Lisa Letanosky of Tennessee Calls Black Woman The N Word


I KNEW this bitch was NO CORRECTIONS OFFICER (esp. given the way she spells which is like a 3 year old), LOL! Go to the link above and here are the list of charges:

  • Driving with a suspended license/ failure to appear
  • Production of drug more than likely METH!
  • Possession of drugs
  • Possible sale/ def. exchange


This person works for the department of corrections in Tennessee.

This is what white people think of you all along…

Lisa Letanosky RACIST 2 Yellow Circled
Racist white BITCH who works for Dept. of Corrections in Tennessee calls me the N word in yellow.


She also says here that she works for the Tennessee Department of Corrections...
She also says here that she works for the Tennessee Department of Corrections…

Here is the Tennessee Department of Corrections number: 615-741-1000 (press #5 and then press #9 when prompted). Show em the screenshots (feel free to download).


Lisa Lisa Comment on Website

I don’t care how nice they are, how much they pretend to shuck and jive, beneath the surface and façade they still think they are better than you and in fact are superior to you DESPITE THE FACT THEY AIN’T EVEN HUE-MAN! That said, this condescending BITCH came on my channel talking shit to me, telling me how I should be, how I should present myself, that I am “ghetto” (that’s what she was thinking all along anyways CAUSE OF MY SKIN COLOR regardless of what the fuck I say) and even tried to pull out the tried and true tactic of giving us “compliments” like we are little fucking kids (which is how most crakkkas who have a black and white vision of the world – like dogs – see us as as things, objects with no personalities or individuality and only to be defined by our race and skin color – regardless of what the fuck they say and don’t be fooled by em), dogs, who need affirmation from THE GREAT WHITE HONKEY CAVE BITCH:


Here Lisa ready to suck the dick of her Dinosaur owner/ #DogsLivesMatter roof roof
Her family everybody!

Lisa Husaker

I think being a cave bitch is an IMPROVEMENT cause she look like a MUPPET BABY right up, fucking photoshopped and old ass pics, all of which you can see on here facebook and twitters down below…

Here is a video I did based on this cocksucking ass muppet baby (?) Tranny (?) WTF is it???

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Here is what this condescending BITCH said:

“You Raven are a beautiful black strong smart woman” – Yes, bitch, and your husband was saying that to me when he was fucking me for money…

That said, clucks reveal their TRUE NATURES when their devilish asses get exposed, such as in the screenshot above, which there is no mistaken. That said, as gleaned from this public website, pipl, I was able to obtain the following information:

Lisa Letanosky Info Public Record

From what I can tell, she resides in Jamestown, TN (ole hick bum ass broad BITCH) AND she works in online medical billing so she says on her LinkedIn profile here:

Here are more of her social media websites:


Here’s her fuckboi book:

FuckBoi Book #2:

Here her twitter:

This bitch greatly underestimated this pro black here! She thought I was one of these cluckabeast worshipping negro integrationalist, but she is gonna get a lot more than what she asked for… I am off to find out where she works so I can show them this!


She wishes she was black (check out her post on "melatonin").
She wishes she was black (check out her post on “melatonin”).


Here is the truth on melatonin.

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  1. people like you make me sick!!!! I dont have white friends or black friends i just have frinds. You dont want there to be no white or black thing between people because pure trash regardless of color like you are a disgrace to any race. You need to check ya self@!!

    1. Thank you Joe colorblind you correct their is no color.. I have never met a bigger lYER in all my life She erased the real truth of what was said all of the truth. She NEVER shows people the real truth. I wasn’t talking to anyone but her. She is a racist individual.I have never met anyone this raciest. Show the whole conversation and how you started calling me cracker along with eveythitng else. Get some education. No said nothing about you and slavery. Shower the whole conversation about what I said about the n word. You scared to show people the truth of what was said. First thing I Said to you was you was a strong black woman quit lying to these people. Listen how your talking about white people on here. Also my husband would never pay a HOOKER you are on drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and I have a job that I will never lose it. My employer has the WHOLE conversations not just a few words all of it yours and mine. Google this crazy person and see how many people have filed complaints and have blogs against her for her doing the same thing to them she is doing to me. My employer said he had never saw a person more racist in his whole career and let say thats saying a mouthful.

    2. Thank you for your personal message via email. I really appreciate your support. I feel like you do about the issue. It kind of looks like you may be saying this to me instead of him/her. I know thats not the case she will not see it that way. i noticed she erased my messages because she doesn’t want the public to see the whole real conversation.

  2. She has lied and did this too hundreds I mean hundreds of people making fake pages up calling peoples work to have them fired for no reason even picking on children. She has files an unlimited amount of rape cases against innocent people. Google her name Raven Masterson happyhooker82 fiona. She is a prostitute. Latest video was her calling a white man master as he was gagging her with his privates Its some really nasty nasty stuff. I have folders and folders of this stuff people have sent me off her. She is a man pretending to be a woman.Tranny. Sorry you all had to see this, this is what she does because she has no other life. Her doing this is why she cant get into acting or any career. I was told this numerous times today? I hope he/she gets the help she/he needs.

  3. Roses are red the sky is blue. Ravens monkey ass belongs in a zoo! Oh how soon Raven has truly forgotten that her coon ass needs to shut the fuck up and pick some cotton. You seem to think your cool and hip you should be tied to a tree and get your master’s whip!!!

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