Two Wetbucks At the Preston Give Me The Middle Finger

Alright, the other day I saw these two scumbacks outside, looking in my direction – intently but as if they were “bothered” by my being topless (THEY LOOK LIKE TWO FEGS WHICH IS WHY I DO NOT LIKE THOSE PEOPLE) and so I responded by confronting them AND TAKING A PIC!

Preston Azzholez Middle Finger

That said, I don’t fuck around! I defend myself for the reason that I do because I HAVE BEEN BULLIED MY ENTIRE LIFE! I am seen as an outsider. I understand this! I understand that MOST OF THE WORLD IS FILLED WITH FUCKING IDIOTS, WHICH IS WHY I TREAT PEOPLE WITH AS MUCH MEANESS AND LACK OF UNDERSTANDING (THOUGH I UNDERSTAND THE STUPIDITY THAT HAS THEM ACTING THE WAY THEY DO DUE TO MY INSIGHT) AND WHY I KEEP AS MUCH OF A DISTANCE BETWEEN ME AND OTHER PEOPLE! I go on the offense because I find it is th best defense to protecting myself – the most bdeloved thing in my exist (you should always protect yourself as no one will love you like you do). This is why I don’t do “activism” shit and put my neck out on the line for other people anymore (they take it for granted and see you as a tool). This is why I got into witchcraft, the occult, Satanism (real Satanism I might add) tho. I walked away from it for a bit (I am still a witch and I LEARNED A LOT FROM MY TIME OF BEING INVOLVED IN IT – I also dabbled in Santeria AND voodoo – I am from New Orleans originally). That said, people like me who operate on a higher wavelength and level of consciousness NEED PROTECTION FROM THIS WORLD full of stupid ass sheeple and dumb ass fuck people (most of whom I DO NOT RESPECT as they have the follower type of mentality and I do naturally and unequivocally look down on those people) and with this insight this is why I carry on the way I do; I don’t explain myself or justify myself to these dumbed down ass SHEEPLE, RATHER I ATTACK IN THE WORST POSSIBLE FUCKING WAY THAT WILL HURT YOU AND REMIND YOU TO NEVER FUCK WITH ME AGAIN even if I have to be like Goddess Kali and go after your fucking family to get to you – I have no problems doing so.

That said, getting back to these two wetbucks – I suspected they were calling the police with their two butt fucking fegget in the arse ass selves (a DEATHSTYLE I really don’t condone as it is filthy and nasty  and basically it is symbolic of the fact it is filthy since you have to fuck with human trash can of the human body – the bootyhole! – and no I don’t like dykes and any other confused individuals involved in that deathstyle, too) – I went in on the attack and let them know that their ethnicity and their race (or whatever the fuck you wanna call it) ain’t off limits to being offended by too (fucking fegs getting all bothered by my breasts – something natural – while they live an unnatural DEATHSTYLE)! I brought out my trump sign #trump2016 – I am actually all for the guy as he reminds me of me – real and don’t give a fuck (which is how he is winning to the chagrin of all of these fucking apathetic, HYPOCRITICAL ass fucking fake pseudo liberals who wanna control what you say and everything you fucking do in the name of fucking political correctness): I brought out my Trump sign and showed my support for #trump2016 GO TRUMP!


Here is where all this SHIT occurred at:

 The Preston

630 Masselin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 965-1253

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