-AM I WAS TOLD HE ALWAYS WEARS THESE LOUD ASS SHOES:


I’m gonna first preface by saying that someone driving in a speeding car quickly throwing water on somebody is a punk move akin to slashing someone’s tires, etc. This mofo threw water on me AFTER I literally RAN HIS ASS UP THE FUCKING STREET (he couldn’t face me face to face on street level SO LIKE A BITCH he speeds off like a punk so yes, bitch, I am still Queen in this).

That said, this mofo who claims his name is “Patrick Stevens” and is a celebrity (mofo HAD to be on something) came up to me SEXUALLY HARASSING ME OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE (I believe at one point he said he was gonna get my teeth fixed or something) HARASSSING ME, fucking up my video I was trying to make for YouTube talking about my spiritual experiences and how I am trying to get AWAY from Satanism (I swear this mofo is a fucking demon sent to fuck with me cause I am trying to break ranks AWAY from that shyte. It is not the first time something similar like this has happened when I tried to do the same with regards to getting away from demons, the occult, etc. in which two mofos out the blue – out of nowhere – rolled up on the side and started threatening me and like this mofo here who I have seen a million times before and don’t fuck with me – looked like they were fucking demon possessed and under the influence of something “unearthly.”). The funny thing is the mofo RAN when I confronted him on street level but then LIKE A PUNK drove around and fucking THREW A PAIL OF WATER ON ME AND QUICKLY SPED AWAY – LIKE A PUNK! You can see everything in the video below:

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This is some straight spiritual shit I feel. Due to the fact that I have been having horrible experiences with the occult, fucking with demons and all… see they make it so that you can’t run away. So called Satan is the so called Lord of the Earth so he can influence people to do things he wants them to do and like the mafia he will SEND people your way to fuck with you as I have said I have experienced before so you can seek his protection in the Earthly realm. Like I said, this is not the first time something like this has happened when trying to break ranks with Evil. I recall two people in a car out of the blew out of nowhere honking their horn behind me then get on the side and start threatening me out of NOWHERE! I KNEW they were some demonically sent mofos. Not saying all angry mofos are demonically sent but there are context clues in which you can tell which is which. Those people were high (which are perfect vehicle for possession) but they had this look like those creatures from the Devil’s Advocate.


Personally, I think this mofo is gonna come back in some way or another for Round #3 just as I sensed that he wasn’t done with the other shit then he shows up back again with that pail water. I AM GONNA BE PREPARED! Regardless of whatever caused this mofo to do this, I DON’T CARE! I wanna know who the fuck he is. Where he stay at? I think around here. I won’t say too much but that bitch better not… if I see him around HE GOT HELL TO PAY!

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